How Does This Site Work?
How to use the navigation bar at the top of the pages?
How can I get the whole story instead of reading it chapter by chapter?
What do those icons mean?
How could I know if I get the complete story or not?
How is the number of readers counted?
What is "Weighed Average"?
What is "BDSMShelf"?
How to write a review? Do's and Dont's.

How Does This Site Work?

1. How to use the navigation bar at the top of the pages?
The top menu was written by JavaScript. Click the buttons once, the pull-down menu will display. Click the same buttons again to hide the pull-down menu. Or you can simply use the text menu at the bottom of pages.
2. How can I get the whole story instead of reading it chapter by chapter?
On every chapter pages, there is an "ALL" icon. Click it to display the whole story in a new window.
3. What do those icons mean?
Go to previous chapater
Go to the story content and index page
Go to next chapter
Display the whole story in a new window. WARNING: some of the stories are very big and it may crash your browser.
Go to previous story's content and index page
Go to the story list page
Go to next story's content and index page
Go to the home and site news page
4. How could I know if I get the complete story or not?
Normally I will add "The End" at the end of the story. But this doesn't mean there are no more chapters. Sometime the authors will write some more chapters or even sequels for their original stories. So if you think any of the story here is not complete, please email me and I will really appreciate it.
5. How is the number of readers counted?
"A unique reader" is reader from an IP address who has not read that story within the last 24 hours period.
"The total number of readers" is the total number of unique readers for that story counted from the date the story was added..
"The number of readers in this month" is the number of unique readers counted from the 1st of the current month for that story. I added this counter because some stories have low reading count because they were added recently, not because they are worse than others :-)
6. What is "Weighed Average"?
This site allows people to review stories. I use this weighted average to prevent a few reviewers from pushing the story to the very top or the bottom rating. This is the way I calculate it:
Weighed Average = (sum of all ratings + 5) / (total num of ratings + 1)
Average Rating = (sum of all ratings) / total num of ratings
Example: When a story get one "10" rating, the weighed average is 7.5. But if it get ten "10" rating, the weighed average is 9.5
7. What is "BDSMShelf"?
The BDSMshelf is your bookshelf where you can save your favorite stories of BDSM Library. You can create a so-called Shelf to save a list of stories posted on BDSMLibrary. And you can create different shelves to collect your favorite stories in different categories. Be aware, all your shelves and the stories listed in them are open to public, which means everyone can see them. So don't put any private information or anything isn't appropriate for public in BDSMshelf.
8. How to write a review? Do's and Dont's.
Authors are working hard to present their fine works to you (for free !) and they deserve some recognition from you, readers. At least let them know your opinions. The easiest way is to write a review for a story.

A gentle reminder: Please refrain from judging the work based solely on its content. All stories on this site are accompanied with story codes and synopsis. They are there to give readers some advanced information on the type of content they contain. If you have an emotional issue with any particular type of content or gender code, do the author and us a service by not reviewing his or her work unless you can provide a dispassionate review that concentrates on style, writing skill, novelty, etc rather than your personal distaste for its content.
If such reviews are found, they will not be removed but may be ignored when counting toward the final review rating of the story. This does not discourage you giving low rating score, but please focus more on the story itself and provide a non-biased review.

We also encourage you to give more constructive reviews and comments. A simple "Great story" note is ok, but authors and other readers will appreciate it if you can let us hear more. Here is a short reviewing guide provided by Ruby in the forums:

A challenge to all would be / not so frequent reviewers
Review one story a week. That's 4 a month and with that you could make the top ten reviewers list. One a week - you can do it!
(You'll find it becomes a habit whenever you finish a story and you'll do more if you are not thinking about it.)
Your reward - bragging rights, the right to complain that others aren't reviewing, satisfaction knowing that you helped others... whatever motivates you.
Review writing made easy:
Rate the story based on the description given in the numbers.
Those descriptions are very helpful.
One to three sentences will help the author and future readers. So without giving away the plot or story twists (spoilers) fill in some of the sample sentences. Strive for quality of comments instead of quantity.

The plot was _____ (believable, unrealistic, wonderful, well conceived ....)
The visual descriptions were _____
The characters were ___
I liked this story because ____
I thought this story could use a bit of work on ____ (dialog, grammar, ...)
My favorite character(s) was/were _____ because ____
Needed a warning - please add code ____

Or go with your gut - and tell everyone what you felt/thought:
Samples below - I'm sure you can create your own.

Great writing style kept me wanting more long after I was done.
The story had me reaching for my vibe.
This story was so hot I had to grab my partner.
A perfect story for reading to your partner while they are tied and waiting
in anticipation.

There's nothing to it
Just be polite, have fun and do your best.