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  • Phenyx's Avatar
    4 Hours Ago
    Phenyx replied to a thread Orgasm Denial... Why? in BDSM 101
    Thank You both for Your beautiful answers and advice *smiles* SCOOOTTTY *rushes over and gives you a big hug* Good to see you again too my Friend *smiles* *bows her head in respect to Solis* I do love the idea of experiencing new things *smiles and nods* yes I do! And I think many of us here absolutely love being reduced to that 'drooling mass of sexual flesh, high on endorphins, and not about to think straight' state. *nods and nods* I know I do *wink* I do have another question though, in regards to using orgasm denial as a teaching tool, if I may. I understand what You are saying about being open with understanding the reasoning behind Your actions and intentions on what You are trying to teach and/or help with be it life goal, correcting bad behavior, teaching ways of submission, or easing the lonely spirit. I am curious though, are there times in which You, as the Dominant, will take notice of something in the submissive that needs Your attention and may offer a learning tool, such as the eight unfrosted mini wheat for breakfast, without first explaining what Your intentions and/or reasoning is? Meaning... would You give these directions because You know as his/her Dominant that she/he needs Your help in easing/correcting/or straightening out some issue? Or would You as the Dominant, always explain why You are giving direction before You expect it to be carried out. Could it be that this denial for longer periods of time has come from a place where it is easing the lonely spirit while adding the feel of reinforcing the habit of continuous surrender? Because denial for me is a daily battle so denying it every day would in fact draw my attention and focus to the One that has that control in turn would, through that battle to not break the rules, would in fact make me feel closer to the One.
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  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    17 Hours Ago
    I sent them to Hawaii for a week. Sissy 1 picked up the slack nicley. After all the work was done for the day I took sub and went to the stable where slave 1 was kept. I had Eduardo sattel her up for us so she could take us a trip around the grounds. I looked at sub and asked her if she knew why I bought all this land? She said no so I began to tell her. It is my dream to run a horse breeding stable for through breeds race horses. I was thinking of doing just that while Jan and Moe pay back what they owe plus interest I think now's the perfect time to do so I will have the best of both worlds well we will my dear looking at her in her chastity belt still on under her summer dress. I will have the beautiful trophy wife plus the slut wife do you think you can be both I hope you can cause I am planning on buying a Philly and a mare to breed and hopefully we can send them to Saratoga to race at the track and pick up other clients as well plus they throw really fancy parties so I'll have to build an other hotel plus a ranch. Im going to sell that hotel in Canada to give me more money as it isn't doing any business and the help can find new jobs. Maybe I'll bring Candi down to work the new one and sissy boy can work on the ranch with the help. That's what I will do I'll call my real estate agent tomorrow oh wait that's you lol so I'll have to see who else is available u less you still have your realtors lincene and I see you do as youtake it out of your purse that you are carrying. Well now shall we do this plus you'll get a commition on the property *I was smart enough to have her boss keep her on the books so that she can sell houses if they needed her to and now he needed her too. The next morning I called her old boss and told him I wanted subservient to sell my property in Canada. After all the paper work was finished I called to see how things were going Candi said slow and no one was coming in and the only room was to and old man who couldn't get it up. I'm told her that I was selling the place and her and her bother would come to work for me here as I am expanding he would work on the ranch and her in my new hotel.
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  • Hairypotter's Avatar
    19 Hours Ago
    Hey I'm new here can we chat?
  • Waldon Dom's Avatar
    22 Hours Ago
    if you are still looking send me a message.
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    23 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    What choice did I have ,well I did have a choice but for the first time in my life I had found the perfect dominatrix ,I didn't want to lose it .I raised my arms ,she fastened wrist straps ,my shoulders felt like they where being ripped from my body ,.She held up a mean looking whip ,not one of those plastic play things ,a real braided leather made to inflict maximum pain . i have only used this once before ,but now is the time for it again .I am going whip you in every part of your body ,I will especially concentrate on your cunt ,with that she kicked my legs apart ,I'm not going to fasten your ankles but be warned if you close your legs I will add 20 strokes for every time you do so .I will give you 100 ,I would give you more but I want you in condition to fuck your ass ,I want you to feel every horrible inch of my strap on as it goes up your ass . With that she began ,the first lash right between my legs ,I involuntarily brought my legs together ,gasping at the pain that flashed through me .So you still have 99 and now another 20 so 119 .I begged her please Miss Rita I'll never do anything like that again .please stop as the leather bit in again . Oh darling your right ,after I get done with you ,your never going to want to fuck any one but me ,the whipping intensified ,I have no idea how I held my arms up or kept my thighs apart ,pain racked my body until finally she now covered in sheen of sweat from the excretion put the whip down ,unfastened my wrist ,I fell to the floor moaning in pain ,her boot between my legs gained my attention ,crawl and get the strap on she ordered ,I obeyed bringing the harness and enormousness cock to her . Stepped into it placing the cock in position ,one moment ,I want to Pete to see what he is going to get ,she returned with Pete in tow ,now watch carefully slutboy ,your next .Bend over the table whore ,I did as she ordered ,terrified but also filled with excitement ,I just hoped it wouldn't hurt more than I could stand .She applied lube her finger sliding into my ass ,I felt the tip of her cock pressed against my rosebud then the horrible gut wrenching pain as she drove it into me ,pulling back and repeating the procedure until all 12 inches where buried deep into my ass . She began fucking me in earnest ,my scrams of agony ignored ,you see bitch ,you could have spared your self all of this as pulled almost out and rammed it back in
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    23 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Abduction in Role Play
    It was relieve to get out of hearing Pete scream ,he seemed to be taking it a lot worse than I had expected him to ,he had that stubborn streak ,perhaps what all he had gone through since arriving at this hell hole had worn him down ,or perhaps Winston was burning the marks deeper into his body .I would learn later that a special iron had been used on his penis .My pussy had been marked at the urging of Winnie and Winnet ,but only two straight bars ,it was horrible enough but not I suspected as bad as what Peter was going through . Leroy carried me to a room with a bed and some medical equipment ,even though the 2 royal women wanted me to suffer ,Winston had promised me to his guests ,he had intervened when Winnie wanted to whip my burned cunt .You will have lots of opportunely in a couple of weeks he promised . Placing me on the bed ,Leroy released his huge cock ,smiling at the nurse in attendance ,not supposed to fuck her but nothing says I cant get a blow job .If you think you can get the monster into her mouth the nurse laughed go ahead ,better her than me .He held the tip of his cock to my lips ,open up slut ,I got a big load for you to swallow . I tried to strength my mouth but his cock was just to big ,the nurse took his weapon began stroking it ,I'll jack you off then you can fill her mouth .It didn't take long as stream after stream of his cum poured down my throat ,I gagged almost puked as they both laughed ,I cant wait to see you shove that up her ass ,I was told you cant fuck her until everybody else is done cause of your size .Its jjust some thing I am cursed with he chuckled .More lotion was applied as he left the room ,scrams could be heard as he opened the door .
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