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  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    23 Minutes Ago
    It was Monday morning I got up and skyped the manssion sissy1 answered Turk was behind him I asked how things were going great sissy said TUrk Just stood there I asked Turk to put a phone c all into his cousin as I was plaining on haaving a dinner party Thursday for some of Rikard's Friends who were high class people he told me that he went and got the boy from mouseys husband he was 18 and inn the cell. He alos Said Mousey found out and let her husband have it. All and all things ewre good I asked to talk to Jan she was was right there giving Turk a blowjob as we speaked. good morning sir how are you dong good I said she asked to talk to subserviant who was giving me a blow job she had just finished when Jan had had asked Turk started lol as did I congratulation to you both eveything is under control here do n't worry. I'll check back in later in the week any problems you can call us at @!#-&^*- 3352 Turk the address hedre is 1531 Rickard lane calgery alberta canada just so youcan let your cousin know. good byer guys. The family showed up minuets early which gave me time to show them how I wanted stuff done when it came to making beds. I wanted them perfect just like the military sheets so tight you could bounce a quarter on them. I guess Rickard had a cleaning cabinet and they went to work I took corniilious and sub into town so I could get a change of address form so I could get mail. I needed to get food and I wanted to see about getting it delivered so I didnt have too go out. I also had to go convert my money into canadaina currency so we had to go to the bank as well. I had him go start the car I also asked Candi if she knew how much the alien was paying in rent. or what the arragment was with him. After a few mins I sub and I got changed outa our pajamas her in her onesie with footies and all me outa my flanal pajama pants and wife beater tee shirt. I could see Cornilious was worried he asked sir what is my job as my mom and sis are cleraning your job for now is drive us to these palces and you will be working on my dock where all my new employies come too start there job you will just put them in th cells and thats it if any of the venders waant something sucj as a blos job you will be giving it to them and or your ass also amd I clear and if subserviant gives an order you will also obey her along with me.
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  • The Jaded Dominant { koral }'s Avatar
    10 Hours Ago
    Chats up
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    12 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    Sure the paddling must have hurt ,but I think Peter was protesting to much as was evedent from his cock ,I bent to stroke it ,giving his balls a little squeze ,His moan wasnt from pain ,I laughed joining Miss Cruella ,as we left I kissed Pat full on the lips my hand squeezing her ass all While staring right at him ,she returned the kiss her hand cupped my tit ,fucking bitch he muttered ,pardon ,did you say some thing ,no Miss no I didnt say anything I laughed again ,separating from Pat ,this time when I took his nuts I twisted squeezing hard ,the yelp was an aphrodisiac ,My pussy soaking wet .I noticed some metal rods with threads lieing On a table ,there to shove up his dick Pat informed me ,we'll come back and I"ll show you how they work .now baby were going to get a little privacy ,or maybe youd prefer him watching ,she had an evil grin on he face . Asmuch as the thought turned me on ,I wasnt sure I was ready to give Pete a show ,lets get some privacy
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