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  • Mr.Quirt's Avatar
    2 Hours Ago
    Mr.Quirt replied to a thread "R" is for Roisay in The A-Z of BDSM
    It's Roissy, not Roisay. Far from imaginary, when Story Of O was written Roissy was an ordinary Paris suburb with some up-scale parts. That was before half of it was bulldozed to make way for Charles De Gaulle Airport. Today Roissy affords the opportunity to fly over and taxi by (or over?) the fictional estate where O was introduced to the whip and trained in submission.
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    8 Hours Ago
    F is for flogging, which is used mainly on the back or buttocks during a session. It depends on what the sub's limits are (if there are any) as to how much flogging a sub can take.
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  • bre86uk's Avatar
    10 Hours Ago
    Hi folks, was wondering if anyone knows of a story which I read in the late 90s about a girl who gets kidnapped and taken as a slave. I think it was 10 chapters. The bits I remember are her being tied to a board and covered in honey with wasps stinging her or ants or something and a bit later on where she gets tied to an H shaped frame with her legs spread in a and has pate or meat spread put on her privates and a dog comes in and licks it off. I think she ends up that her uncle has bought her or was responsible in some way for the kidnap. I think she might get transported overseas in a hollowed out tree trunk at some stage too. I realize it's a somewhat random description of a story, and I've not seen it anywhere in years! Cheers! B
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    13 Hours Ago
    You sound like a true masochist to me, and that is commendable. Some submissives don't know what the fuck they want. But you must have experienced some measure of pain and has decided you need it to be grounded. And it sounds like you need a sadist to keep it that way.
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  • Phenyx's Avatar
    21 Hours Ago
    As a masochist that relies on pain to keep her grounded and she is very curious and would like to ask a couple questions please. Does one have to be a Sadist to understand pain? Does one have to be a Sadist to understand a masochist's need for pain especially in times where that need becomes overwhelming? Can a Dominant that is not a Sadist handle the levels of pain that a masochist may need at times? And if not? what is the appropriate steps needed to seek out help to take care of these needs? Can a Dominant that is not a Sadist recognize the ques that there is a need building for more pain if the submissive does not always speak of this need? As a masochist submissive seeking out a Dominant? Would you advise her to seek out specifically a Sadist Dominant due to the levels of pain she may need at times? If not? what questions would you suggest she ask a Dominant that is not a Sadist to ensure that there is no misunderstandings of future needs that may or may not complicate the relationship?
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  • HBmisty's Avatar
    22 Hours Ago
    HBmisty posted a visitor message on HBMan-misty's profile
    I do prefer slow and thorough. But You're right, quick and hot is just perfect some days.
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