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  • Needstretch4's Avatar
    11 Hours Ago
    Needstretch4 replied to a thread 7 months in Suggestion Box
    Even though your post is 7 mts ago, I have to agree this site is not what I was expecting, so am trying to unsubscribe, will not even let me do that, I am going back to my earlier site bdsmlr.com where I have a blog stretched balls. Good luck here,not for me
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  • Dallasslv's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    Total bottom faggot Seeks dominant sadistic bastards Use me as you wish Tit torture ball destruction cock abuse ass/pussy rape Beatings forced sucking cum swallowing ass raped( gang) Sissification Use me as a “it”... pain pig So much more Dallasslv@aol.com
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    It was a fun time with Martha ,just what I needed ,but it was easy to tell her heart wasn't into doming ,oh she went through all the moves ,my very nipples and clit where testament to that but deep down she was a sub I kissed her sent her on her way ,took a long shower roughly rubbing my nipples with a wash clothe ,getting a rush from the sensation ,I went easy on my clit as it was just to damn sore ,dried went looking for sissy . I had a score to settle with him ,it wasn't that he saw Martha and I carrying on ,in fact I loved to have people watch me ,and I knew how frustrating it was for him seeing two women making out and not being able to jerk off due to the cock cage .No it was because the sneaky bastard had snuck into Mikes office some thing he was under no circumstances allowed to do ,but then he was such a fucking pain slut he might have done it just to get caught knowing full well there would be hell to pay . He was on the front desk,going over the register ,looked up ,seen me coming and ran like a bat out of hell toward his cell ,as if I couldn't catch him anytime I wanted .The front entrance doors swung open ,putting my plans to torment the little fuck .Oscar the bellboy pushing his trolley loaded with suitcases was following a drop dead gorgeous woman ,jet black hair ,Asian features ,just looking at her took my breath away . I have a reservation ,she began ,Miss Olivia Larue ,I quickly checked the reservation list ,she had an astereck beside her name VIP ,I then knew ,she was the famous author ,having written scores of books , Mostly fiction but also some bio's and studies ,all on Transgender cases , the fiction leaned toward dominants and submissives ,I had read a few usually with my hand toying with my pussy . Welcome Miss Larue ,welcome to our hotel I stammered ,making the necessary entry's into the register . I will show you to your rooms. I signaled another girl to tend to the desk as I led her to the elevator ,Oscar who couldnt keep his eyes off her butt ran into a table ,I spoke sharply to him only to be rebuked by Miss Larue .You need to treat your employees with respect ,yes Maam I answered ,she of course did not know Oscar lived to be humiliated . I showed her around the suite ,worked up enough nerve to ask her how she came to stay at the hotel . I have a friend who recommended it ,perhaps you remember him ,Larry Most ,he stayed for a few weeks and he mentioned a young lady ,Laura ,she reached out to touch my name plate ,could you be the same Laura ,her fingers brushed my still sore but now highly erect nipple . I blushed ,most unusual for me ,muttering yes Maam I remember Mr Most .The gentleman who had asked for and received brutal beating almost daily getting off on the painfull whippings I had filled in a few times for the regular dominatrix ,always amazed at the amount of punishment he could endure . Her fingers tightened on the nipple ,I think you and I are going to get along just fine ,I winced as her grip tightened ,yes just fine .Now I want to shower and freshen up ,I want you to join me for dinner ,oh and wear what you wore on the last night of Larrys stay . It was a little black dress ,a lot of lace not quit see threw but close ,no underwear ,spike heels .Yes Miss I'll see you then ,I backed out almost bowing ,my crotch soaking wet ,hurrying to my room to change ,putting sissy on hold ,I would deal with him later ,it was going to be a pleasure to introduce him to the newest cock cage that Leroy in maintenance was making for me ,sissy was going to be one sorry little cock sucker . I checked Miss Larue bio on the net ,yes it was as I thought she was transgender and preop if the bio could be believed ,I wondered if such a beautiful women could really have a penis .hurrying to shower and get dressed ,I ran to the dinning room ,she was there ahead of me ,giving an approving nod them telling me I was late and she hated to kept waiting bu twould deal with me later
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread 7 months in Suggestion Box
    Unfortunately whoever is running this site has another agenda going on, and it is a shame. This was a great site at one time, but I fear one day it will go POOF!...and it will be gone.
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  • Indhander's Avatar
    6 Days Ago
    Hello All, This one will be in Denver for a week and it would be fun to meet up with someone that would be interested in sharing some time together. I'm open to exploring and it would be wonderful to find another that is up for the same. I have some pics on my profile that I hope will say something about me. Let this one know! Jay
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  • Spankmaster's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    Maybe he is taking his time. Just be patient or better still change master
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  • Erogenous Jones's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    Since last new stories added to list and 6 months since site updated. Will look back online to see if it reaches it's birthday but for now sorry to see a once great site a deserted ruins ! Whatever happened to; October 11, 2017 IMPORTANT NEWS: Site Issues Story submission will be fixed soon and more updates are on the way!
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  • Spankmaster's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    Hello everyone I am a dominant, I want a submissive , I am based in Nigeria. Who will be my submissive. I will make your fantasies come true.
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  • Spankmaster's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    Spankmaster replied to a thread Trainee in Introduction /Welcome
    I know I can help you, are you ready to explore and submit
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