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  • subserviant's Avatar
    49 Minutes Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Abduction in Role Play
    being held by Leroy in the center of the room ,surrounded ob all sides by the noisy crowd ,my arms where stretched straight up ,Winston approached motioning for quiet ,as you can see I when I sent word out that this would be very special ,with that he pulled on the draw string ,my gown fell to the floor leaving me completely naked ,my legs kicked apart as the room erupted into cheers .Once more Winston signaled for quiet . After this white slut is branded and recovered ,you will all be entered into the draw ,so that no one can complain they didn't get to fuck her in proper order ,it will be completely random ,more applause as my knees gave out I almost fell ,Leroy was there to hold me ,oh one thing Winston went on ,as is the usual practice Leroy will fuck her ass first . A shout from the crowd ,well her ass wont be worth fucking when he gets done with her ,Winston laughed well he's not called Tony the Pony for nothing ,bend her over . I was forced over what appeared to be a round barrel ,my hands fastened ,my legs pulled to there farthest extension ,my private parts for all to see .Winston picked up a red hot iron shaped into a a line that read owned by ,it was pressed into my left buttock ,as the pain flashed through ,my screams echoing through out the hall ,he picked up another branding iron in the shape of a W this was shoved against my right cheek .I passed out only to brought back with smelling salts .We cant have you not feeling the whole procedure now can we .The searing pain shot through me as he pressed the second red hot W into my flesh so in effect my ass read owned by W W .The pain made me wish I where dead as the crowd went wild . A woman called out ,let Leroy fuck the white whore now ,No replied Winston that will be next weeks entertainment .But were no done ,bring the white boy here ,Pete was led out the barrel ,this one likes to suck cocks ,so he will be available right after he's branded ,The irons had been put back into the fire and now where red hot again ,I didnt really even hear him scream as I lay curled up sobbing ,thankfully some rubbed some lotion on m ass ,the pain subsided only slightly as Peter continued to scream .
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    1 Hour Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    As I laid curled up in my cage suffering from bruised balls, I could hear Laura profusely begging Mistress Rita not to punish her and that she was sorry. Then I heard Rita. "You lying fucking slut! I saw you grinding against him!" "But!"...."Shut your fucking mouth, slut. You wanted Peter to fuck you!"...."But!" Although I couldn't see what was happening, the unmistakeable sound of hand slapping face resounded. "I have a good mind to release you, not only as my sub, but as an employee as well!" "Oh no, please no, I need this job!" "Laura you do a good job as my assistant, but I will not allow you to sneak around behind my back! I punished Peter for his part, but you looked like the agressor!" "I'm sorry!"...."You're just sorry you got caught, slut!" Then I heard silence. Was Rita going to forgive Laura? Then I heard the Mistress. "You have a choice! Raise your arms straight over your head, and clasp them together. If you lower your arms at any time, you are dismissed or you may refuse to do that, in which case you are fired!" For me that would've been an easy choice. I'd take a whipping in a heart beat, but would Laura?
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    5 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    It would take many years for Moe and Jan to repay the money that Mike hadn't been able to recover ,as it turned out it wasn't a huge amount .I suggested they be used in the Club ,our hidden play house, memberships only by invitation ,only two hundred members so at the most 400 hundred people ,members and their guests . The "Club"was only open to members and their guests ,every one vetted . Deep pockets where required as the annul dues where a million dollars and a monthly entertainment fee of ten thousand . At that rate one would think there would be not a lot of people wanting to join .Mike was rather skeptical when I approached him with the idea ,assuring him that it would be a success ,I set it up telling just a few people in the first month we had sold all the memberships,the list to join was long ,in fact we had been tossing the idea around of letting more members in our staring a second club ,I preferred starting another to keep better control At any rate we hadn't yet decided which way would be best .The members of course where the cream of society ,it never ceases to amaze me at how many people lived the kind of lifestyle the they found behind very secure closed doors ,judges ,the local mayor the chiefs of various police forces ,the governors of a few states ,yes we where well covered In the club any goes ,the entertainment is always very heavy sadism ,bondage .sexual .any of the guests are free to do what ever they want to the entertainers ,short of killing them and we have discussed even that Jan and Moe while aware of a private club had no idea what actually happened inside .well they where about to find out .a good looking woman like Jan and Moe was also a good looking guy would be star attractions Both would be used and abused to the members hearts content ,Jan who was strangely shy when it came to showing her body would be used in stage .It would be a very private showing ,not even for the regular members ,a select few men and women would be invited to participate ,Moe would be used for the entertainment of the gay crowd of which there are more than a few ,I thought it would be hilarious considering he was the ultimate homophobic . Jan of course would be required to service men and women ,the ladies where usually much more cruel than the guys who for the most part just want to get the rocks off Yes in indeed exciting times and now perhaps it was time to discuses snuffing ,their where a few men who had approached me about it ,they where willing tp pay huge sums for the privilege of having their cocks in a girls cunt while choking them . Meanwhile Mike had fucked me royally ,he was in a playful mood in public ,sliding his hand up my skirt feeling my ass and pussy ,he had insisted I wear a see through top ,he wanted all the know that he owned me ,could do what ever he wanted ,when he handed me to chastity belt ,I blanched ,his mood changed ,stand up lift your skirt put it on he commanded .In front of the whole place I did as he ordered to much applause . I knew it would only be short time until he lost interest in my wearing it .
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  • tiffanyanyway's Avatar
    9 Hours Ago
    He is one of my favourite too
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  • mysterious's Avatar
    17 Hours Ago
    On the page, select newest stories and you'll see about 8-10 that were update in the last week.
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    21 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    Climbing the stairs I heard a cry of pain .I glanced over my shoulder to see Pete collapse holding his crotch .I wanted to shout ,get up defend your self knowing full well he lived for this .Rita pulled his hands away ,he lay waiting ,she raised her booted foot ,bringing it down on his nuts the pain over whelmed him ,that last I heard was him puking and Rita ordering him into his crate ,he's going to be in there for a while . I waited. In the bedroom ,my turn next .She entered a look of anger ,walking around me silently . I' m sorry I Began .Shut your fucking mouth slut .I treated you like family and this is how you repay me .So you like to fuck boys ,she pointed to the dresser ,bring it to me .It was an enormous dildo ,I didnt think they made one that big .I held it out to her .Lets see how you like getting this up your ass .I gasped ,you cant be serious .You have a choice You can leave and have your picture and video's on the internet or strap this on me and bend over the arm of the couch
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