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    23 Hours Ago
    Introduction My situation is a bit different than a lot of people on here, so I am going to try my best to be as concise and clear as possible while writing this ad. I am married. He is aware of my kink, and we actually met on a kink website. We have a very active sex life, however, we are also really busy with work, hobbies and other obligations, and we have not had a lot of time to devote to our D/s relationship over the past year. We also just need different things from our D/s relationships at this point in time, and thus we have decided to try playing with other people. I know the fact that I am married may deter people from taking a chance on me, and I understand that, but I want to alleviate some of your apprehension. My husband is very supportive. He currently has a wonderful sub of his own, and although he will always be around, he doesn't wish to interfere with me finding a Dom. It would be nice if my Dom would be willing to collaborate and communicate with Asslvr occasionally, but as long as you are respecting me, and keeping me safe, he will not step in unless asked. I am looking for somebody who wants to fill a full time Dom role in my life. However, this person doesn't need to give me tasks every day, or keep me occupied every hour of the day. I do have a life outside of getDare and D/s. I have an active social life, work full time and I do have my husband to tend to. However, I want somebody who is willing to dedicate time to communicating with me on a daily basis. I want somebody who is going to check in with me, ask me about my life, tell me about their day, and talk about non-kink related things. Having said all that, I would love to have rules that are to be followed on a daily/weekly basis, with the understanding that there will be times or days where we need to “pause” them when real life gets a bit overwhelming and busy. When it comes to tasks, I think it works best if they are assigned with an agreed upon deadline, giving me time to work them into my schedule. Of course there is still plenty of opportunity for small spontaneous tasks to happen, as well as live play sessions (both through text and over voice chat once we are comfortable). Although not a prerequisite, I think I get along better with Daddy Doms/Caretaker types. I am enjoying exploring my little side. I will go into more detail about this later, but I want somebody who is nurturing, caring, and playful. Although I do want somebody who is going to discipline me if I am bad (which I never am, because I am a princess). I also have a Domme side to me, and have a sub of my own. I need somebody who can pull me back into sub mode when needed. I am very open and will share most things with my husband! He is very aware of what is going on in my life, and he will know what you are having me do. He may be present at times during tasks, and he may even be willing to participate if we are all comfortable with that. I do not cheat on him. He is aware of what I am doing. At times, I may not be comfortable using my times with him to complete tasks, or follow rules, but we will work that out and negotiate. I will never do anything to damage or cause issues with my marriage, so Asslvr will always come first. This also means that although you may be in control of my orgasms on a daily basis, or tease me, you will not have any control over our intimate relationship and that includes having sex, sexy playtime or orgasms together. Occasionally we may be interested in taking on a task or guided play time together. About me I am a 28 year old female. I consider myself a sub, but I also have a sub who I am in a consensual blackmail relationship with. Personality wise, I am sweet and cute and like to have fun. I am not a very serious person. I like to giggle and talk and love making new friends. I have a bit (or a lot) of brat in me. I like to push buttons and call people silly names. I also love finding loop holes. At the end of the day, I am obedient and always do what I am supposed to. I also consider myself a little. This is an area we haven’t explored too much yet, but I love to be cuddled and taken care of. I love Disney and glitter and cookies and tsum tsums and eeyore and coloring! I recently purchased a pacifier and would like to try using that more to induce little time. Being a little is something I want to explore a bit more in the near future, so if you have Daddy tendencies, I think we would be a good fit.. I love toys!!! I own over 60 different toys ranging from nipple clamps, e-stim, impact play and of course lots of plugs and vibes. I love to give advice and reviews on toys as well. My likes are pretty extensive, I love toys, anal play, impact play, orgasm control (NO LONG TERM DENIAL), teasing/edging, and playing with ice. I love to try and experience new things. There are very few things that are put into my limits without trying it at least once. Although I like to try new things, I will need a period of warm up. I cannot and will not just jump in head first. I will need to slowly learn to trust you before I submit fully. You cannot assign me a task where I strip in the bathroom at work on our first day. You must be willing to negotiate at first because it has been a long time since I have been really subby. Speaking of my limits, the biggest one for me is name calling. I came from an abusive background and I do not tolerate being called things such as “slut”, “bitch” or anything similar. Any negative terms are not for me, and I will not call others those words either. I have a few others that we can discuss as well if you choose to respond to my ad. If you enjoy handing out punishments, I am not the sub for you. I take punishments seriously and it is the worst thing ever to need one. I need a Dom who does not want me to fail so that he can punish me. You should be fair: give some leniency where warranted, but strict when needed. If a punishment is needed, I believe that the punishment should fit the offence. Most importantly, I need somebody who wants to communicate with me. I want somebody who will thank me for photos, even when they aren't pretty or sexy. Somebody who will check in with me to make sure I am following my rules, or tell me when they are having a bad day and just need snuggles. I need to feel like I matter! If you aren't prepared to do that, then please do not reply. About you: A few things that are a must: * You must be older than 24 and younger than 45 * You must be a male * You must live in a timezone which is within a few hours to mine, or have a flexible schedule for playing * Be willing to use Kik, Line Messenger or Hangouts for written responses, and Gmail for google docs. * I would like to be able to have voice conversations once we are comfortable, however video does not (and probably will not ever) need to happen. * Pictures, once comfortable, would be nice, but not necessary. * You must be kind, fun, and willing to talk about things outside of D/s. I really do want to be friends first and Kink partners second.
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