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  • kittyk@kay's Avatar
    1 Minute Ago
    While i am not a lifestyle newbie, i am a newbie to this whole online thing. My previous experience (which feels like it was a different lifetime now LOL) was all rl, so i feel like i can answer your question :) The number one thing for me, lying. i hated it when they lied to me. I'm not saying you have to tell me your entire life story, but if there is something that you would rather not tell me, then say that ... don't lie! Then i have met the "submit to me and wear my collar NOW" guy, ... whoa, wait ... i don't even know your name?! It pissed me off when they would try to rush me, give me a chance to get to know you before i make a decision. Now i know you said not to bash anyone specifically, but since he is not a member here, and i will not mention his name ... i am going to LOL i was in a brief relationship with a Dom, still in the getting to know each other phase, when he suddenly started communicating less and less. Then he would say things like "I'm leaving work now, be home in an hour, talk to you then" and i wouldn't hear from him for 3 or 4 hours ... i actually sat here worrying about him, thinking maybe he got into an accident or something! The last time he did it to me he said that he was going out for the day and would "check in on me periodically", i didn't hear from him until after midnight that night when he said he was home and going to bed. So, do what you say you are going to do! Doms certainly expect us to.
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  • kittyk@kay's Avatar
    19 Minutes Ago
    With my screen name, in a chat room i simply 'slowly swish my tail' 'purr' 'lick my paws', something like that. With Master, i play to his ego LOL (Doms love their egos stroked ... among other things *wink*)
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  • Solis's Avatar
    2 Hours Ago
    Greetings, B! So, here's a search trick that works anywhere. The Google search engine allows site restrictors; that is, you can ask for a particular search but then search that search to one particular site. I grabbed two search terms from your note (wasps honey) and combined them with a site restrictor (site:bdsmlibrary.com). So: wasps honey site:bdsmlibrary.com leads to 75 potential story matches. Some of those are clearly irrelevant (her corset was wasp-waisted, the electricity felt like a thousand wasp stings ...) but it's a solid start. If you add "dog" to the string wasps honey dog site:bdsmlibrary.com you get more (118) rather than fewer potential matches because the lower-ranked results might only include any two of the three terms. But the highest ranked results will contain all three words. Imperfect, but it might well give you the lead you need. As ever, Solis
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  • subrob99's Avatar
    2 Hours Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    Leaving the docks on my way back to the hotel. I walk by masters office was going to see if there was anything he needed. Hearing some morning the door was half open. Hiding behind the door I see master leaning back in his chair. His eyes were closed. Looking down I can see a naked ass sticking back at me. It is one that you can't miss perfectly round and can see her juices dripping on the floor. I stand there watching until master starts to cum. Not wanting to get caught watching. I tip toe away from his office. At the hotel I go to main door as usual to work the rest of night as the doormat. But there was another female slave was already there. I found Jan in the hotel lobby. She said your late what took you so long. I had to get another slave to fill your spot. I just said nothing. Jan was like I got something special for you tonight. In the middle of the lobby was this little platform. Jan had me climb into the center of it. To make sure I couldnt leave she secured one of my ankles to a chain on the floor that had a shackle with a lock. Jan walked away and came back with a sign and a bowl. The sign said Rusty Trombone. Jan explained master wanted a rusty trombone display. Was going to have the other slave do it but your dumb ass couldn't be on time. There is a twist to it. Jan had the limo driver come in. He stepped out of his pants and stepped on the platform. With his ass to me jan looked at me and said I know you know what to do. I crawled over and stuck my face in his ass and started to lick gagging at the smell. At the same time reached around to jerk him off. When he got ready to cum Jan handed him the bowl and he shot his load into the bowl. When finished I was to lick the bowl and at the sametime the limo driver was given a cat and whipped my ass until Bowl was clean. Jan and the driver left and she said enjoy your night sissy. During the night I lost count on how many rusty trombones I gave.
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  • HBmisty's Avatar
    5 Hours Ago
    I am having fun, reading the old threads and found this. If only more people would create such a list, and ask the tough questions before jumping into a scene, perhaps there would be less damage. More especially if it isn't simply a Top / bottom arrangement. I think letting just anyone into your mind is very unwise, if proper vetting isn't done.
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  • leo9's Avatar
    10 Hours Ago
    leo9 replied to a thread "R" is for Roisay in The A-Z of BDSM
    Back before the airport, a kinky US couple we used to know visited both places while touring France, and discovered that Samois' other claim to fame was a jazz festival. So she got him to photograph her next to the "ROISSY" road sign wearing a Samois Jazz Festival shirt, and sent it to their friends captioned "My Master took me to Roissy and Samois and all I got was a lousy teeshirt."
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