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  • Samkay1239's Avatar
    3 Hours Ago
    Hey there saw ur post. If you're interested in a online relationship please let me know
  • Paul W's Avatar
    14 Hours Ago
    Hi kneelingpet May I be so bold as to ask if you are looking for a real life experience or an online one at present? I would be interested in discussing your request further. Regards Paul W
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  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
  • kneelingpet's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    hello i have known i have wanted to be seen and treated as someones pet for a long time but just didnt know how to go about into making it a reality. some research and exploring on the net led me to this site and thought it would be a good place to start. Hoping to find a strict and demanding master who will enjoy taking an independent career woman through degrading and humilating training to learn the true meaning of being an owned pet. please feel free to send me a private message if your interested or have any questions and ill do my best to answer promptly and honestly
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  • BrandonControls's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    Message me on Kik (BrandonControls). I'm in NYC.
  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    well you came to the right place welcome
  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    6 Days Ago
    early tjhe nest morning I got up and went down to get that slut outa the cell. I opend it and draged her out by her hair and told sissy to go basck to sleep and be to breakfast on time. I drtagged her past the dugeon cells where we kept new slaves and I continued down a cordoor till I came to a room I opened t he door and tossed her in holding onto her hair I pulled her over to an old fashion meat hook. I ties her hands above her head with rope looping it around t he hook. I turned on the power and the hook started to lift her up I stopped it j ust as she was on her tip toes. Today you will beg me for your life as we are going to vist the warden and commisioner so you can see w hat people do to lies in prison that rat basttard of a cousin of mine and his wife.then its off to turk and cruella and dont forget butcher too lolall get to do what theyt wan t to you and youll be so ld to the highest bidderor I can keep you we will see. After I gve my speachI had the hook lift her more and I dpped her in a vat of honey and then into a volcano of ants red fire ants and they bit her every where including inside her pussy and ass as she was covered in honey.After about and hour or so I pulled her out and slide her to a pool of ice cold water it was kept at 35 degrees faranheight and it had jets under water like a whirl pool; so it cleaned her off after about 5 mins I couild see she was turning blue so I puilled her out then we continued on and into an oven to warm her up the oven was at 95 degereesagain only 10 mins this time I didnt want to bake her I wnated her to surviveafter that I unhooked her forced to her knees and stuck my dick in her moiuth and pushed her head up and down till I cdam in her mouth after that we went to breakfast. I told her that was only the beginng while we ate breakfast sissy and I sub had 3 dicks to attend to mine sissys and the cooks after we were done I told her to run and get dressed and meet me back down here I had to talk to sissy. I told sissy Iwould be gone all day and that he would have to run things but not from my office as I told him I would deal with him for last time when I got back right now I had bigger fish to fry with sub. I see you found what I laid out for you on the bed it was an orange jump suit jst like the prisoners where in jail. we got in the limo and went to the jail the warden and commisionher meet us at the gate they took sub and I went to see my cousin I wanted to make him a deal to save his wretched wife. I had him sign the papers to his hotel in italy over to me and I toldhim his wife could work for me there and every quarter she would have to come and see me and give me the numbers to see if the hotel wsa mkaing any money an d if it wasnt I could close it and send his wife top work for me here.while I was doing all this the warden and comisshioner where having there way with sub m aking her do what ever they wanted she knew that they could keep her if I said so al;l th e woman inmates wanted a new bitch and they were fiesty as they saw her. After Igot what I wnated I went and sat in the comissioners office. After a while they came back sub looked like shit she had teard running down her face hair all messed up and what not I showd the warden the papers and he releassed Maria to me. w lefdt we ere on our way to stop number 2 of 4. when the limo stopped it was at turks house yiu should rmeber this place quit well I tossed her out the door and had the limpo driver take off and go get lunch for me. Maria sat ther quietly as she knew that I was going to send her back to italy tomarrwo but first I told her to strip and I fuckedh er reverse cowgirl style in the limo after I came deep in her pussy I had her cleran me off the clerk at the drive thorugh saw her and almost passed out in ah what you never saw a guy geting a blowjob before I said to him. after I ate lunch we went angot sub at turks house she was again beaten ass she had bruised on her body and her ass was all red and sore. stop 3 is next I said to the liop driver when it stopped it was at cruellas new home with armondo as we were back in hte community for t he last two I had her take her and I went shopping didnt really need anything but I just wanted a day out of the office I showed maria off as I had her dressed liketh slut she is no panties or bra tight black dress 6 inch high heels. after about two hours my feet were killing me and so we left we went back and picked up sub by n ow butrcher also had his fun too. it was now around 4 pm I told the limo driver to take me to armondos for dinner with my two sluts sub cleand up as best she could and maria was allready dressed. while at dinner I ordered a nice chicken parm with ziti tossed salda and a nice red wine for all three of us and I asked sub now what should I do woth you ? should I keep you sell you what Msaybe I send you back to italy with maria and you too work in th hotel over there since I got control of it rom ypur husband in exchange to to save your sorry life Maria. Well now lets head home shall we as sissy is in charge a nd I hope things are still standing plus brutis is due and so is donquote sub youll be taking care of donquote and maria brutis is all yours lol.
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  • Spankyoutotears's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    Contact my Kik spankyoutotears and we will discuss this further
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