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  • astod's Avatar
    19 Hours Ago
    Iíve been on this site for a very long time and am looking for a part time online master or mistress. While I would greatly prefer an in person experience that choice seems to be very limited where I currently live. I am a very masochistic submissive who craves someone to continue to explore this part of myself with. I would prefer someone on the more sadistic side. I have a lot to learn and have not found anyone who can truly control me. My email is is astod951@yahoo.com
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  • Erogenous Jones's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    Chatting to a female friend last night she mentioned she was considering circumcision for one of her female subs. She proposes clitoris removal and outer lips too. Thought this was a touch extreme to display her control but sub has accepted it as her Mistress's wish and will sign any consent forms needed. Wondered if anybody else on here has experience of this and would they advise it being done ? Know it's common in some cultures but not met a white woman who's had it done. FYI sub is 41, female and mother of one but divorced and lives with Mistress 24/7
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  • subrob99's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    At breakfast not allowed to sit still the table. Eating on the floor my ears perk up when master said he was leaving for the day and subs was in charge. He also said besides both me and subs cleaning. I was to satisfy Brutus every 2hours as well. After master left subs attached a leash to my color and led me to masters office. Of course she didn't really clean just supervised making me do most of the work. Spanking my ass with the leash if it looked like I wasn't working fast enough. When it was time to fuck Brutus. Subs went and got him and reclined in masters chair as I made sure and satisfy Brutus with both my ass and mouth. Even though I have been his bitch and should be used to it. It still feels like my ass is going to be split in two every time. brutuss cock went back in it's sheets as I finished gaging as I cleaned mine and his jucies from his cock and balls. Wanting to impress master before he got back once we were done with his office we moved to the main gathering room and cleaned it to prepare for the party. Another two hours had past and I as pleasing Brutus while subs was watching with a grin on her face when master came home. Master padded Brutus on the head and laughed at my misery and brought subs to the side talking about how bleased he was with her but got quite when discussing details of the party to keep it a surprise.
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  • misty {HBMan}'s Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    I'm visiting here, my darling Sir... Just because I can. ❤️❤️❤️
  • subrob99's Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread Sweet Revenge in Role Play
    Getting up not sure how long I had dosed off..But the bitch somehow fell asleep as well with her ass still sticking in the air. I could see where the cum had leaked out of her ass and onto the sheets and dried. I get a wooden paddle with no warning land it in the center of her ass she wakes up with a scream. I then release her from the bed. And rub her face in the dried cum on the sheets screaming. "Bitch you have to know better. next time I cum in you hold it in until I tell you to let go. Since I didn't warn you first will go easy on your punishment this time. Leading her down the basement. Earlier had took a couple of chains and ran them through the pipes in the ceiling and attached leather wrist cuffs to the ends. I attach her wrists to the cuffs. then pull on the chains to keep her arms high in the air and her feet barely touching the cold floor. I dig in the box and find flogger. I can see the worry in her face. I look like I am going to swing it hard but stop and lightly land it across her breasts. Once I see her relax and rare back and land the flogger hard across her chest. Making her Yelp and scream..Walking I in circles around her digging my nails in. I stop behind her and whip of her ass cheaks before sliding the handle of the flogger through the crack of her ass. I come in behind her ear and tell her to get those legs spread..She crosses them even more. Reaching around I crap her nipples and pull and pinch applying more pressure until she moved her legs apart..I rub the handle back and forth between her legs. until Marcy starts breathing heavily. I walk back in front of her and was lining the flogger up with her pussy grttinht ready to make a strike when the phone rings. "Damit." I put the hand of the whip next to her lips and say open wide. it took a slap to the face before she opened up.I told her to hold it there and not drop.it until I get back or else.
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    I had to smile about what Mike suggested ,yeah branding the little cock sucker would be great fun , the pain loving slut would no doubt enjoy it as well ,not at the precise moment of the burning but later ,he would be bragging about it to the other slaves ,showing his little dick of which he is so proud , It matters not how many times I make fun of him he still thinks he's a stud . Stud my ass ,pencil dick is more like it ,Mike thinks sissy's cock is to small to circumcise ,I beg to differ ,as long as a guy has a foreskin it can be cut off ,I suggested it to Mike ,not at the same time as the branding ,no wait until his nuts are healed ,perhaps a month or so ,we could have another party ,use a very dull knife ,no pain killers allowed ,let the little fuck feel every silly centimeter as he watches part of his minuscule cock cut off . It back time baby ,his domming me still fresh on my mind ,I still don't know why I ever let that happen ,anyway time for Brutus to have a little fun .Sissy went for the lube ,even though his asshole was now very big ,the dogs cock was bigger ,leave it I ordered ,you take him dry ,Sissy began to cry ,begging me to let him lube , No fucking way bitch now get into position ,Brutus was dancing his red knob fully unsheathed ,as big around as a mans fist ,and you better remember to lick his nuts and cock clean after he cums ,I sat back to watch the show
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  • Erogenous Jones's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    Now 12 months since Index last updated despite statement about being updated and over 13 months since last new story uploaded. Be back in 12 months to see if there's been a resurrection !
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  • Erogenous Jones's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    Now 12 months since last new stories update on Index and over 13 since last new story posted. Somehow don't think this birthday is one worth celebrating !
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  • Chocolateboy's Avatar
    6 Days Ago
    Thats the book by Daniel Keyes right? It touches a lot on experimentation but the treatment of those with mental and similar issues by the rest of the world..still relevant in todays world. I have a few teacher friends who have read it). Apparently its very good, but quite old...as in set back in the 60s (?) As for Harry Potter, I know it was and still is very popular. They have opened up Harry Potter World near me and its always packed with tourists and the local population come holiday time. Though I did read it, I was more a fan of the works a J.R.R Tolkien back in the day. Do you ever write yourself?
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