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  • subrob99's Avatar
    18 Hours Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    As subs walked away from eating my ass. She just thought I would take it easy on her. Boy was she wrong "zap" with a Thursday as she hit the ground flopping like a fish. I would press the button let up for a second then zap her again. By the time I was finished the bitch had pissed herself so I rubbed her nose in it. Her body pretty like I drug her outside and securrd her to a bench in the garden ass up. Tearing off a switch from a rose bush. Proceeded to whip her ass until both cheaks we're bright red. Before leaving to the hotel. I made a whistle sound letting the groundskeepers know she is fair game. Laughing on the way back as they lined up to take their turn.
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  • submissive206509's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    I am a 20 year old male and am new to the scene. I was wondering what the best idea for finding a dominant woman is. I would like a more steady relationship and am into the submissive/FLR lifestyle.
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    To say I was getting tired of being sissy's cum bucket was an under statement to say the least .I finished as directed by Mike who held the remote ,the one that sent horribly painful jolts to my cunt and nipples ,I had made the bad decision to defy him a couple of days earlier ,the flash of electricity knocked me to my knees ,begging for him to stop . He tossed the device to sissy ,I have to go out ,use this as much as you need to ,the fucking cunt needs to be taught not to fuck with me .AS he walked by he kicked my legs apart ,driving the toe of his boot into my crotch I rolled onto my side screaming in agony ,he pushed me onto my back ,dug the heel of his western boot back into my pussy ,grinding it ,fucking useless whore I'm gonna sell you to the snuff movie producers . Left alone with sissy he grinned holding the remote ,well bitch how do you like this situation ,he made like eh was going to push the button ,it this or crawl over to me slut ,my asshole needs to be cleaned ,it seems there is a shortage of toilet paper but your tongue will do nicely ,oh and every time I shit or piss I want you there to lick me clean ,understand cunt? Now holding the remote high ,please sissy don't I'll do what you want . You can start by calling me Master ,lets hear it ,at least when Mike aint around ,now beg whore . Please Master I'll be good ,just don't shock me again ,I'l do anything you want ,I began to crawl to him as he moved so his dirty asshole was visible .I seethed inwardly as I cleaned the shit. Swallow it bitch ,he chortled as did as he ordered . I had made up my mind it was time to call in a favor ,as soon as I was able i would call Henry the Hook ,a distant relative who had warned me about Mike ,at the same time telling me that if I ever needed him he would answer the call ,He had another nick name ,not used by the members of his gang ,for fear it would piss him off . Simply called The butcher ,I ha no ideea how many people he had presonaly killed but it must have been well over 40 ,his gang specialized in for hire killing used extensively by the mob
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  • ExoticMuse's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    I've studied the Lifestyle for over a year and I'm ready to serve an experienced Dom 45+. I'm open to ol with periodic irl encounters. Serious only need to respond.
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  • Valshar's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    Valshar posted a visitor message on sunshine's profile
    Hello my Sunshine. I have returned from Spain and Portugal with my daughter and girl friend. It was a good trip....I enjoyed having time to get closer to my daughter. I missed having time with my gf, but price you pay when there are six people traveling together.....my gf's mother, cousin, and nephew came too. Saw many amazing historical places, art work, churches, things of beauty. I thought of you, as I do from time to time. I wanted you...I lusted for you. I chase the memory of what we could have done together. Perhaps the fantasy will always haunt me.
  • Goddesslilse's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    i'm mistress Lilse Von Hitte, my personality and style are a melange of cosmopolitan sophistication and glacial rigour, all spiced with a strong savor of creative sadism. I praise power transfers as sensuality and as an evolution path. i am an emphatic, sometimes sarcastic, rational and fair, intelligent and creative woman identifiable as a dominant sadist.I naturally inspire a sense of submission and worship by my aristocratic and exquisitely domineering presence and that led me to a wide range of vibrant and fulfilling experiences. I explore fears and fantasies and i take satisfaction in composing individual sadistic scenes. My imagination is indefatigable and even if i enjoy playing with symbols and rules on occasions, i don't believe in the power of steretype clothes, costumes, gestures or adressing etiquette, for i think that true domination is self evident in any circumstance. Do I have a softer side? I defy you to find it. if you are truly ready to serve me and submit yourself to me as your personal goddess. reply me immediately in my private inbox on lilsevonnhitte@gmail.com
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