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  • Solis's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    Solis posted a visitor message on ready's profile
    A solstice like no other impends. My son enters a new chapter in his life (college student) and so, by extension, will I. Quantum physicists tell us the flow of time is an illusion and the future touches the past, yet this particular stream seems to be flowing ineluctably in a single direction. I hope the river of your life has been dappled and drowsy, though perhaps not quite yet ready for sleep.
  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    looking for info on pet play for my sub and i both are interested and want to learn more any articles or stories are elcome thank you in sadvance for your help MM
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  • Valshar's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    Valshar posted a visitor message on sunshine's profile
    I have returned from Alaska....I have stood on a glacier and drank its cold waters from snow fall that could be a thousand years old. I have felt the winds of 20 ft seas blasting against my body on an open deck of a ship. I have walked in the damp, green woods of the forest....and I have always listened for the sound of your voice in the winds. Yet, I never heard from you. I spent time with my family and I had an opportunity to connect with my daughter. I had a lust filled night of sleeplessness and I wondered what it would have been like to lay with you. I dreamed of what it would be like to fulfill our secret desires together. I wanted you....yet my arms could never reach out to wrap them around you to feel your warmth. Despite all of it, I had a great trip. I have not forgotten you. My life is good....I have love in my life. Yet, I will never forget you.
  • Jimbo77777's Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    Hello goddess Nyx I'm looking into exploring and following you learning new experiences.
  • Jimbo77777's Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    Hi how it going in your Journey?
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  • Radiance's Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    Radiance posted a visitor message on ed_submits's profile
    how have you been ?
  • subrob99's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    I was in my cell when master came down with subs in tow on all fours attached to a leash. Master tells me it is my lucky day that subs will be all mine tonight after master gets some pleasure from her first. Before he leaves he says I don't like how you neglected Brutis while I was away. Master opens my cell and lets Brutis in and locks the cell door. Master laughs when he gets to the steps also I checked the video and you were in my office without permission. I don't think you have been properly punished for that. Chuckling on the way up Brutis was nudging my leg. Just like old times I stripped down to nothing but my red heels. On my knees with my ass sticking out.. Brutis was eager he mounted my ass and didn't take long feel him swell inside before shooting his load in my ass. By the time master came back Brutis was ready for another round. I was getting my ass fucked when master kicked subs into the cell with me. I grabbed her leash to force her to watch and when Brutis was done she had to clean both loads of cum out of my ass. I got a big grin as she gagged the whole time. I was pretty horny myself by the time she was done I layed subs accross the bed. I teased both her cunt and ass before slamming my cock in her pussy as hard and far as possible which wasnt far with my small cock. To give her ass some attention I inserted a finger or two until I had my hole first in her ass. Her screams and moans had me on the verge of cumming when my cousin Larue stopped by. She threw me a strapon that was more like a penis extender. She yells fuck her with that she wont feel a thing with your tiny cock. I put the 9 inch penis extender on and began pounding both her ass and pussy until I was ready to cum and pulled out cumming on her ass. I scooped up the cum and rubbed it on her face. Subs had a sigh of relief thinking I was done. I tied her to the bed with the leash. Larue also brought me a flogger and I gave ten swats to both of her ass cheaks before flipping her around and landed the flogger on her nipples several times that I lost count. She seemed to be wearing out I rubbed the flogger between her legs teasing her surprisingly wet pussy. I gave it a couple good wacks until I got tired and slid on the bed next to her..Waking up every now and then forcing subs to give me a BJ until master came to get her in the morning.
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  • Rojorear's Avatar
    6 Days Ago
    Hello m'Ladies, I am a submale that hasn't been spanked,etc for over 12 yrs. I'm a SWM, 58, living in Guadalajara area, Mexico. 85 yr round. Seeks ltr with Femdom 40 to 55 that still loves and can have orgasms. I'm not a whip chains and dungeon guy. I am into more domestic Discipline. Like paddles, strap, hairbrush, etc.
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  • Rojorear's Avatar
    6 Days Ago
    Retired SWM 58 masochist submissive new to MEX Guadalajara area. Have gone workout Femdom for 12 YEARS and I really would appreciate any English speaking Femdom's help. In Chapala South of Guadalajara. Strike zones only knees to waist. Want to find the most painful anti erection bondage possible. Want to try nettles,hot sauce,cattle prod,CBT. Want spiked chastity and edging.Want to try piss drinking and rimming. Also F/m anal rape, buttplugging. Hetro only. Hope to find right,strict Femdom wanting slave husband. I'd love to serve your Femdom friends. At a Lady's function. Miss humiliation. None for 12 yrs. Have no car yet so Guadalajara to Chapala area only option. I want to drink a woman's piss before I die. Could I please or entertain or amuse you please? Women rule! All men need to obey all Women and all Women need to punish all men. In my humble opinion. Respectfully yours, John Z safetymail59@gmail..com
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