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  • Trannyslaveanna's Avatar
    6 Hours Ago
    Hi I'm Anna, I'm a 27 year old submissive masochist trans girl slave and I'm making my first post here to see what the community is like and whether or not I will have any more luck here than I did on fetlife. I am very eager and willing to please with few hard limits, I admit I do not quite have the smoking hot body you are probably used to seeing on shemale and trans porn stars (yet!) But I am working on it with a very strict diet and exercise program, as well as, ya know, all the hormones lol. My problem is every dominant I have ever encountered were all way too worried about pushing me too far. I understand that safe sane and consensual is the standard but what I really really crave is someone who will make me feel I truly am suffering for their amusement and that they're genuinely turned on and happy I am in pain or being degraded. I need a real sadist, like I said in the title. If this sounds like you please DM and we will go from there if you are into it, thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from some of you!! <3 <3 <3
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  • MrTwenty12's Avatar
    21 Hours Ago
    MrTwenty12 posted a visitor message on Tjjessie1's profile
    Hello Mistress, please PM me I would love to serve!
  • ryangrayaftermath's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    Be mine I'll be your daddy baby from Australia sunshine coast noosa from Ryan gray at ryan GrayAftermath@gmail.com
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  • ryangrayaftermath's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    Inbox me with what you want on ryangrayaftermath at gmail.com
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  • Echoes's Avatar
    5 Days Ago
    Echoes commented on blog entry Adieu in Echoes
    Hi beautiful
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  • rosebud's Avatar
    6 Days Ago
    Hiya Lou, it's been a while. Hope all is well with you! Where is everyone? xx rosie
  • subrob99's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    Being led out to the banquet hall. Wearing nothing but the white stockings and white silk robe. Some of the guests were ooing and awing as I was led to a table that looked like it came out of a doctors office. That is when I started to get nervous not knowing what to expect. The ooos were turned to snickers and laughter when master ordered me to strip and the robe hit the floor revealing my already hard but very small pencil cock. Climbing on the table subs strapped me down my legs bent back and spread wide giving complete access to my cock and ass. Starting to feel somewhat relieved thinking was going to be used by the guests sexually. Until master and subs pull out two hot irons that had there initials on it. I beg them with tears on my face. Please no. But they ignored my pleases and the guests gasped as master pressed the iron into my balls. I began screaming at the top of my lungs as it burned my flesh you could smell it. The pain so intense was about to pass out when master pulled away but subs did the same with the iron in her hand. When they stopped was a mess crying and screaming until the doctor wheeled me back and gave me some intense pain killers. A bit loopy the doc brought me back and brutus was about to give the guests another show. But one of the guests offered master 50 grand if he could fuck my ass. My balls ached as they bounced from the pounding. when he finally finished subs put me back in my cell with cum leaking out of my ass I told her before i fell asleep on the cold floor. Maybe next time can just relieve me of my worthless cock. The next day didnt wake up until late in the afternoon. I got dressed putting on a maids uniform. On the way to work in the hotel. Subs stopped me and ordered me to strip. Telling me from now on my the brands on my balls are to be on display at all times. She said I can where a top if I wanted but never to cover them up. The branding must have really cooked my balls because normally would instantly get hard in front subs but my cock stayed shriveled up. Didnt even twitch any. As she walked away I saw standing with master someone that looked familiar that was too excited to see subs. And subs had the look like she was staring at the devil.
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