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  2. I'm literate! Come play with me!
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  21. Married M looking for Married F (soCal)
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  23. looking for a fullfilling partner
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  25. UK Only
  26. Looking for female online sub
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  28. Greetings from Red Rider
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  31. Casual f sub in Missouri area
  32. Looking for my kinky female counterpart ;)
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  37. Queensland Rope Slut Wanted for R/T Rope Fun
  38. Domme seeking OL/RL male or female sub/slave in So Cal
  39. Experienced Master looking for online female sub/slave
  40. Experienced Master
  41. Looking for some casual online play
  42. Seeking sub
  43. Greetings to all genuine kinky,submissive females
  44. Dom/mes- RL training sessions for your So Cal subs!
  45. ISO SoCal Slut
  46. Dom seek online sub , or switch
  47. Looking for a female online sub
  48. dom seeking sub f for online rp
  49. Looking for a mature BBW sub.
  50. Domme looking for young f sub.
  51. seeking 24/7 slavegirl move to far away New Zealand become the slave you want to be
  52. Dom seeking sub for online fun, nothing more
  53. 20/m Dom looking for sub female in NEw York
  54. Male sub in NYC
  55. sub fem for cyber/cam training
  56. Looking for interested subbie/female slave - Toronto/Kitchener Area
  57. Lets try this...looking for a sub.
  58. seeking Female to help Dom mine on line
  59. sub wanted
  60. want to contact mature fem-sub
  61. Seattle area Sub Female desired
  62. Dominant Couple seeks Female or Shemale Slave 24/7
  63. Dom Couple looking for a bi female slave
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  65. master for slave girl
  66. Looking for Female Sub~
  67. Master searching online submissive fem
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  69. Female submissive/slave required
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  71. Extremely Dom Male 47 seeking sub UK Lincs
  72. Old Master can train female subs o/l
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  74. restrained to Train
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  76. male looking for hard core bondage sessions
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  78. Are you capable of being the One?
  79. ISO power exchange female
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  86. run away to new Zealand become the best slavegirl you can be
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  88. Sex sex sex slave
  89. Still looking
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  91. Searching for my own little pet
  92. Punishments and help for female
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  95. Online Roleplay
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  99. Searching for that one...
  100. Texas Master seeking female
  101. Wanted
  102. Gold Coast / Brisbane Slave
  103. Looking for a subie/slave for 24/7 realitionship
  104. Looking for a subie/slave for 24/7 realitionship
  105. Looking for sub woman in Northern California
  106. 27yo/M Master looking for f/sub
  107. looking for Female dog
  108. Experienced Master still searching for online female sub/slave
  109. taking my chances.. WNY/NWPA
  110. Master looking for slave seeking guidance and controll
  111. Seeking An Online Female Slave/Sub
  112. Online master looking for an online female slave/sub
  113. 31 Dom seek online alpha sub fem
  114. Lesbian Mistress seeks long term loyal subs
  115. come take a look.
  116. RL DOM-Master/Sir MUST be earned
  117. Female Dom seeking subs
  118. Exp Master seeking LIVE IN younger F slave
  119. Dom looking fem sub for training
  120. Master looking for online sub
  121. Intelligent, playful sub sought
  122. Soft/But In Control
  123. Male Dom looking for female sub.
  124. Looking for online Sub
  125. GoddessOfWomen seeking GoddessInTraining
  126. Domme looking for female subs
  127. seeking Female
  128. Young male dom looking for a f sub/slave
  129. Master seeking . . .
  130. Looking For A Pet - ladies only
  131. Dominate male looking
  132. Dominant male (24) looking for submissive female online
  133. Online Roleplaying
  134. Male dom seeks female sub
  135. I have a talented penis.
  136. Dom looking for slaves...
  137. Washington Dom seeking a fem sub
  138. looking for sub
  139. Asian Master seeking service slave in NYC
  140. Master seeking LIVE in Female SLV
  141. Master seeking submissive male or female.
  142. Male dom, seeks a friend...maybe more.
  143. Male Dom seeks female sub
  144. Dom looking for online slut
  145. Open to Expanding Our Family
  146. Dominant male seeks online female submissive
  147. Fem Domme seeks fem sub to be my pet
  148. Domme seeking online male sub
  149. Seeking for online female slaves (full info inside)
  150. New to this site
  151. Young couple looking for online subbie!
  152. CT dom seeks sub
  153. Seeking a female slave
  154. Two Dom/switches seek partners for adventure
  155. pen pal for my pet
  156. In search of...
  157. sm is just a part...
  158. Poly Mommy and Daddy looking for slave girl
  159. Interviews
  160. Online Sub, role play
  161. o/l Master seeking
  162. 37/male/master seeks any age/any sex/slave in any location (serious replies only)
  163. Seeking a female sub to totally control online.
  164. Looking for online female slave/sub
  165. New e looking a female partner
  166. Searchung for online only
  167. Come with me, and you'll see a world of pure imagination...
  168. Looking for a female sub for online play
  169. London play.....
  170. Male Dom Looking For Online Female Sub
  171. 24 M Looking For Southern California Submissive / Slave
  172. Online Female Required To Help
  173. Strict but caring male dominant seeks a female trainee submisive
  174. Seeking female sub for online only
  175. Female Slut seeking her own Pet
  176. Master loking for female Sub
  177. UK East Anglia Dom seeking playpartners
  178. I Want To Abuse You
  179. Male dominant seeks submissive female
  180. Are you the Slut?
  181. Master for Female Online Slave
  182. Dom looking for a slave...
  183. Playmate wanted
  184. Looking to find that special little sub
  185. Expearanced Male Dom looking
  186. Connecticut slave seeks playmate
  187. Dominant Couple Seeks Female
  188. Searching..
  189. I am looking
  190. Hi my name is Jason
  191. master needs slave in or nearr delaware
  192. Looking for online female sub
  193. Looking for Cyber Pain-Slut
  194. Unique Dom looking for sub
  195. Experience Master
  196. Caribbean Dom seeking sub/slave. Online only for now
  197. Looking for Realtime/online married subs/couples
  198. I Want a Thing
  199. Exp Master seeking LIVE IN younger F slave
  200. Sexy TX Male Dom couple seeking 2nd sub
  201. Dominant Male Seeks Online Female Submissive
  202. Southern Cal Dom looking for Female sub
  203. Master
  204. Sub looking for New Mistress
  205. Male Dom Looking For Online Female Sub
  206. You Will Be Controlled and Humiliated
  207. Looking for Submissive Couple
  208. New Dom seeking female sub
  209. Dominant Married Male Seeking Married Female
  210. seek online fem slave to control
  211. Mature desired
  212. Help
  213. Your Domina is here.
  214. Looking for a good Dom for a friend
  215. looking for a female sub
  216. There must be at least one....
  217. seeking a female uk sub
  218. Are you ready to do as told?
  219. Wanted Online Female
  220. looking for a part time slave in chicago area
  221. sub females Norfolk uk respond here please
  222. Male online Dom seeking online female submissive
  223. Looking for mature dominant couple
  224. Looking for online female slave to use
  225. Description
  226. lmao
  227. Dom seeking young sub
  228. new dom seeks trainee sub
  229. Looking for a new sub in the Northern Chicago area
  230. looking for my sub
  231. Well what do you think IM writing for? lol
  232. Looking For An Obedient Online Submissive
  233. searching for the right submissive
  234. Real couple for real fun!
  235. Thoughtful Dom looking for F Sub
  236. Master looking for a good slave...
  237. Seeking new subs
  238. Dom seeking Utah slave
  239. Wanted The Special Female Or Couple
  240. Looking for UK Sub into k9
  241. Wanted female sub or slave to own online
  242. Seeking online male sub...
  243. Looking for a ...
  244. Looking for a sub/slave in the UK (preferably Indian)
  245. Online pregnant/lactating sub
  246. sub/slave australia
  247. Experienced Master looking for online sub slut
  248. Master looking for a slave
  249. Looking to make friends in Charlotte, NC
  250. dom and sub looking for alpha sub