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  1. Dominants: Who am I? How did I get here?
  2. How did you get started online?
  3. How to find "The One"
  4. What books which you suggest?
  5. New sub/slave both on line and in life needs guidance
  6. needed: CREATIVE public humiliation suggestions
  7. where to start...
  8. Safety Question
  9. Definition of Pet ?
  10. Who am I?
  11. Lost On How To Get Started
  12. Strap On
  13. to pee or not to pee....that is the question
  14. submissive or masochist Dom?
  15. Electricity
  16. Instructions to make this rope gag
  17. Interested in femdom/worship/lt. humiliation
  18. Why is it written W/we ?
  19. How to "Bring it Up" and Marriage
  20. punishments.
  21. How Long To Take to Get to Know Someone Before You....
  22. just my rambling on why girls need to be spanked .
  23. Sexually Unfufilled
  24. Questions of a (complete) Newb
  25. he just isn't doing it....
  26. vanilla relationship, but i NEED more!
  27. problems with butt plug
  28. sub
  29. Some of the basic submissive rights
  30. What would you ask Jay Wiseman???
  31. Online Relationship
  32. How far is too far?
  33. BDSM exploration vs Pregnancy safety
  34. lessons for new Dominants
  35. Who/what brought out the inner sub in you
  36. help a girl out?
  37. Cages
  38. Safety-nets for 1st meetings
  39. looking for information on breast bondage
  40. what is the differences between...
  41. Who has the most power?
  42. What A Bad Combo, and What Can I DO?
  43. All by myself...
  44. newbie
  45. What do you call "it"?
  46. What to do when a Master is NOT doing?
  47. training or just playing ?
  48. bdsm DIY
  49. Need help with the subject of analingus
  50. Putting on Figure 8 ball spreader?
  51. Boot camp
  52. BDSM/vanilla
  53. feeling comfortable with yourself
  54. Chauffeuring
  55. Myths about Slaves.
  56. scat
  57. New, Need suggestions.
  58. tickle torture session in nyc--where's a good place
  59. i need some advice... from both subs and doms
  60. Breath Control /Erotic Asphyxiation
  61. Question on BDSM Toys
  62. slave and her Master
  63. Ball Stretchers
  64. Anal Play Enjoyment
  65. In the closet submissive...
  66. What would you recommend?
  67. Numb/tingling feeling during bondage
  68. Confused Newbie
  69. Reasonably New and Need Help
  70. Just got my nippples pierced!!
  71. How do I even start?
  72. The New-Sub Jitters
  73. Does Science Fiction and Kink Mix
  74. BDSM Toys
  75. Legal Question
  76. Reasons for punishment
  77. Wife with a submissive fetish/husband without a dominant streak
  78. Any realistic sites out there
  79. Need help!
  80. I need to know the "how" of being Top
  81. search fetish novels pls help
  82. How do I start?
  83. Not sure if my girlfriend is interested
  84. New Female Sub looking for information/books/instruction
  85. new here
  86. Still new and trying to make this work...
  87. Red flags for those new to the lifestyle
  88. My life changed today
  89. Wanting to become a Master
  90. cages
  91. Disapointment
  92. Surprised by my boyfriend
  93. Wanting a master
  94. Orgasm Denial
  95. Need helpful training ideas and punishment ideas for my slave.
  96. new, need help
  97. Underage on an adult website
  98. Worried I'm asking too much?
  99. Some advice needed
  100. How to be safe?
  101. Sub wanting to take relationship farther
  102. Newly Divorced and Exploring the idea of Submission
  103. BDSM clubs - submitting to (or dominating) 'strangers'
  104. please need some answers :)
  105. This seems sort of bothersome and self-serving, but I have some questions
  106. Seeking Advice
  107. Where did you start?
  108. another question (yes, I'm still here!)
  109. Leather 101-FYI
  110. Bondage Advice
  111. New here ...
  112. Kink and dating
  113. Long distance BDSM relationships
  114. Who am I?
  115. The first of my millions of "is this normal" posts.
  116. Wife is experienced sub, Husband new to Dom
  117. I'm a little confused.....
  118. BDSM Information and musings ive been collecting
  119. Finding My Inner Sub
  120. Husband isnt dom but Im a sub
  121. how to be sure if your submissive or a switch
  122. What Is BDSM? (An Essay I Wrote Long Ago)
  123. Too Young, Never Too Early?
  124. I'm a Dom with no sub and no way out
  125. new with a question
  126. Is this BDSM?
  127. Dominant, Mentor, Master
  128. New to the concept, but wanting to learn!
  129. New to this, where to start?
  130. A woman longly!
  131. girlfriend help
  132. Is there any type of bondage that doesn't involve pain at all but involves kinkiness?
  133. Husband/master finds it hard to to "mean" to me
  134. Bondage is Freedom
  135. how do i know what i am...and where 2 start?
  136. the virgin mistake
  137. New to this in a way.
  138. Odd newbie question
  139. When does sharing fantasies become topping from bottom
  140. What Do You Recommend
  141. LDR with a Master
  142. How to approach the topic with a spouse...
  143. i am very submissive however i am not sure how to tell my man suggestions?
  144. please give me advice
  145. A great read for new and old members
  146. Control Self?
  147. The Online Age: Or, a Young Online Dominant's Illustrative Primer
  148. what is a good way to meet a dom
  149. What have you done in training?
  150. Living a second life completely in your mind...
  151. Is it possible to break down those walls with her?
  152. Something I can't shake..
  153. Internet Satety 101
  154. Power Exchange
  155. Fire cupping
  156. Newbie
  157. Painless domination?
  158. BDSM - Books to Read....What do you think? Helpful or Not?
  159. Article link, New Doms
  160. The lost meaning of Safe, Sane and Consensual
  161. A Submissive's Bill of Rights
  162. approaching the subject with a new lover
  163. newbie here looking to learn
  164. new here wondering whats in store for me :)
  165. how to let go?
  166. Wants to learn more.
  167. Dazed, confused
  168. That bit of trust that wont allow complete submission?
  169. Looking for a Master to Teach Me
  170. Curious and frustrated
  171. new and confused
  172. Wife and I had our first experience last night...now where do I go?
  173. Dominate or Submissive?
  174. what to do
  175. From Vanilla to BDSM
  176. Basic etiquette
  177. new and seeking advise/information
  178. limits list
  179. BDSM vs. Abuse
  180. Online resources needed
  181. What am I ?
  182. were knew to BDSM and seek help.
  183. Internet safety for the fucktarded explained in simple terms....
  184. Electricity
  185. SUPER New to Acting on my Submissive Curiosity..and I'm a Bit of a Brat to Boot!
  186. Dom/sub Agreements? Collaring? Sub-space? My head is spinning!
  187. New and needing help/advice
  188. Where to start?
  189. Handy Apps for IRL Meetings... safety through technology
  190. proper punishment
  191. What do these mean to you?
  192. dont even know where to start
  193. f/f spanking fantasy
  194. A new submissive
  195. 10 Considerations for Aspiring Dominants

  196. new here
  197. New Dom in this world.....seeks friends and companions
  198. New to the scene but wanting to try
  199. Hi, I'm new to this lifestyle
  200. Punishment Management: A Dominant's Guide To Unruly Submissivies
  201. Not sure how to proceed
  202. I need to be transformed into a latex sissy slut
  203. Greener on the other side....
  204. I want to enter the BDSM lifestyle
  205. Hi
  206. Looking for woman for online roleplay
  207. Is the writing section dead?
  208. Early Exposure - Or Inspiration In MAINSTREAM Or 'Family-Oriented' Media.
  209. hi
  210. Questions in pertains to Master and Slave Relationships and punishment and etc...
  211. Looking for advice
  212. Blind Side 1993
  213. Help a Noob
  214. New and in need of training!
  215. Exploring my desire for humiliation
  216. New sub
  217. im new
  218. How to tie Breast constraints
  219. Hello everyone
  220. New and need some advice
  221. from top to sadist. 3 levels ?
  222. New to bdsm
  223. Bad Penis doesn't want to work anymore.
  224. Need advice and subs for online relationship
  225. Teaching
  226. Consent is Meaningless Without Agency
  227. I'm new sub in thailand
  228. New To Bdsm
  229. Orgasm Denial... Why?
  230. New Dom, looking for good punishment ideas and tips for online slaves
  231. Keep calm and worship me forever ! I am your GODDESS!! you must obey me