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  1. How to "recognize" a submissive
  2. How to pick a Dom in a crowd???
  3. how to humiliate female sub?
  4. A Request for Guidance
  5. crime for punishment
  6. How can someone "own" you?
  7. Submissive attraction
  8. Ever had a sub snap/lose control
  9. Question for Doms if permitted
  10. Questions for all the Doms and Dommes ?
  11. uk kink
  12. The things you find when you're not looking
  13. are all Doms polyamorous?
  14. Submissive troubles
  15. Advice
  16. plz help yhis slave
  17. Dom/mes in Chicago(or elsewhere)
  18. Question for Dommes- Face sitting?
  19. online subs
  20. looking for ways to spare her unneeded emotional distress
  21. Question to Doms
  22. what makes a rubbish sub?
  23. How should a sub say no to you respectuflly?
  24. Fear, stupidity or something else
  25. Domination or submissive training program
  26. Online Sub Dealing.
  27. the truth and nothing but the truth
  28. Blushing
  29. is the feeling of power more intense...
  30. All About the Looks of Your sub...
  31. Birthday Present for Master
  32. crossroad
  33. ways to make up
  34. Safe Word Issues
  35. What you wish subs knew....
  36. Rough Fucking
  37. Query
  38. bratty sub
  39. New and looking for help
  40. Mentoring??? DOMME vs. DOM
  41. Public pain?
  42. Questions about Sadism
  43. Helping a new Dom along
  44. Online Vs Real Life
  45. Training for cumming on command
  46. Negotiation Tips
  47. What A Dom Wants, What A Dom Needs--No, REALLY! :)
  48. Any advice would be appreciated
  49. Dom wife?
  50. On the ropes
  51. Being punished
  52. Why is the frienship part hard?
  53. Cuck help
  54. The need to beg and made to cry
  55. any suggestions?
  56. A question about floggers
  57. I am confused
  58. Doms and mistakes
  59. Getting "too close" (HELP PLEASE!)
  60. Online sub for 2 week session - need guidance
  61. How can I start to find an online mistress?
  62. Learning Newbie and Lurker
  63. Dominant loopholes
  64. i'm not trying to be a prude, here...
  65. Spontaneous Submissiveness
  66. Begging
  67. Does anybody else do this?
  68. whats going on?
  69. Newbie Feels Neglected
  70. how to tell
  71. are you a dom?
  72. please help me make this work
  73. New Domme + New Submissive
  74. sub that can't sum?
  75. Punishment ideas?
  76. Newbe question
  77. Newbe question
  78. Seducing a Dom/Domme?
  79. Pain ideas...
  80. confused girl cant get it right....
  81. fear
  82. Dom space
  83. Online Domination from the Female Dominant's Perspective
  84. is it hard for the dom.
  85. intelligence training...
  86. How many dominants are in it for their own pleasure, rather than to please the sub?
  87. New to the game, and lost in th grandoise
  88. Help..How do I get through this?
  89. Finding A Domme/Mistress on the www
  90. What about when it turns one-sided?
  91. what is a pansexual?
  92. Need help learning in Middletown ,ohio
  93. Dom????
  94. a question for sadists
  95. For those in a poly relationship
  96. Feedback wanted on Questions to ask a potential Dom
  97. What should a subs training be like?
  98. Collar
  99. Domming and Complexes
  100. Milking a Cock
  101. a question for all Dominas
  102. where can i find a dominant to mentor me?
  103. Scat-toiletslave-stories & real life
  104. why is it wrong for a submissive to masturbate??
  105. fear wearing a hood
  106. set of rules
  107. Suspension
  108. How does your slave adress me?
  109. New too this
  110. Do you own a sex toy and what is it?
  111. How much control of yourself is enough?
  112. pushing her limits???
  113. daily tasks for sub
  114. What is so appealing about 'bratty subs'? Is it so bad not to be one?
  115. What goes in a journal?
  116. cold ice brand
  117. How should I treat my slave?
  118. Finding a sub
  119. how long till he tires??
  120. What made you choose your sub?
  121. Question about pegging
  122. New dominant
  123. What's perfect
  124. Slipping back on the gloves of a Domimant.
  125. Sharing of a submissive
  126. I know about sub space... what is a Dom space?
  127. Give me a Task im a male Sub
  128. How would you introduce a virgin to bdsm?
  129. Did any of You discover BDSM by dating a sub?
  130. Just curious...
  131. A little "how to" advice.
  132. Need some advice from some creative minds
  133. A Natural Apprehension?
  134. CBT advice, please?
  135. Looking for sterling silver or surgical steel WORKING padlock (with key)
  136. Progression of D/s dynamic
  137. Challenging subbies
  138. Not leaving ligature marks
  139. chat room doesnt load
  140. The ethics of playing with a newbie.
  141. Tasks for online sub
  142. Do You orgasm....?
  143. Is this a "red flag"?
  144. Female Chastity questions.
  145. Need humiliation task ideas
  146. How to encourage his dominance to match my natural submission
  147. How to have sex like a submissive male
  148. Who Teaches the Sadist?
  149. becoming someones sub
  150. Watersports
  151. Recommended reading for techniques of whipping guys
  152. pet play
  153. May I ask what Your personal preference is when reading what others write?
  154. Financial Domination Newbie