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  1. 21 female in NYC seeking a Dom or a couple
  2. Eager new sub looking for online dominant to push my limits
  3. *kneels before you, awaiting Your consideration*
  4. 23/m looking for female dom to help take his mind of life a few times a month
  5. Want to serve
  6. seeking online domme for M online slave
  7. Young slave seeks Mistress to worship
  8. Submissive who loves pain and dreams of being chained up for life( men or women)
  9. young female sub looking for Domme
  10. sub seeking dom in hawaii
  11. 20 yr old Oklahoma Girl needs a firm hand
  12. [New] female sub looking for a strict but understanding Master [ol only]
  13. 20yr old slave looking for master/mistress online and rl fun im not boverd witch
  14. Sub TS/CD looking for Mistress/Master Texas
  15. sub male looking for dominant female for texting
  16. strict master wanted
  17. 19 CD sissy submissive seeking male or female dom
  18. Subbie in Florida looking for Domme in Florida
  19. 18 Sub Male looking for RT/Online Master/Mistress
  20. 18 male submissive looking for mistress/master for short time only
  21. 19 male. looking for Mistress online only
  22. ;)
  23. New sub male looking for dominant female
  24. 22 m sub, looking for dominant female..
  25. 20 Male Sub/Switch Looking for online/video chat Mistress
  26. looking for an online dom or domme
  27. 25m sub looking for online M dom
  28. Looking For A Teacher
  29. Looking for a Femdom Mentor
  30. 18 yo female sub looking for online mistress
  31. Novice 26/m sub in NC looking for a Goddess
  32. This is hopeless
  33. Looking for a Dom in Philadelphia
  34. Looking for rp dom
  35. Looking for Online Master
  36. sub with some experience looking for a Mentor
  37. Looking for Mistress in Barrie Area
  38. looking for an online dom
  39. I am ready to serve
  40. Looking for Mistress in Melbourne/Vic/Au Area
  41. New, young, and curious.
  42. 24/Male slave looking for a intelligent mistress
  43. sub boy needs a domme or dom to obey
  44. 19 yo sub looking for an online dom
  45. humiliate me with stories and piss
  46. bi-submissive male seeking a Master/Mistress
  47. 23/Female submissive seeking occasional Online Male dom
  48. 28/m/NEPA
  49. Inexperienced Sub looking for Mistress who's into feminization
  50. -crawls over to you rubbing against your legs like a kitten-
  51. heya looking for a young online sub? look at me then
  52. 25 yr old sub seeking a male Dom for mentor
  53. Young TX Slave Girl Seeking Master
  54. Sub Boy with Cam for a Mistress to serve
  55. Sub male seeking Dominant
  56. Sub male looking to explore in Colorado, Dom/Domme requested
  57. use me
  58. Canadian Doms?
  59. 19 year old male submissive seeking female dom
  60. Naughty Young Girl Needs Online Discipline
  61. Very strict online master wanted.
  62. twenty year old submissive female
  63. young male
  64. 18 female sub wanting an online Master or Mistress
  65. submissive male needs M or F to submit to
  66. F submissive looking for online M Dom.
  67. you think this is just an ad!!!
  68. 24/M looking for Mistress
  69. in person meet up
  70. 18 yr old male sub seeking strict Mistress
  71. My name is Ash, I'm an 18 year old guy and I'm looking for a female dominant.
  72. New sub needs training
  73. 21 year old female sub
  74. 18/f sub
  75. 34 male sub looking for Mistress
  76. Dom looking for adventurous, female sub
  77. 25f sub looking for Master/Mistress
  78. 20/male/sub
  79. 26/f submissive searching for that special Master
  80. Dominant Seeking submissives
  81. Brand new Sub looking for an online Dom
  82. Midnight Male Dom Search
  83. Seeking Domme
  84. lost poet searching for her One
  85. Hi Im aub92/f looking to see if theres a good Dom to spank me
  86. Sub f looking for a mistress
  87. untrained sub looking for short term mistress to train her
  88. I'm new to this and need help.
  89. experienced sub/slave seeking experienced Dom/Master/Domme/Mistress
  90. Do you like having complete control.....
  91. Birthday fuck
  92. So.
  93. experianced sub willing to help new dom
  94. 24/M earnestly looking for a Mistress
  95. my name is michelle
  96. female sub in need of a male dom
  97. young male submissive looking for a domme
  98. Come play with me...
  99. 24 y.o. male sub, seeking Domina.
  100. 38 yr old Male looking for Mistress
  101. 20 yr old male in need of a master/mistress
  102. 25 year old f sub looking for multifacited relationship.
  103. lesbian sub looking for female Domme
  104. Female submissive looking for a male Dom/Master.
  105. male seeking online Dominance
  106. 18 year-old MtF seeks Master/Mistress for long-term
  107. Male seeking either
  108. 19 yearold female sub seeking domme
  109. human toilate
  110. new sub seeking online Dom
  111. Immagination required!
  112. Age 24 Male Sub, Greece, Looking for Female Dominant
  113. 23 female sub looking for first real Master (pt)
  114. 39yo male bi, looking for a dom or domme (in the UK)
  115. age 19 looking for first real dom
  116. 19 female sub looking for online master or mistress.
  117. 27 bi-curious female sub slave looking for real owner
  118. Dom looking to see what it's like as a sub
  119. sub/pet looking for a Master with a firm hand
  120. 27 female sub seeking online Dominant
  121. f sub looking for intelligent, firm, nurturing Dom
  122. 18 yr bad girl seeking male master to teach her a lesson
  123. sub boy from greece need misstres to dominate him.i will be your doggy
  124. Young Slave Girl seeking mistress.
  125. 19 And looking for a dom/domme
  126. Female sub seeking Mistress
  127. 29 gay male sub
  128. submissive female seeking online dom
  129. Fat male slave seeking online Master or Mistress
  130. bedroom sub seeking for domme or task giver
  131. Switch Looking For a Female Domme.
  132. Submissive male (26) London, seeks dominant woman
  133. 20 yo Sub girl looking for mistress /master
  134. 34 y/o lokking for a Dom/me in South Africa
  135. 22 year old female sub looking for someone to talk to...
  136. Sub seekingg master.
  137. 21 year old male sub looking for a Mistress/Couple...
  138. 36 male sub looking for Mistress
  139. 18 year old sub seeking butch for online relationship
  140. seeking a mistress or domme or other! yes i can be your sub your plaything for use &
  141. 19 Year old female sub looking for mistress or domm
  142. 23 year old male looking for some online fun
  143. 18 year old male sub looking for Mistress or Master
  144. 22m 6'3 220lbs sub looking for mistress for online
  145. 21 female looking for something
  146. male slave seeks Master/Mistress for online domination and play
  147. sub looking for a female sub
  148. 20yo transmale slave seeking online Master.
  149. Male sub looking for online dom
  150. 20f sub looking for a Mistress
  151. new sub 22f
  152. New sub, 29m
  153. New Goth Sub
  154. 26 m sub seeking mistress
  155. Sub TG ISO of RL Domme or Dom Couple
  156. 19m Sub seeking Mistress
  157. 19m sub seeking mistress
  158. 22 male from US seeking Mistress for long term cam slave position
  159. sub seeking first
  160. 21m sub looking for dom
  161. 27 female sub seeking online Dominant
  162. Sacramento m/sub seeks ltr w/dominant bbw
  163. 33f wants to be 24/7 sub
  164. 22f sub seeking mistress for online/ rl potential
  165. 25 submissive female seeking online male or female dominant
  166. 26F Tentative Sub Looking for First Dom(me) (Online)
  167. Submissive looking for online mistress
  168. 34 yr old Sub looking for a Dom in Cardiff area
  169. Mature Domme needed?
  170. m Sub looking for Mistress
  171. Female Sub seeks Male Dom
  172. 20 year old female sub seeking dom or domme
  173. Young m sub looking for first mistress
  174. 18 year old male sub seeking younger female dominate. (online)
  175. soft skinned slave seeks dark master or mistress
  176. sub white male seeking mistress
  177. 20 year old male wanting to submit and turned into anal slave
  178. 18yr old male sub looking for online master
  179. Degradation whore
  180. I've discovered I'm a sub, can you show me what that means?
  181. webcam slut
  182. Looking for male dom!!
  183. Sometimes just say Fudge it.
  184. Urgent! Sub seeking strict mistress
  185. Brand new and needing help
  186. Girl seeking online Mistress
  187. dom looking for an online fem sub and maybe eventual meet.
  188. sub seeking Dom
  189. 36yr oriental slave girl lookin for strict master uk
  190. New 20 year female
  191. 19 Year Old male sub seeking online mistress
  192. sub
  193. Sub for younger Dom
  194. 22year old female, seeking for a strong online dom
  195. In Search
  196. 19 female looking for an online dom
  197. online submission
  198. looking
  199. Seeking The Right One For doahs its alot but I am determined become what I know I am
  200. Gay Male Seeking Serious Cock and Ball Torture by Men
  201. Hi! I'm new at this... How do I find an online master?
  202. 18 year old sub looking for online Dom
  203. Female First Time Sub Looking for Online Mistress :)
  204. sub couple seeking experienced Dominant couple, MF, Mf, FF, Ff, or Dominant woman
  205. Im a different kind of sub.... looking for a different kind of dom
  206. 18 year old slave seeking online Master
  207. 25 year old female sub seeking Dom
  208. (26 f) Looking for a special Lady to claim me
  209. 25 y.o. athletic-slim houseboy looking for disciplinarian or couple (M/M, M/F)
  210. Hello dom/masters outside there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. 18 y/o sub
  212. obedient (m) slave in desperate need of a mistress, online or for real,
  213. Beginner Submissive Lesbian Seeking Online Mistress :)
  214. 20yr old male sub looking for mistress
  215. New female sub
  216. Sub looking for Forced Intoxication
  217. 20 years chinese boy seeking for online master for a good spanking
  218. New female submissive looking for a Master :)
  219. 29 year old sub looking for Mistress
  220. 20 year old sub looking to please
  221. Sub Seeking Dominant
  222. Kinky sissy male sub looking for a mistress!
  223. Gay Male Seeking Serious Cock and Ball Torture by Men Rape Me!
  224. young sub looking for online Dom/Domme
  225. 26 year old Sub looking for Mistress
  226. 20 year old sub looking for mostly online dom
  227. Need a Dom that's up for a challenge.
  228. I need a Sir of my own , but a Master to own me.
  229. 26 m sub seeking mistress, I suppose
  230. New young sub searching for Daddy/Master/Mistress.
  231. 18/m/sub looking for a mistress
  232. Young sub seeking strong Dom
  233. Sub looking for Mistress
  234. 19y old male slave looking for virtual Mistress (or Master)
  235. My screen name says pretty much everything, except "digital"
  236. 22 year old submissive seeking online Dominant
  237. Sub looking for one time meeting
  238. 20 YO male sub seeks male Master
  239. lonely...and longing for something to fill a void...,
  240. 25 YO Submissive seeking online mistress
  241. sub lloking for dom
  242. Male submissive seeks online Mistress
  243. 20 Year Old Female Looking to Explore
  244. 36 Fem sub looking for Dom/Domme
  245. inexperienced female sub looking for dom
  246. submissive couple coming to Portland on weekend of the 18th iso Domme or Dom couple
  247. girl looking for an online mistress
  248. looking for a mistress in buffalo
  249. Sub from Germany
  250. sub male seeks online mistress