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  1. Female sub looking for a dom
  2. great toy, bad slave
  3. male sub seeks online Mistress - loyal and obedient
  4. looking for a casual domme
  5. Body modification
  6. Big Black Meanie Master
  7. 19 f uk searching for online dom
  8. Genuine Submissive in Toronto
  9. 18 f sub looking for online dom
  10. seeking online master or mistress
  11. looking for a mistress
  12. seeking online mistress
  13. bondage slave
  14. cute male sub seeks online training by Domme
  15. bi toy in iowa
  16. northwest PA girl wanting r/l dom/ domme
  17. Give it a whirl? Female sub looking for dom(me)
  18. 62 M sub
  19. 19 m seeking mistress
  20. 19f sub searching for online dom(me)
  21. Female Hypnotised Slave Seeking Online Controller
  22. Looking for Master and/or Mistress
  23. young SoCal f sub seeking online mistress or master!
  24. 18 year old seeks domme? the girl one
  25. Newbie 40f UK seeks online Dom
  26. Female sub looking for Dom to train me
  27. 20M sub looking for stripping humilation roleplay NYC
  28. sissy needs to be trained
  29. Submissive (19/F/UK) looking for online dom
  30. 19/f wants rough master
  31. Any Irish Doms out there??
  32. 18/f/romania looking for online master
  33. A lesbian sub looking for a MISTRESS
  34. Older sub looking for Mistress or Master for online relationship
  35. Help me please
  36. newbie looking for intro
  37. Sissy boi looking for Mistress
  38. slave needs real sadist
  39. cute male sub with photos in my album seeks training from a Mistress
  40. 24f n00b looking for male Dom
  41. 23 female seeking online training
  42. to all Masters
  43. 20 f looking for lesbian domme mistress
  44. i am a new submissive male looking for a female dom
  45. 25/M/Hull looking to be dominated
  46. novice male sub in need of training
  47. looking for a domme
  48. 18f noob sub looking for r/l or o/l dom
  49. Honey-Dip coco gurl luvs ropes.
  50. i am a young male sub looking for a female domme
  51. I am seeking a Dom to give pleasure to.
  52. online or local dom needed 4 young (25) female sub
  53. slave looking for sexaual or bondage encounter
  54. 19 Year Old Male Seeking Dominant Female
  55. 18m newb seeks o/l Dom(me)
  56. slave seeks domme
  57. 25 y/o male seeks mistress in jax fl
  58. Young girl looking for an older man to be used by.
  59. Male sub seeking female mistress
  60. 24yo Sub male NORTH ENGLAND seeks Domme
  61. Seeking Domme
  62. 30 m seek online Domme
  63. missing being owned
  64. Very new at this
  65. 40 year old submissive male
  66. cool guy looking for online sub.
  67. Information RE Hanging and Flogging
  68. female sub looking for master
  69. Seeking slave (s)
  70. New Female Sub...
  71. 22 year old looking around
  72. submissive new girl looking for experienced dom
  73. 22 year old male
  74. How might I serve?
  75. looking for roleplay partner
  76. 20 Chinese male sub looking for my queen
  77. Male sub looking for cock
  78. Male sub looking for a mistress.
  79. Philly boitoy
  80. very new sub looking for online master
  81. new sub looking for experienced dom
  82. kinky female sub looking for on-line Dom
  83. Boy continues the search
  84. looking for a new Master
  85. Looking for R/T Domme Tri State area
  86. male looking for online femdom
  87. 21/f testing the waters...
  88. babygirl seeks strict online Daddy Dom
  89. *waves*
  90. Little kitty needs an owner.
  91. submissive female in search of something EXTREME
  92. submissive female, 30, is looking ...
  93. searching for my Master
  94. trained and experienced in real time girl seeking genuine experienced Dom/me
  95. Submissive and curious in Florida
  96. 19 male submissive looking for domme in Wisconsin
  97. Submissive here looking for Dominant Woman
  98. Dominant men wanted!
  99. New to all of this..
  100. female(20) looking for caring O/L Mistress/Domme
  101. sub male seek mistress
  102. slave rental
  103. cruel, imaginative, and without mercy?
  104. sub female looking for EXTREME roleplay...male or female
  105. 26yo balinese male looking for mistress
  106. looking for online mistress
  107. first time male sub looking for a Mistress in UK
  108. two males seeking online Domme or switch female
  109. 22 male looking for Mistress
  110. submissive slaveboy for o/l Mistress or Master (possible future r/l)
  111. Take me in hand...
  112. Searching.....
  113. sub male seeks Dom female
  114. sub girl seeks new mistress
  115. sub girl seeks online Master/Mistress
  116. Submissive seeking a playdate.
  117. sub for dom
  118. Lesbian sub seeks Lesbian Mistress
  119. 29/f looking for an o/l Dom
  120. Male submissive seeking dominant online.
  121. Looking for Owner
  122. Male slave in AZ seeking Female Dom local or online
  123. Male seeking control
  124. hi
  125. sub seeking for dom or master(rosesubslave@yahoo.com)
  126. 21/female sub looking for a master
  127. looking ofr pain and humiliation
  128. sub searching for her master
  129. sub for dom
  130. Male submissive seeking mistress
  131. Male submissive seeking domme
  132. Take control of me
  133. Sub lookin for a dom partner
  134. Sub male in Australia looking for misstress
  135. Fresh Young Slave
  136. 23 male slave from india. looking for indian mistress
  137. 33/M paintoy looking for a female sadist
  138. young, inxperienced female submissive/slave seeks strict online Dom/me
  139. Asian F Sub seeks Master for Online RP
  140. mature bi sub male looking for Mistress/Master
  141. SHHH Married sub-wanna be
  142. Young, Sub - Bi Girl
  143. young sub male seeking online domme
  144. Male seeks online Female Mistress to completely serve
  145. Seeking a O/l M/F Dom
  146. i wih i could disappear into slavery
  147. Seeking the right online Master
  148. Open to Expanding Our Family
  149. Submissive Male seeks a dominant Mistress to CompletelyServe
  150. Submissive male seeks online master/mistress
  151. Sub looking for RP only
  152. Young Female Sub Seeking Online Mistress
  153. Young sub looking for online master
  154. Seeking Online Owner
  155. New young sub looking to start slow
  156. Domme looking for a Female to train him.
  157. sub needing a mistress
  158. male submissive looking for masturbation control Domme
  159. Male slave seeking online training
  160. Torture-loving slave seeking her first master...
  161. Male Slave looking for his mistress!
  162. Young submissive looking for online master (online only)
  163. Hey!!
  164. 22 m searchin for o/l Dom/Domme
  165. wanting
  166. 21f sub looking for Online Dom
  167. Male submissive looking for strict online mistress
  168. aussie couple seeks female sub to join in our fun
  169. Submissive Male Looking for Cruel Online Domme
  170. Looking for some fun
  171. dhaka girl looking for mistress
  172. Looking for that dominate... Male or Female
  173. looking for dom female
  174. 20 m slave w/cam seeks ONLINE MISTESS
  175. Single Female sub looking for Single Male Dom
  176. loyal sub seeks dom
  177. female sub wishing to please in all ways
  178. Newbie sub looking for experience older dom to teach me
  179. sub boi looking for online master
  180. curious sub
  181. female sub seeking online female dom
  182. sucha newbb looking for domm
  183. Calling All Manhattan Men
  184. sub male living in norwich in the UK looking for a mistress
  185. Submissive looking for her Dom!
  186. human toilet slave
  187. Slave casting (on webcam)
  188. newbie
  189. Inexperienced male grad student seeking...
  190. Casual online
  191. slave is wanting
  192. please make ur slave
  193. sub m to serve
  194. 21 M seeks mistress.. I'm a newbiee
  195. Male sub looking for Owner
  196. 24,new,looking for a dominant to take me in
  197. dominate me
  198. Looking for local female for cigarette torture
  199. Push my limits
  200. young slave seeking an online master
  201. unexpirenced young sub looking for online dom
  202. 20 yr old, male, college student, looking for online mistress
  203. young from PA
  204. looking for my Dom
  205. Male sub looking for Mistress
  206. Female sub looking for Master or Mistress
  207. Puppy in need for some training
  208. male sub seeking online Domme
  209. Illinois Cpl looking for wonderful sub/slave
  210. Need an online mistress
  211. looking to please someone
  212. 32f Seeking Strict Weight Loss Coach
  213. Teach me the ropes! (Literally?)
  214. would you like to use my ass for your sick pleasure?
  215. looking for an online mistress
  216. Male Sub looking for mistress
  217. Male sub seeking mistress
  218. 21yr old sorority girl seeking dom
  219. Male slave seeking online training
  220. Female submissive, looking for a Dom
  221. Mistress needed for cam boy
  222. Male Slave Looking for online Dom
  223. New male sub. Erotic cam tonight.
  224. bicouple seeking bisubs
  225. M sub/human toilet looking for a dominatrix
  226. detailed male slave looking for online dom
  227. looking for a teacher
  228. New slut slave
  229. submissive 25/m seeks female dom
  230. 21yr seeking dom
  231. 20/m new sub seeking mistress
  232. submissive seeking online play
  233. any dommes in the bay area?
  234. hi all domme and masters
  235. new to this
  236. seeking...
  237. male slave seeking mistress
  238. im a 18 yr old female slave seeking a mistress
  239. Seeking Dom/me
  240. Control my air and me..
  241. new slave in need of firm training
  242. female sub 28 seeking online Domme
  243. submissive seeking Dominant in Minnesota
  244. seeking online Domme
  245. Female Sub Slave Seeking Female Dom Mistress
  246. Do you want a slave ?
  247. young sub looking for master to train and use me
  248. in need of a strict dom
  249. new girl looking for her first Master
  250. Looking for a strict Dom