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  1. Switchs please introduce yourselves here
  2. The Same Partner Or Different?
  3. What are your switch preferences?
  4. In the mood...
  5. Dom married to a switch
  6. Natural switch or something learnt?
  7. Are switches confused or is everybody else?
  8. Switching subs?
  9. A switch, sub, or a dom? or something else all together?
  10. I am having some trouble
  11. Craven's Shopping
  12. More from craven "Domming from the bottom or topping from below"
  13. help? i dunno wht to do
  14. philosophy 101
  15. Why do many BDSM people look down on switches?
  16. uk kink
  17. AlphaDom has just been offered submission by a switch,
  18. *sighs* more from craven
  19. Confused..
  20. bdsm and kink
  21. Happy Valentines Day
  22. On The Subject Of Training
  23. Ideas
  24. Reverse Collaring
  25. Preferance for bi-sexuals?
  26. Training your Top?
  27. punishment ideas...
  28. Gender vs Role.
  29. My week to Domme. Any fun ideas?
  30. When You Look At Me
  31. helpp me plz!!!
  32. Etiqueete in chat for switches?
  33. Coming to terms.
  34. switching as a preference
  35. finding your ballance
  36. A submissive in need of help
  37. How to decide who's dominant
  38. Wanting Advice
  39. Neew PICS