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  1. Extreme RP
  2. Slothlands Academy
  3. Corrina's New Life
  4. want to be kidnapped and had fun with
  5. Caged
  6. The School
  7. Appreciation of Role Plays
  8. The Risk She Took (Open)
  9. A New Law (Open)
  10. The Academy (Open)
  11. Partying is such sweet sorrow.
  12. Surprise Reversal
  13. Country Danger
  14. Auctioned angel
  15. Rape Play by BrookLynn&Lonely_Puppet
  16. Aftermath.... (PainSister & DarkSister)
  17. Interrogation. Rhabbi, violet, and louise.
  18. Violet Vixen goddess's comeuppance
  19. For Beatrice: Sporting Chance
  20. The pillory
  21. Slothlands needs YOU!
  22. Revenge on the Boss
  23. Midnight in Venice...
  24. xsm6x's "The Network"
  25. a not so nice ride
  26. The Folly of Walking Alone at Night
  27. MasterMike's Dungeon
  28. Lost and Hidden Places
  29. The ultimate revenge (for SAE and Laura-Ann)
  30. Competition
  31. Submission,,,, A gift from the Heart For Midnight and laura ann
  32. puppy training
  33. The Mountains
  34. new boss
  35. 1st RP: rape, vouyerism
  36. Silencing The Chat show Host
  37. Caught
  38. A to Z
  39. from The Dark History of Castle Montenegro...
  40. From Businesswoman to Sex Slave (Open to one female)
  41. The Danger Of Playing On the Internet. (Master/Dom Needed)
  42. From Businesswoman to Sex Slave Redux(open to One Female)
  43. Feminizing a sissy (master/mistress wanted)
  44. the Birthday Brat (3 highschool Doms/Dommes and one highschool "brat" needed)
  45. Kidnapped art girls (Private)
  46. Nightmare in the Woods
  47. mona the weather girl
  48. Amazon Liberation Front (female needed)
  49. Looking for a female to play a blackmailed wife
  50. Looking to start a roleplay...
  51. Home Invasion
  52. Writers Block or Torturing Subserviant
  53. New Girl in Town Becomes Party Fucktoy (Open)
  54. Extreme roleplay with bbw
  55. Be Violent With Me
  56. An experiment
  57. Prison slave
  58. ~ Pretty Doll Seeking Dom Male ~
  59. "Barring All Injuries" a bondage bar
  60. Pakistani Tent Brothel
  61. Taken
  62. Slut Linda begs for forgiveness
  63. Mother's pride - a mother's journey to submission
  64. Lost Rider
  65. ~ Mental Ward at Mercy Hospital~ {chksng19}
  66. Princess and warlord
  67. Worse Case Senario {Seeking john/rapist}
  68. Punishment for a bad slave
  69. Hotel Room
  70. Term Paper
  71. Home Invasion
  72. The Interview
  73. The bar
  74. dave's rp
  75. An Unwelcomed Visitor
  76. ~ Love of Pain~ {Seeking Dom Male}
  77. ~ Dark life of an angel~ {Seeking Dom male}
  78. I had watched you...
  79. Leather and Lace Prom
  80. In training
  81. Cant Get Enough!
  82. Slave here for roleplay
  83. The Amoral Island (Open to any number of M or F)
  84. 19/m looking for fem(Dom or sub) to play with
  85. First or Third Person
  86. Red wine, crimson lips
  87. ~ Princess and Warlord ~ {Chuckdom19}
  88. sub or switch wanted
  89. Sad and Emotional
  90. Accomplished Alpha Dom in NE Indiana seeks f sub with intelligence and strength...
  91. Minh
  92. The Farmhouse [fetishdj and nikkisweet, PM to take part]
  93. New girl in town
  94. "Life on the Streets" - Open to any who are interested.
  95. Lyceum Alpinum [MC, cg, l]
  96. Slave State
  97. for my girl
  98. for my girl
  99. Looking for someone to play with on AIM/YIM
  100. Anyone interested in some roleplay
  101. ISO 1 (or more) RP Partners- Doms
  102. looking for someone to role play online
  103. Would love to roleplay
  104. Desert flower
  105. playing with sassy 75
  106. role play
  107. Lost
  108. saved and licked by the fireman
  109. r/p
  110. A trip to Europe
  111. ~Secrets Revealed~ (Seeking Dom Male)
  112. ~Prince's Request ~ (Seeking Dom Male)
  113. ~ Last Wish ~ (Seeking Dom Male)
  114. ~Live Bait~ (Seeking Dom Male)
  115. From Businesswoman to Sex Slave (open to One Female)
  116. ~ Violent Doll Baby Seeking Sadistic Male ~
  117. The Neighbour
  118. ~Of the Darkness~ {Seeking Male Demon/Warrior}
  119. ~ Better than a gold watch ~ {Seeking Sadist Male}
  120. Help Needed
  121. From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave (Open to 1 female)
  122. In Town on Business {seeking Dominant Male}
  123. sub mom
  124. Sub M looking for Domme to r/p with on my cam
  125. Help with the story
  126. Birondian Prison
  127. Ageplay rp's?
  128. Milk Maids
  129. ~ Violent Doll Seeking Sadist Male ~
  130. A slave looking for cruel mistress (F/f)
  131. girl looking for guy to play out teacher student fantasy
  132. Pregnant Medical Roleplay
  133. First time in on line role plays
  134. ~Looking for a hot role play partner!~
  135. Sub looking for RP partner
  136. Interested in bondage and orgasm denial?
  137. Taken by the repairman
  138. Travels of an Aristocratic Odalisque ch 1 & 2
  139. Naughty slave wanting to roleplay
  140. Want a harem rp kept up on the site
  141. Perfect [a role-play by Tamlin & The Seeker]
  142. Dori's debt
  143. Satin Fetish Role Play - Femdom
  144. Looking for a FEM RP partner
  145. fresh new sub wants to explore more
  146. Jenny
  147. Female Sub Wanted For Intense NC Role Play
  148. Looking for online roleplay
  149. looking for an online roleplayer
  150. Looking for a rp friend online
  151. The Training of a Pet
  152. Escapology challenge (Anybody can join)
  153. Looking for Private Online Roleplaying
  154. Escapology challenge - Predictions?
  155. Escapology challenge - Outcome
  156. online roleplayer
  157. Desperately seeking roleplaying?
  158. seeking skilled role-playing sub/slave
  159. male humiliation pretty intense reader be warned
  160. looking to roleplay
  161. male sub seeking online roleplay
  162. life is art
  163. Subbie hubbie looking to be topped online while wife watches
  164. Escape challenge - Who wants to continue?
  165. As you enter the men's restroom...
  166. Private Roleplay
  167. extreme fantasies
  168. Role Playing Dungeon
  169. extreme role play
  170. Going to your apartment
  171. *Roleplayer wanted! Keywords: Foot torture, torture competitions.*
  172. Looking for a RP buddy
  173. Looking for a Dominant or Switch female partner for RP
  174. Looking for male dom to RP
  175. Cover that slut with your cum
  176. Family domnation
  177. Elliquiy: Adult roleplay community
  178. Spit on me!
  179. Cock sucking competition
  180. Please vote for me!
  181. looking for roleplaying partner
  182. 23 switch male looking for female to roleplay chat
  183. RP writers wanted
  184. Underwater torture (open to all)
  185. Q: Roleplay an off-gender character?
  186. Dom male wanted for a sub female 21
  187. sub/switch looking for Dom/Domme/Switch for online RP
  188. Wanting a dom male to become my master
  189. RolePlay? Anyone?
  190. The Meeting
  191. Sub seeking dom couple (or people to play them) for Cuckold roleplay.
  192. Online RP Male Dom wanted for female sub/slave age 20
  193. Joan of Arc
  194. chloroformed
  195. chloroformed
  196. Caught in stocks
  197. Hey just looking for a good rp
  198. chloroformed
  199. RP: My Naughty Niece
  200. sub man looking for Dom Couple or Dom/Domme
  201. A Dish Best Served Cold
  202. Role Play Partner wanted....lots of fun to be had :)
  203. sub male seeks online mistress for R/P
  204. Male Sub/Switch looking for Female or Transgender Domme for private roleplay.
  205. looking for a female (dom)
  206. Les switch wants online RP
  207. looking for individuals of both sexes willing to create a live galley-slave community
  208. My new Mistress
  209. My sub
  210. Bdsm fiction writer seeks sub female for roleplaying
  211. obediant sub
  212. Slave farm
  213. A Slave's Anticipation
  214. Dom house
  215. Looking for a male dom for rp
  216. Play party
  217. Play party
  218. Looking for a Domme for occasional play
  219. Seeking Dominant for Roleplay
  220. Looking for a female for RP
  221. RP: need a Male Dom to participate in a losing virginity thread
  222. Comrades in Pain (for jo36c)
  223. Seeking female foor abduction/enslavement RP
  224. Newbie Seeking Male For M/m scene...
  225. From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave 2 (Roadrunner and Bronte)
  226. Strong Wills Are Not Easily Broken... (M/m; open to anyone)
  227. Looking for female RP kidnap victim
  228. Seeking a female RP kidnap/enslavement victim
  229. Looking for a male, possibly a female for rp
  230. Paying for Husband's Mistake (for Harperlyn)
  231. MasterMike's dungeon
  232. Breaking in a New Toy, Redux (For coffeelover)
  233. A BIT ABOUT ME FIRST - a dedicated roleplayer/cosplay goddess in need of a firm hand.
  234. Need people
  235. Wanted a female, or females, for a Role Play
  236. From Vampire Slayer to Vampire Slave Part III. (Bronte and Roadrunner2005)
  237. Crime and Punishment (for subserviant)
  238. MistressPC and her rebelious whore subserviant
  239. Lone Elk Ridge
  240. role play
  241. Role play - couple enslaved
  242. female sub/slave searching for a online mistress
  243. Couple enslaved RP
  244. Abducted
  245. Submissive writer seeks creative dominant to role play and create depraved fiction.
  246. Looking for help with my wife
  247. Family fantasies
  248. Looking for writing partners
  249. The Trials of Abby
  250. One Line Roleplay - An Experiment in Writing