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  1. The Politics Test
  2. Do people 'deserve' universal health care?
  3. Marrige, same sex only?
  4. The Socialistic Shit-Case
  5. Now this i find disturbing!!!!
  6. american empire
  7. Question ?
  8. Obama's address and the link to Socialism?
  9. Participatory Democracy
  10. Is this the way to treat a Mugger?
  11. How big a Shake UP in 2009?
  12. Foreign aid - good or evil?
  13. CEO Salary Limit
  14. Credit, Monetary Policy, Depressions, and More!
  15. Bush's Place in History.
  16. New York Times Political Cartoon
  17. Who Are We SupposedTo Believe??
  18. Obama
  19. Lost Data
  20. Guantanamo Redux
  21. Climategate
  22. Effective use of Government funds?
  23. A message to our Leadership in America
  24. Does the Shoe "Fit" ?
  25. State Of The Union
  26. Chilcot Enquiry
  27. Do you Miss George W. Bush Yet??
  28. Evin Bayh
  29. War with China over Sudan et al
  30. Nasa
  31. Lets VOTE for a different party... ANTI-INCUMBANT!!!
  32. Just something I thought might help a bit
  33. Equality?
  34. Church, Politics and State Education Systems
  35. Elitist view or rational thing?
  36. Reality aint what it used to be
  37. Amusing joke with political tone
  38. Divorce Decree!
  39. Humorous comic which raises a serious point
  40. Is Obama a Socialist?
  41. What will Happen to Goldman Sachs??
  42. Another funny political joke...
  43. Subsidized everything
  44. What can we thank Obama for?
  45. Arizonia's New Illegal Immigrant Law
  46. UK Hung Parliament... Your thoughts?
  47. Burka Rage
  48. Out of the house - back in the kitchen?
  49. Digital Dad :Stop Slutting Up Our Girls
  50. Arizona: Not the ONLY "Paper's, Please" State
  51. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution
  52. U.s. Founding fathers
  53. Quiz: Who said it?
  54. Econ 101
  55. art or offence?
  56. Should corporal punishment in schools stay legal?
  57. Afghanistan: fractioned withdrawal??
  58. New Australian PM Julia Gillard
  59. Barack Obama is among best presidents ever
  60. Justice Dept Files Suit Against Arizona.
  61. Independence
  62. Im tired At 63...By Robert A Hall
  63. Was this really necessary?
  64. Another thread on marriage : Is marriage obsolete?
  65. Gay TSA Employees Shouldn't Be Allowed to Pat Down Travelers
  66. Monogamy under siege?
  67. Unions
  68. What Peaceful Change in Egypt Means for the American Far-Right
  69. Justifiable Homocide
  70. A vent about soldiers and cheap words
  71. The Civil War
  72. The battle against sex trafficking
  73. Barry! Barry! Barry!
  74. State at war with family!
  75. Trade, The Dollar and BRIC
  76. Rape and politics
  77. Should the Queen Have apologised to the Irish?
  78. Prisoners to fill jobs that used to be held by unionized workers
  79. The Republican Presodential Candidates & Their Views
  80. What is a role model?
  81. Michelle Bachman Does It Again
  82. 9/11: It is time to move on
  83. USA and China changing places??
  84. Facebook and freedom of speech
  85. vegan, animal abuse, porn.
  86. More on prison labour
  87. Indoctrination of
  88. Spai'ns Stolen Babies
  89. Air travel: safety versus humiliation
  90. Herman Cain Accusations
  91. Water Boarding
  92. chem trails?
  93. NOW what??
  94. Police List Occupy London As A Terrorist Organization
  95. British news paper salutes Canada
  96. Getting away with raping children: right or wrong?
  97. Roman Polanski and the rules of sex with minors
  98. Plea bargains in the American court.
  99. New Hampshire Debate...
  100. Should troops have immunity from the laws in Iraq?
  101. The Great Pay Robbery
  102. Drones: an ethics and privacy minefield
  103. Has the Virginia Legislature COMPLETELY Forgotten Roe v Wade?!
  104. direct democracy is the only way
  105. No such thing as 'correct grammar'
  106. We are fighting Islamism from ignorance as we did the cold war
  107. sugar addiction
  108. Who wants Afganistan to blow up?
  109. Wisconsin Votes For Abstinence - ???
  110. Do sex workers deserve dignity and care?
  111. Marry your rapist
  112. Should drugs be legal?
  113. Male discrimination?
  114. November Elections
  115. Gas Prices
  116. The "WAr On Women??"
  117. Question About Romney
  118. Obama And Gay Marriages
  119. Is the US military ready for women on the frontline?
  120. Use of police tasers - excessive force?
  121. Domestic terrorism
  122. Allow gay marriage, or else!
  123. Successful Women Make Their Male Partners Insecure, Researchers Say
  124. Does War Drive Our Troops To Suicide?
  125. Republicans eat their own
  126. Brazil said it!
  127. I am ashamed of my senator
  128. Mount Vernon stupidity
  129. Sen Ted Cruz... Scarry
  130. Scottish independence, Is it a good idea?
  131. Economic Inequality
  132. peeping photographs 'freedom of speech'
  133. Judge jailed for lying to the police
  134. Is it right to charge this boy with child pornography?
  135. Subprime Loans are Back
  136. Hackers play rape on gamers - fun or sick humor?
  137. USA Freedom Act fails
  138. Portugal decriminalised drugs hardly anyone dies from overdosi
  139. Trump or Hilary?
  140. Article V Convention of States
  141. The British Nation Health Service tops list of what makes Brits proud to be British
  142. For those of you voting Super Tuesday
  143. Terrorist attacks: safety versus freedom?
  144. April 10-16, 2016, groups against street harassment
  145. 20 minutes of action
  146. The Hunting Ground
  147. HEY DAVE, Political rants go here.
  148. civil rights and war on terror