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  1. Women Shall Submit
  2. Is God Perfect?
  3. Do you believe in miracles?
  4. Animal Rights?
  5. christians scare me
  6. World War 2
  7. Don't Always Believe What You Hear, See Or Read
  8. Can Religion and BDSM interests co-exist?
  9. Semper Fi Act
  10. Is the Internet making us indifferent?
  11. What Is Freedom To You
  12. Waterboarding
  13. The War In Iraq: Costing The USA $12 Billion a MONTH
  14. New York Gov. Spitzer linked to prostitute: report
  15. Oil Prices And Gas, When Do You Stop
  16. Iraqis still ask if U.S. invasion was worth it
  17. UK violent image laws
  18. Is This Just A Coincidence Or Something Else
  19. Saving Windows XP
  20. Lord Lucan, Cardigan and Custer...mad?
  22. What's Your Favorite Book?
  23. So what IS your favourite book?
  24. When cheerleaders attack
  25. I need advice on strict Christian Parents.
  26. Would You Believe Police say Austrian man raped daughter, fathered 6 children--merged
  27. the mind, the soul, and heaven
  28. Any other atheists here? Some frustration
  29. SOLDIERS back from Iraq said they "felt like superstars"
  30. what is with the world..
  31. The story of Money; what causes Inflation.
  32. MS. Saffron Outed
  33. Now, THAT'S Quality!!
  34. What some people will do in the name of religion!!!
  35. Reliable Consultants and PHE v. Texas AKA The Texas Dildo Massacre
  36. well hipp hipp hooray for WV not..
  37. A defining question
  38. Polygomy issue
  39. Art or thinly veiled kiddy porn?
  40. Religion, spirituality etc
  41. Well It's Finally Happening
  42. The Family From Hell again
  43. Thought for the Day
  44. Balancing Faith and BDSM
  45. What the United States Supreme Court Says
  46. Slavery in New York
  47. Watch Christopher Hitchens Get Waterboarded
  48. There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper
  49. Cheap Tomatoes?
  50. Update on Iraq
  51. November Election
  52. Face to face with Taliban
  53. misc
  54. The leather monk sings Metallica
  55. Hillary was screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Vice President Running Mates
  57. The issue of net neutrality
  58. So I just threw up a bit in my mouth...
  59. Election 2008 Hot Issue
  60. Anti-American Protesters
  61. A view from a bdsm angle
  62. Separation of Church and Health
  63. Gorean Philosophies
  64. Broadcast Energy - Science Fiction Come To Life
  65. Sex and Religion
  66. Monsieur le Marquis de Sade
  67. Who Do You Choose In November?
  68. suddenly a new candidate for President!
  69. A True Hero
  70. The Price of Rat Meat Quadruples in Cambodia
  71. BDSM and christianity
  72. Hurricane Ike
  73. October 14th Canadian Federal Election
  74. Wall Street
  75. Evolution and the Catholic Church
  76. Why don't Americans have Evangelicals shut up?
  77. Walk in the Park
  78. Financial Fiasco
  79. Lehmen Brihers: Can Someone Explain This PLEASE!!
  80. Italo Calvino
  81. Interesting, Interesting Interesting
  82. Wall Street
  83. THis makes altogether to much sense I think
  84. Queer Sarajevo Festival ended early
  85. Arguments are a weak man's weapon?
  86. The 'thief' forced by his boss on a walk of shame through town
  87. What the hell is wrong with people?
  88. Why Nobama
  89. W. Somerset Maugham - On love for men
  90. Changes in the American Tax System
  91. Why Obama?
  92. Why McCain?
  93. BarraCain? Does it matter?
  94. Should the US Supreme Court Decide Cases Based on the Constitution or on Fairness?
  95. Nov Election, Candidates Aside...
  96. Petty Lapel Pin Question
  97. How old is your political system?
  98. Happy Voting Day!
  99. Artificial Vs Nature::Invalidating the Duality!
  100. BDSM, Feminism, and Politics
  101. Final Debate
  102. debate
  103. "The more helpless you are the safer you are from criminals."
  104. On The Issues
  105. President Palin?
  106. What does the media show about Iraq?
  107. Should Ripping Stop For 2 Days??
  108. The Glory of Empire!
  109. The Morality of Abortion!
  110. The bail out.
  111. Christian living bdsm life...
  112. Interesting Endorsement
  113. Is "change" a good idea? Is Obama a good idea?
  114. Would You Believe???
  115. any catholics out there
  116. An example of what's wrong with the US' two-party system
  117. Favorite Election Day Quotes
  118. Rebellion....rant
  119. Whats Obama's First Priority
  120. Race
  121. was Robert Heinlein a Dom?
  122. Bush's Legacy
  123. The Reason Republicans are scewed.
  124. Patient 'cured' of HIV after bone marrow transplant
  125. Inauguration Tickets
  126. Wave against Obama?
  127. Big 3 Bail Out
  128. "Underwear goes inside the pants" by LazyBoy
  129. Is BDSM a religion?
  130. Anyone Suprised??
  131. Whatever Next?
  132. Gott Mit Uns: Open Letter to Atheists and Theists
  133. I already bought a American Car ! Why should they get my payments and my taxes too.
  134. The Pope on HBT: "a threat to the future of mankind"
  135. SM = Sex Magic?
  136. Define happiness
  137. Define sadness
  138. Define love
  139. Define hate
  140. Define loneliness
  141. Too many people?
  142. Master me and gor
  143. Does God Have a Sense of Humour?
  144. Does the Haiti earthquake prove that there is no god?
  145. Waterboarding Hyprocrisy
  146. Hell
  147. Religions Behaving Badly
  148. The Church orders Wives to Submit to their Husbands
  149. Do you lie to friends?
  150. Euthanasia: those who "assist"
  151. Schools and freedom of religion
  152. Just something I thought might help a bit
  153. technological infidelity?
  154. South Park censored again
  155. America
  156. Truth
  157. Ten Commandments
  158. Did the gods (god) create us?
  159. Fate
  160. Delicious Irony
  161. Can no one stop this???
  162. Christian fundamentalistic movement in USA?
  163. Freedom of Religion ... unless that is; you are a Muslim.
  164. A Must Read!
  165. Least and most religious nations
  166. Equality of religion?
  167. Friendship
  168. Religion and M/s relasionship
  169. Astinence-Only Education?
  170. Honour
  171. conscience
  172. Democracy, choices, freedom, commercialism
  173. Women Want Men Who Appear To Not Want Them
  174. Religion and Freedom?
  175. Disaster victims and Darwin
  176. shame and guilt??
  177. Innocence.
  178. Book Burning
  179. National Ask An Atheist Day - a day late, of course.
  180. How Much Jesus Is Okay for Public School?
  181. Classism and the furture of our world.
  182. Sexual Prejudice of Gays and lesbians
  183. Should The State Pay Extra To Provide Special Medical Procedure For Religious Patient
  184. Dissection: Support a Student's Right to Choose
  185. The Myth of Increasing Violence
  186. the story of Our Lady "the Virgin Mary" in the muslims holly book (quran)
  187. Religion or Atheism? An open forum.
  188. Religious Protestors At GLBT Events
  189. Is Catholic School Training for Submission
  190. Atlas Shrugged
  191. Religion = Coping Device?
  192. Hardships of Being Atheist
  193. Coming out
  194. A glimmer of a hope for a fairer future
  195. register for atheists?
  196. why i like the dark
  197. Poverty is due to moral lacking
  198. Gladiators
  199. Confusion about freedom of speech><threats
  200. 'Fat Boy' Onen has been speaking in the UK of his fight against superstition and
  201. Franco and the Catholic church
  202. 7 billion and counting
  203. Love in abundance
  204. black cats - just curious
  205. I'm Tired
  206. The War On Christmas Just Won’t End
  207. Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011
  208. Why Are Atheists Angry?
  209. Solstice greetings
  210. Prosthelytizing
  211. Time, death and the universe
  212. Goodbye, Mom
  213. Excerpts of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” To Be Reprinted in Germany
  214. Love
  215. "God Is An Imaginary Friend"
  216. Atheists Love Too?
  217. Do we eat our desire?
  218. PayPal sparks furore over limits on "obscene" e-books
  219. New technology=right to die?
  220. Gay couples make wedding plans amid angry Cat
  221. On religious freedom
  222. Debate is best hope against extremism
  223. respect
  224. Easter Questions
  225. Pastor Says
  226. New Aestheism movements
  227. tax and church
  228. abortions: A Christian obstetrician explains his choice
  229. Should we convert to our parteners religion?
  230. Pope Francis is trying to turn the ship around
  231. Gods or police or ???
  232. Study: is war not inevitable?
  233. Should they have forseen this?
  234. disability, lynchings, accusations of pedophilia
  235. The mask you live in
  236. Rape - why?
  237. fact from fiction, or imaginations versus materialism?
  238. Scientists pledge to increase interference with the Church
  239. Is this really good news?
  240. abused women who kill violent men
  241. Is it ethical to use data from Nazi medical experiments?
  242. Should children have sex adn relationship education in school?
  243. Does free thinking exist?
  244. The Firmament, True or False?
  245. good and evil
  246. man the provider
  247. What is it about Halloween?