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  1. a deep sadness to the journey

    a few weeks ago i had the pleasure of meeting a very special submissive. she was in the lifestyle for a very long time, had the most wonderful disposition and a great attitude. no question to her was a bad questions, her whole attitude was most pleasant. she had the special gift of making people smile around her and make even a stranger feel welcome and at home. my first munch she always had a smile for me and gave encouragement with just a look and a smile. at a large bdsm event only recently she ...
  2. wanting

    alone with no one too play with i get horny and do self bdsm but its not the same
  3. My Master

    I wrote this a few yrs ago its one i have never altered in any way it just came out perfectly (i usually fix a poem several times before it is right)

    Under my masters hand my passion
    is ignited.I cannot help but
    to submit to his every wish
    I am forever his passionate
    love slave.I lie here
    relishing in his complete
    control over me.
    I live only to serve him.
    My Master,And accept the
    pleasure with the pain.
    I only ...
  4. will the journey even begin?

    for years and years i lurked, read everything under the sun that contained anything and everything about bdsm. my fantasies rampant, my arousal at the stories so great. Laying in bed at night fantasizing about the girl that is being controlled by the strong Master, who gets punished for her indiscretions. i was the girl lurking in the chat rooms, watching, listening, thinking that i was learning. but what did i really learn, that strong men are an arousal for me, that their dominance makes me week ...
  5. Box of words

    I have over the past 2 days have come to see how this box of words can change the way we talk and behave.
    This was a shock to me as i found myself losing myself in words. Not the meaning of the words, words themselves where drowning who I am.

    I found myself writing longer and more explanations than I was truly comfortable with.
    I am dyslexic why should I be so wrapped in words when I do things, build things. Why was I dragging the words out of my mind by the ...
  6. Continued

    by , 08-25-2008 at 02:27 PM (Cruelsmile's blog - Story/roleplay ideas)
    The glass was freezing on her stomach, and she could feel the perspiration dripping down onto her stomach. He pulled an ice cube from the liquor, and teased her right nipple with it. She moaned and he rubbed it to attention. He repeated the process on the left nipple, then dropped the ice cube into her belly button. She strained against her bonds. He said "Now, I'm going read stories to you about little sluts, and what happens to them when they're tied up".

    He went into ...
  7. Pretty Girls under discipline

    by , 08-25-2008 at 05:17 AM (Surfing the Internet for bondage so you don't have to)
    Dressed in black slacks, plain leather loafer shoes without socks and a crisp open neck white dress shirt, I open the door to the cyberspace isolation chamber and quietly step in; the reddish-orange glow immediately envelops me.

    She is lying face down on the pillows facing away from me, her hands cuffed behind her back just above her cute round butt. Her legs are bent at the knee, her right foot twisting in the air back and forth slowly. She is also wriggling her toes, as she simply ...
    Slave Girls
  8. All new and shiny.

    I am a 30 year old submissive. I think I've always been submissive, only I called it codependent. I thought something was wrong with me because I wanted to take care of the person I was dating completely. Only recently did I realize that I've been a submissive all this time.

    I first got interested in the BDSM lifestyle with my very first boyfriend at 17 years old. He would have fantasies of tying me to a tree naked outside and having his way with me, or just leaving me there to ...
  9. the beginning...story idea

    by , 08-23-2008 at 07:52 AM (Cruelsmile's blog - Story/roleplay ideas)
    Karen couldn't believe she was actually doing this. He had told her to meet him at the hotel, and that she should follow the directions he left in room 101.

    In the room, on the bed, were the bindings, and the blindfold. Per the instructions, she was to strip down to her panties, put the blindfold on, and strap herself down, legs first of course.

    Nervous, and a little scared, she stripped, and laid on the bed. She fastened her legs into the leather cuffs, spreading ...
  10. Captured Girl

    by , 08-22-2008 at 09:22 PM (Surfing the Internet for bondage so you don't have to)
    Her mind is chaotic in disbelief.

    This kind of thing can not be happening. It should not happen.

    It is violating every precept of her life.

    She was shopping at the mall.

    She does not understand how she got here.

    She does not understand how she is tied.

    But she is tied up, she can hardly move and she hurts from the ropes encircling her body.

    The busy scissors make their first bite. Steadily ...
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