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  1. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    As always, my friend, your words are powerful and elegant. Keep reading and writing through this dark time. You will get through this, be strong; you have been in my thoughts daily.
    Updated 02-13-2016 at 11:26 AM by sweetlynaughty
  2. TheDeSade's Avatar
    Well done. word spoken from the heart are often the most powerful. Those spoken from memories sometimes the most intense. Thank you for sharing.

  3. hoosakitty's Avatar
  4. Echoes's Avatar
    while the earth may seem cold and barren in winter, the beauty in your heart still beats on and will shine strong again.

  5. SlaveAtHeart's Avatar
    Beautifully said. So very sad - I understand. Stay strong!
  6. Miss_Red's Avatar
    *hugs you tightly*
  7. hoosakitty's Avatar
  8. Lagomorph's Avatar
    Awww...you know I love you too, no matter what. And shhhh...i'm a hunting wabbit dammit, nobody needs to know!
  9. Sirs_GoodGirl (Whyteknyght)'s Avatar
    Sssssssssuuuper Dom!!!
    Love it! Lucky me, mine has quite a few of those traits . I especially like the "cunning" bit. Oh yes.
  10. hoosakitty's Avatar
    nice one! lol
  11. Fumiko-Oppai's Avatar
    Unafraid and unashamed to let any interesting scars he might have to be seen, like out swimming as example.
    To borrow from 'Archer' (Pam and Cheryl) *SPLOOSH!*
  12. hoosakitty's Avatar
    did we miss anything? hmmm....
    maybe we should add big hands to the list...
  13. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    I'd like to add a couple things to the list...

    A good Dom should be RESPECTFUL (it IS a two-way street)
    A good Dom should be FORGIVING
    A good Dom should be Patient
    A good Dom should be TRANSPARENT

    And of course all those things my dear friend list are oh ssssoooo good - my personal fav - good Dom should have a strong moral code.
  14. hoosakitty's Avatar
    lol...i do! did you miss the omnipotent part??

  15. the teacher's Avatar
    Bloody Hell Hun is it a Super Dom you want,you forgot to mention you need him to fly through the air at 200 miles an hour,saving the planet from destruction. lol xxx
  16. Marlene38ee's Avatar
    VERY well said!! Good list!!
    SO many folks don't see how crucial all those little points really are!!
  17. Mr. Big's Avatar
    [QUOTE=sweetlynaughty;bt4092]I wonder which is worse, Kitty - belonging to someone that is unreachable or not belonging to someone. *hugs you*[/QUOTE].Doyou fell like you need a new Master li lone; If so please let me know
  18. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    I wonder which is worse, Kitty - belonging to someone that is unreachable or not belonging to someone. *hugs you*
    Updated 01-26-2014 at 06:31 PM by sweetlynaughty
  19. hoosakitty's Avatar
    thank you, scotsgirl
  20. scotsgirl's Avatar
    I think you are first and foremost a human being. We are emotional, sometimes flawed creatures, but I think that's what makes "us" interesting! *hugs* Welcome to the next phase!
  21. hoosakitty's Avatar
    ugh! and here i thought i had it all figured out!!

  22. Odysseus's Avatar
    as usual.. I am confused...... if you are not going to be yourself.. who are you going to be???

  23. hoosakitty's Avatar
    i've missed you
  24. ~ willow ~'s Avatar
    ~ For my part, I prefer my heart to be broken. It is so lovely, dawn-kaleidoscopic within the crack ~ D.H. Lawrence
  25. Draconem's Avatar
    Yes hoosakitty we found each other here twenty one months ago and you have endured flames and torture of the heart,many if not all of them from me....Lies from many...Threats,back stabbings and promises...You baby may not be vengeful...I am...My promises to you will stand...
  26. hoosakitty's Avatar
    thank you, ladies
  27. seamedblackstockings's Avatar
    that is beautiful ~hugs tight~
  28. Miss_Red's Avatar
    awe kitty....*pets you softly*. Lovely poem, to a lovely man. He commented on My blog a few days ago, and since then we have chatted a little. I am so happy for the both of you...for finding one another and being so much in love.

    Much love,

    Miss Red
  29. hoosakitty's Avatar
    you are all so wonderful to me...thank you
  30. Frances's Avatar
    Love is given, can not be brought with tears, service or by begging. It hurts to love and not receive it back. Take the tears hold them in your heart, take the pain hold it close. Use these to grow, to know what you want to move forward, not go back. Every time you cry, every time you feel pain...use these to learn about yourself and what it is you truly want. Go forward for that goal. Take my hug and use my shoulder to cry on. I can't take the pain away only time can lessen its hurt. But I have a shoulder and ear to hear you. Sending prayers and waves of healing for a broken heart.
  31. chipmunk_'s Avatar
    Beautiful, but so very sad.
  32. rosemaryj {domin8tor}'s Avatar
    Dearest Kitty

    I so wish you could, catch them and use them to show the one you miss, just how much they mean......xxx
  33. scotsgirl's Avatar
    Very thorough, and true! ;-) thank you for sharing.
  34. sub_sequent's Avatar
    Oh kitty..... I love being a good girl....
    i even sent this link to others to read!
    Once again, well done!

  35. Yankee01's Avatar
    Lovely, almost poetry and so erotic
  36. Frances's Avatar
    I am not a good girl. But I can see feeling, thoughfulness and most of all compassion. Sweet!
  37. chipmunk_'s Avatar
    This is lovely.
  38. ~ willow ~'s Avatar
    ohhh i love this! *purrrs* xx
  39. sub_sequent's Avatar
    the best kind of lost......ever!
    *Hugs you*
  40. scotsgirl's Avatar
  41. sub_sequent's Avatar
    *hugs* holding you in my arms. And showing teeth and claws to this so-called 'sister'.

    Here in support of you....
  42. VeniVidi's Avatar
    When I see a beautiful picture in an art gallery, I can often look at the creation of the artist and absorb the whole meaning of that picture. Some pictures require an explanation in order for me to understand them, and after reading that I may be able to appreciate it. The picture created here pretty kitty is not one that I understand, and there is no helpful explanation. It is a powerful image nevertheless.
  43. hoosakitty's Avatar
    @ teacher...you are incorrigible! lol......xox
  44. hoosakitty's Avatar
    @ rosemaryj.........thank you rose! i used to think that love was hard to get down in writing...the emotion of submission is nearly impossible...*hugs*
  45. the teacher's Avatar
    Babe how many times have I got to tell you,If you got to praise me, let's keep it private aye.lol
  46. rosemaryj {domin8tor}'s Avatar
    kitty you write so beautifully, and you are so correct, and they are seldom aware of quite how total our submission can be, quite how much they hold within their grasp....

    rosie xx
  47. sub_sequent's Avatar
    Once again your thoughts are so beautifully expressed. Well done.
  48. dorolta's Avatar
    The language of pure poetry. It is like a love song.
  49. hoosakitty's Avatar
    thank you ladies...your encouragement is always appreciated
  50. scotsgirl's Avatar
    You have such a wonderful way of expressing feelings that many of us share. Thank you so much for putting them into such eloquent words.
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