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  1. Oh Well.....

    Today i'm angry.......and very disappointed! I understand the reasons....but still that doesn't make it much better....game face on......and cowboy up!

  2. Submissive BDSM Play Partner Check List

    For each item, you need to provide two answers:
    First write YES or NO next to each item to indicate if you have ever DONE that activity.
    Mark N/A if it does not apply to your gender.
    Next, indicate for each item how you FEEL about that activity by rating it on a scale of NO or 0
    to 5.

    NO means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a hard limit).

    0 (zero) indicates you have utterly no desire to do that activity and don't ...
  3. ~ Consequences of Spying ~

    ~ Consequences of Spying ~

    Spy Warrior ^ Enemy Warrior(dom) ~Consequences of Spying~ After almost a year undercover she is finally discovered and punished.(She is passed around the camp for everyones use) or (She is taken by a high ranking officer for his personal use.) (Maybe at some point she is raped by male slaves or the war animals as a show for the soldiers entertainment)

    Consensual Sex... Rape...
  4. Zesty's smarter then this, right?

    Firstly i have to say no names will be giving about the person i am about to talk about. nor will i make in references about who he is or what his name might be Lol......thats my disclaimer....

    all persons mentioned here might or might not be part of this community, so dont guess!~

    Well, i was talking with this guy while i was with someone(just talk no play) i talked with him and we had a play on words for along while. Ok i split with the person i was with and
  5. Back from my munch

    Well im back from my first munch and i had a wonderful time. Everyone was lovely, they welcome me with warm smiles and well wishes. Everyone there was nice, some more talkative then others but thats how it usually is when u are part of a group and a new person comes in. Lol..

    at first i kinda felt out of place because i was the youngest person there but after awhile the ice broke and i started to feel like my zesty self and it started to get better...almost to the point i didnt want
  6. a sub's journey

    As I write this, I look at the date on the calendar and cannot believe that only 26 days ago I started my journey as a sub.

    It has been an incredible experience of terrifying and empowering self-discovery. Finally realizing, embracing and understanding that yearning desire to submit.

    My "logical mind" still fights this need for control. But my soul is satisfied, content in my Freedom Constrained.

    Freedom Constrained
  7. the emotional side at the beginning

    after i posted my last blog i realized something, how detached i was from trying to convey what brought me to this journey. I was like a disconnected reporter and want to rectify such starting today. Because it was much more then just to lay in the bathtub and make myself cum with a stream of water, so much more.
    i can not even pinpoint the beginning but every day i looked forward to the private time in my bathroom. my fingers were trembling as i undressed, peeled off layer and layer of that ...
  8. Serious slave girl training. (Or this chick is gonna get fucked!)

    by , 09-12-2008 at 08:28 PM (Surfing the Internet for bondage so you don't have to)
    The goal of training a slave girl is to produce a marketable product. A slave girl who will always be submissive and lubricate dependably whenever and wherever her master wishes to use her.

    This is a bottom line item. We are talking dollars and cents here. A state of constant arousal is the truest sign of the proper mentality in a female slave.

    It is just dawn at my Greek island compound.

    We, my staff and of course the slave girls, are buried deep within ...
  9. Alone


    Alone, I sit here by myself
    An unread book upon the shelf

    Filled with thoughts and so much feeling
    Heart and soul inside me reeling,

    Tempest tossed upon the storm,
    Looking for a haven, warm.

    Your smile, your smell your presence near
    It soothes and calms my aching fear

    The treasured touch, a gentle hand
    Like water poured upon parched land

    It purifies my soul with fire, ...
  10. clench pt 1

    tools used: a purple dildo and i was going to use my glass dildo(but thought i can just use one for both holes)

    water based lube

    total time of this assignment was 40mins...(i did keep the toy in and just clenched around it but not for task)
    Well something was said in chat about clenching (pussy muscles) after a link to a toy site was displayed in the chat room lobby. Well to make a long story short, a little task was presented to me about a way to get stronger
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