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  1. When Ultimately It is LIFE That Really Controls.

    Speaking from the view of a natural submissive I find it is bit daunting how sequences of events can change our mind about things. Our mind is a powerful tool. It will warn us of dangerous events. It will try and protect us from pain and hurt. It will try and conform us into a way which is best for us and our current situations. While it does not always succeed it will try if we listen.

    Problem is we often don't listen. Why? Because what our mind is warning us of, or trying to ...

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  2. In Respect For Online Relationships:

    Everyone has their their own views and opinions on this subject. it is one that I am sure has been discussed many times and in many ways . We are all entitled to our own opinion. As well we should. But as this is my blog well then here is my opinion.

    First and foremost let me say. Despite all the feedback I get. It can and does work. Does it take work? Yes it does. Does it take trust? Absolutely, in fact probably much more than real time.

    But I get tired of those ...

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