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  1. New Experiences II

    Wow. I think I see a pattern in this title. The thing is that I could write endlessly about the new experiences that I have been having since I met Master. He has even had me start a list, which we both enjoy looking back at and going...Damn! He is really corrupting me! (or was that just my thought? *shrugs* hmm..oh well. moving on.)

    After practically falling to my knees at Master's feet shortly after we met. (a new feeling for me) I have been bombarded with so many new feelings ...
  2. life,huh?

    Not the way I planned to start the New Year,but I guess with so much screwing up my life, this is another peice of crap that had to land on me. I feel so mad sometimes, I just want to hit out blindly,never do though.Probably will in one last glorious way.So many thoughts whirling in my head, I can't seem to put them in order. I should never have let anyone fuck up my mind like this.But I'll get over this,I know I will..always have. There's this silent scream reverberating in my head whichc sometimes ...
  3. 50 Books 2008

    With a staggering sense of accomplishment - I finally conquered the 50 Books a year mark last year.
    Here's the proof:


    01. Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness - [1,5/5]
    02. Cornelia Funke - Tintenherz (Inkheart) - [4/5]
    03. Banana Yoshimoto - Goodbye Tsugumi - [3,5/5]
    04. Isabel Allende - InÚs of my Soul - [4,5/5]
    05. Julie Orringer - How to Breathe Underwater - [5/5]


    06. ...
    Vanilla Interests
  4. Not Going to Collar just anyone

    Ok my first slave girl ever was so good to me & into year 2 I was going to collar her but things fell apart. She got it into her head suddenly she needed a vanilla boyfriend. *Shrugs* so she left. Yes made MASTER quite upset after all we had she did not ask to leave the relationship.
    Ah well life goes on.

    My latest prospect was really no prospect at all really. Asexual, Penisphobic (her words) Which I really did not believe as she probably was raped or something & did ...
  5. my first time

    i met my Master for the first time the other day and he took me back to his place for a little torture lol. It was incredible i've never experienced anything like it before. i am still sore even 2 days later. when we went back to his place he had me close my eyes and led me inside to the bedroom and started to strip me as he kissed me and pushed me to the bed. i was so nervous i dont like not being able to see. when he finally had me naked he put on my purple blindfold and told me to stand he ...
  6. a little about openlyrefined

    hi Everyone! I am openlyrefined & just wanted to write in here & get to know some other members a little more.

    I have been in the lifestyle for 5 or six years, though wasn't active through all of them. I did tons of research, reading, went to muches, joined active groups, etc.

    Right now I am actively reading forums, joined tasking and well, really just welcome questions, comments & new friends.

    I have only had 1 other dom. We had met online & it was ...
  7. Ramblings of a cluttered mind part II

    I have been sitting here comtemplating my future for a number of different reasons and because of various situations that have recently come to my door. I am not going to ramble off into a woe is me type of blog because really...woe is not me. I am eternally optimistic and positive in my outlook on life. Often to my own peril, I am frequently disappointed with reality. However, having read somebody elses blog I feel inspired to write one myself based on a comment I was going to leave about her ...
  8. His pleasure

    I was allowed 5 orgasms after my previous exercise, removing the plug from this ass that belongs to him, touching the cunt that is his, after masturbating so frequently to deal with the discomfort, i was on the edge and my first orgasm came quickly and easily with just a bit f prolonged clit stimulation.
    The second was nearly as easy, though i went slower and let it build, He wanted orgasms worthy of him... fingers swirling on the clit, teasing the cunt...slipping in for a quick finger fuck ...
  9. Feet

    Women are notorious for geting manicures and pedicures and going through all sorts of rigamoroll to make their feet look good. They will paint their nails, get the collouses shaved off, get them pummiced and spend dollar after dollar to ensure they have pretty feet. Then they buy shoes.

    The shoes they purchase are rarely comfortable. They are frequently too small or lack arch support. Most often they are painful to wear, pinching their toes, causing blisters and creating callouses ...
  10. Smile.

    [FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Smile though your heart is aching;
    Smile even though it's breaking.
    When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by.
    If you smile through your fear and sorrow,
    Smile and maybe tomorrow,
    You'll see the sun come shining through for you.

    Light up your face with gladness,
    Hide every trace of sadness.
    Although a tear may be ever so near,
    That's the time ...
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