I'll be honest live roleplaying has never been my thing. I've never liked acting it out like a character in a play. I've preferred very detailed vivid descriptions of fantasies to roleplaying.

But chatting in the past tense, I feel like this could be a style of RPing more suited for my tastes. But I find that roleplaying a fantasy that has happened in the past tense, where we are discussing what happened in the past does work for me. It is almost like chatting about fantasies, except we are RPing as real and personal.

I'm a South American Junta General. You were a leftist feminist revolutionary and political dissident. An intellectual idealist struggling for a better world not held back by terror. One night you just disappeared from your office. You were taken to a secret prison. I used you as my personal slave. Broke you. Enslaved you. Humiliated and degraded you. You lost all hope and submitted to every indignity. You were even impregnated and gave birth to my child while a political prisoner.

I made you my mistress. Took you out to fancy restaurants, enjoyed by the political and business elite. Everyone knew your story. You the ex-revolutionary. They knew why you were now my mistress. The breaking and submission you endured. Yes you are fully dressed with your slave lingerie hidden underneath. But everyone in the room could see through you as though you were a naked slave.

Eventually you were released and went into exile.

Now you've found a way to get in touch with me. You hesitantly pen your 1st letter. There are flashbacks to the horrors you endured. But in order to reclaim yourself as a Feminist revolutionary and a woman, you need to come to grips with it. And so begins the correspondence of a General and his victim. You will be reminded of every last humiliation and torment you endured as we accuse and relieve each other in this forced dance. We strangest of ex "lovers".

I'd like to see some method acting in this, really get into the head of the character.

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