I find myself with time so I decided to seek out a new female that needs to be told how to act, what to do. To be trained, educated and enlightened, to really indulge herself as she truly is. Iíam 36 years of age and know what I want. I prize honesty, loyalty and devotion. Iíve had experience with a variety of people, some were quite good and some were bitter disappointments. Those who can barely speak or respond are usually the disappointments, if a person can not even respond they are merely wasting time. I dislike that immensely. I like a person that can talk.

In all things, there is one rule I expect to be obeyed, obedience. Iím not looking for a brat. It does not matter to me if the person is new or had some experience, if she truly wishes to experience much and know no matter what her personal life is, my command is law. I demand much of the person I have, but in return I ensure they have what they need in this life.

If you wish to test yourself and have a need to know you are owned message me.

Tell me who you are, how old you are, your current status, what experience if any you have, and some more about who you are overall. It really is the first step at proving yourself by making an effort. The person must be in good shape.