I am searching for a submissive female, a slave to be precise. Someone I can teach, enjoy and play with, to dress up, an item to do with as I please.
Iím looking for someone that is interested in exploring their submissive side and experiencing what it means to be controlled, I donít mean for a few hours, a day or two but for years - experiencing many aspects of submission and slavery.

About me:

I have been in the lifestyle for nearly 30 years, during that time I have enjoyed training and controlling females, this has included bondage, appearance control, orgasm denial and control, role play, objectification, humiliation, pain (to name some of them).
I will not do incest, beast, or anything illegal.

So what Iím looking for in a slave:

I am seeking a woman who is willing to change her life, to follow her heart, someone who is willing to say yes and do it not because someone says so but because she needs it. A woman who is playful, knows when to be quiet, likes to please and can accept when they are wrong (hard to do I know lol).
If you donít quite match all that, or feel you might be able to do it but not sure keep reading

Experience is irrelevant, whether you are completely new to the lifestyle or have many years experience does not matter to me, as long as you are interested and willing to give it a go then that is good enough.
So wherever in the UK you are, if you think this is for you send me a message, I look forward to reading all replies.