hello ,

i'm 28 yo male and i like to have a slave to dominate via email , i like to micromanage so my slave will report everything to me and she will be assigned daily tasks to do including greeting in the morning and before sleep , a daily diary , sleeping times and so on (all depends on the slave submission)

before diving in details of what i want from you and what to expect i want to say that this kind of relationship needs trust and so much time to build it , so we will take things easy and learn about each other until we reach the level we want through daily communication.

also i am not interested in sexual stuff only i want to know everything about my slave including her daily life , problems and stuff ...
some tasks may need pictures to prove are done (face is not important until some trust is established) .

an example of a slave's email i got and like to get in future (this one had to go for a family matter)

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thanks for reading , and if you are interested PM me and we will discuss more .

PS: no sissy please , also if you are in a relationship i'm not interested