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a Zesty blog by an Angel

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*pulls out my note pad, a pen, and some courage and begins to write*

this is funny i was almost forced by some of the members in chat to get my ass out there and start this thread.."fuck you all but i love you all just the same" lol

One of the members say that my lil baby blogs would get alittle more attention then her life, i hightly doubt that, she's wayyy more experience then i am, been living in real life alot longer then ive been "in the flesh"

ok, anyway to get back to myself and not her...*rme* lol

I'm a 25 yr old submissive female living in the Northern part of USA, NJ to be exact. as long as i could remember ive always had submissive tendenies, always wanted to feel a strong, firm hand from a lovely, knowledgable male Dominant.
i would say within the last two years ive found that there's a word for my feelings, wants, and desires and not that im weird or just freaky. No that im a submissive female who's strong, fiesty, and willing to please her Dominant by serving Him..
As long as i can remember besidees being submissive, ive been freaky, always loved pushing sex to the next level with my partner, but sadly i never had anyone who was willing to help me push those limits lol
Ok i think its time to cut this one short, hopefully i'll get back to this. LOl

*puts down my note pad, pen* i gues it isnt so bad to be pushed out of our comfort zone after all.



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