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Walking on Water.


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I have friends here in the library. How the fuck did that happen?

I was minding my business, writing darkly tinted BDSm stories and suddenly I have people talking to me. Next thing I know I have friends.

Let's see, I have one or two friends in the real world and I have about 16 here. At least, according to this site.

I am not very nice, nor am I sociable. I'm not overly sensitive and I'm not very tactful. So why do people keep wanting to be my friend?


  1. thrall's Avatar
    Oh stop your whining......lmao!....ya big blow hard
  2. H Dean's Avatar
    I'm gonna kick your ass.
  3. icey's Avatar
    lmao not that im trying to be your friend or anything H Dean but you do make me laugh, and what kind of reaction do you expect really when you write your blog entrys? err well they're either going to say woahhh fuck this shit im saying nothing or laugh like me!
    hah! you might find it an insult sorry but you remind me of me you like to shock and piss people off albeit more openly and sarcasticly than me,(yea my spellings shit i know lol) i prefer to do it in r/t
    oh and no doubt you'll have a more ''educated'' retort in store for me but hey thats ok cos it amuses me and maybe ppl dont want to be your friend per se but just want an extra number on their contact list?
  4. tessa's Avatar
    Why befriend Mr. H Dean? A self-proclaimed hermit crab who doesn't mind snapping at others? Perhaps it's because those others see deep inside, to your thought-provoking, soulful inner core?

    Nah, that ain't it. That would just scare the crap out of them all.

    Maybe they appreciate that you talk to yourself in such a threatening manner? Kick your own ass, indeed. That might be fun to watch.

    Hey! That gives me my answer. You're like a spectator sport, Mr. Dean. That's why people want to be your friend. So they can watch.

    Your Cubs could take a lesson or two from you in that regard, it seems. Poor them.

    ~much huggles~
  5. H Dean's Avatar
    A pox on you both! You shall rue the day! Rue, I say!
  6. Pearlgem's Avatar

    I bet you're ticklish too
  7. H Dean's Avatar
    I am far from ticklish. I am a stone - a rock - a pillar - and this time I am not talking about my cock!
  8. Pearlgem's Avatar
    *sigh* I once had a relationship with a self-proclaimed 'stone' - but it masked fear and a softer side that I sadly wasn't able or in the end willing to access. You're too funny and astute to be that stern and unyielding. I'm not in the least taken in.
  9. Pearlgem's Avatar
    PS Can I be your friend?
  10. H Dean's Avatar


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