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a true Dom...

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i saw a posting about what a true Dom is, and like the person below, it annoyed me just a little...it was incomplete...so i decided to share what she wrote:

I keep seeing that post flying around, the one that says "A True Dom has a firm mind, a firm hand, a firm gaze, a firm grip and a soft heart." And every time I see it, it annoys me. Iím not sure why I find it so irritating. I thought it was the Ďsoft heartí bit. But perhaps itís the Ďtrue Domí part. Like all the ones who donít fit that description are false?
So tonight I was thinking about what I look for in a Dom. I suppose I must have my own definition of Ďtrue Domí because Iím very particular about who Iíll play with. But I think Iíll call them good Doms.
A good Dom should be passionate.
A good Dom should know how to listenÖ and be able to hear.
A good Dom should be intuitive.
A good Dom should have a long memory.
A good Dom should have a sense of timing.
A good Dom should be fearless.
A good Dom should have self-control.
A good Dom should be cunning.
A good Dom should have physical strength, and the ability to control it.
A good Dom should have self awareness.
A good Dom should have a strong moral code.
A good Dom should understand his superiority; but
A good Dom should be humble.
OkÖ so not a very catchy list. And Iíve missed a lot out. Like a growly voice, or (my personal favourite) long hair. And maybe the qualities I look for are neatly summarized in that catchy list other people seem to love so much. But Iíve always been afraid of trying to overly simplify things. What if we forget some vital ingredient?
Really, the best Dom would be omnipotent. But failing that, Iíll take the next best thing.

~The Art of Babalon~ from tumblr

have to say...i like her list better


  1. Marlene38ee's Avatar
    VERY well said!! Good list!!
    SO many folks don't see how crucial all those little points really are!!
  2. the teacher's Avatar
    Bloody Hell Hun is it a Super Dom you want,you forgot to mention you need him to fly through the air at 200 miles an hour,saving the planet from destruction. lol xxx
  3. hoosakitty's Avatar
    lol...i do! did you miss the omnipotent part??

  4. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    I'd like to add a couple things to the list...

    A good Dom should be RESPECTFUL (it IS a two-way street)
    A good Dom should be FORGIVING
    A good Dom should be Patient
    A good Dom should be TRANSPARENT

    And of course all those things my dear friend list are oh ssssoooo good - my personal fav - good Dom should have a strong moral code.
  5. hoosakitty's Avatar
    did we miss anything? hmmm....
    maybe we should add big hands to the list...
  6. Fumiko-Oppai's Avatar
    Unafraid and unashamed to let any interesting scars he might have to be seen, like out swimming as example.
    To borrow from 'Archer' (Pam and Cheryl) *SPLOOSH!*
  7. hoosakitty's Avatar
    nice one! lol
  8. Sirs_GoodGirl (Whyteknyght)'s Avatar
    Sssssssssuuuper Dom!!!
    Love it! Lucky me, mine has quite a few of those traits . I especially like the "cunning" bit. Oh yes.


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