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for my friend

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i have a friend...not just any friend...but one amazing, loyal, there-for-me-no-matter-what friend that becomes more dear to me as the years go by. He has laughed with me, cried with me, scolded me when i needed it, encouraged me, counseled me, made me feel special, and loved me unconditionally (even when i was being stupid and bull-headed). He keeps my secrets, and i keep his...if one hurts, the other hurts.

i have been somewhat out of touch lately...life has been pulling me in odd directions and i never seem to have time for the hours of conversation we used to share. But i just want you to know...i love you Car (yes, Car...you will never be a sadistic bunny to me, lol)...and thank you for loving and accepting me for everything i am. You've never been more than a message away, and i really don't know what i'd do without you <3


  1. Lagomorph's Avatar
    Awww...you know I love you too, no matter what. And shhhh...i'm a hunting wabbit dammit, nobody needs to know!
  2. hoosakitty's Avatar


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