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Leap of Faith

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Leap of Faith

Slippery rocks parted by the rivers force
Each one has their name: Fear-Love-Trust-Faith
I stand on the edge of river looking at my future

I leap forward and land awkwardly filled with fear: ”What if…”
My balance is shaky as I struggle with my fear
I’m trapped on this slippery rock and strong winds engulf me

I leap forward again and land a bit more gracefully: “I love you”
I stand appreciatively and soak in the beauty that surrounds me
But haven’t I been here before? How deep is this river?

I leap forward and almost slip off of the rock
I’m filled with doubt and the river looks treacherous from this point
I don’t trust anything now
I can fall and get hurt…but I will overcome it!

My Leap of Faith – I jump forward with all my bravado and land firmly
I turn and look back seeing how far I have come and softly smile
I turn forward and stand tall and confident
I am filled with faith that my future is in MY control



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