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Victim, choice or fate?

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We all know people, especially women, who always seem to be victimized. They constantly have a sad story about someone, a loved one, or even a stranger that has taken advantage of them. At some point, you have to wonder, is this person really that unfortunate, or is it possible that they have chosen to put themselves in positions where they can be taken advantage of over and over? I truly believe our destiny is our own to design. If you live your life making choices that ultimately end up with you feeling like a victim, maybe you should learn from those circumstances. The only true victims in this world are those that have circumstances beyond any control thrust upon them. You can only be a victim to another in a relationship if you choose that role, and allow that person to control your circumstances. Self reliance and responsibility is key to a happy relationship. So many seem to think they have no control or options in personal relationships. If you are perpetually unhappy and "victimized" in your relationships, take a good hard look at your pattern of choices. I bet you will find that you had much more control in the matters than you thought. Choose to be happy and take control of your life, choose wisely and refuse to be a victim. I speak from experience and have learned that the only times in my life that I felt victimized were actually times that I made foolish choices and allowed myself to relinquish control. I choose to not ever be a victim to anyone. I recommend it for everyone. Control of one's own destiny is very empowering. Being a victim is for the weak, and never a wise choice.



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