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    Forums Guidelines

    Hello All,

    Below you will find the Forums Guidelines. Please note two things: First, 100% of everyone’s comments/thoughts/suggestions were reviewed, discussed and evaluated. Estimated 90%+ were incorporated. Secondly, and more important, instead of the multiple pages and stickies of rules and threads about rules, this is a simple two part set of guidelines. The guidelines have been split into two sections: Guidelines for Conduct and Guidelines for Posting.

    The overall purpose of these Guidelines is to make them more readable, understandable and streamlined. The MOST important part of all is to LIGHTEN THINGS UP !!! The biggest reminder I would like to give everyone is that we are all adults here, this is a BDSM site. So let’s all BE adults and conduct ourselves as such. With that in mind, every organization needs some type of guidelines to keep everyone on track and keep some resemblance of order.

    Remember: Respect is Everything, without it there is nothing.

    Be Well.

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    The Forum Guidelines are now divided up into Guidelines for Conduct and Guidelines for Postings. Please read both sets of. As a registered member of the site, you are responsible for knowing and following ALL guidelines. If you do not follow the site guidelines, you may find yourself losing your privileges on the site.

    Guidelines of Conduct

    1. RESPECT EVERYONE AT ALL TIMES. Disrespect of any member or staff by any member will not be tolerated at any time. Disrespect includes personal attacks on any member, flaming, being rude, speaking with contempt or in a condescending manner, breaking any of the forum guidelines, etc. Name calling in roleplay or as endearment is fine.

    2. Age: You MUST be over 18 years of age to be a member on this site, this is NON-NEGOTIABLE! Regardless of the "Legal" age in "whatever" country your from for this site YOU MUST be 18 NO EXCEPTIONS!! Anyone found under the age of 18 will be banned at least till their 18th. birthdate. Underages who constantly re-register will be banned permanently. Any member who knowingly allows an underage to stay is subject to the same ban. Your birth date must appear in your forums profile. Age play is permitted. However, there is NO permitted play of ANY kind younger than age EIGHTEEN!!!! NO Exceptions!

    3. Harassment: Harassment of any members will not be tolerated at any time, by PM, email or board postings. This includes verbal and physical threats. If you are harassed, save the thread link/PM/email and send it to an admin. An admin will then look at the issue in the context of all provided materials and make a determination if it warrants further action. No action will be taken against any member until the issue is thoroughly investigated by the administrative staff.

    4. Personal Information: This site, like all others, is on the worldwide internet. Be careful with how much personal information you reveal to someone, no matter how well you think you know them. You may not reveal or threaten to reveal personal information about another member including email/messenger addresses or PM’s without their express permission.

    5. Passwords: You are responsible for everything posted and done under your user name. If you choose to share your password with someone, and they log into the site with malicious intent and cause harm, you are responsible for the behavior and will be banned. No exceptions. Staff members found to have shared their passwords and allowing others to log in with their user name will immediately lose all staff privileges and may face further consequences.

    6. Signature Block: It is RECOMMENDED that all members signature blocks not exceed 3 in/8 cm in height (Example: 3 in = 15 lines of size 2 text). If a member's sig block becomes excessive it will be altered.

    Links: You are not allowed ANY external links in your sig block. You have have as many links to pages on the BDSM Library Server (such as to posted stores, blogs on the Library, etc.) as fit in your 3 inches of space. Pictures: no larger than 80 (l) x 100 (h) x 468 (w) pixels.
    Pictures: Any pictures deemed excessive in size or deemed to be in violation of Forums rules may be removed by an admin at the discretion of the admin.

    7. Member Misconduct Penalties: Members who break any site guideline are subject to loss of privileges. Moderators and Admins work within a sliding scale of guidelines for member misconduct. If you feel you receive a penalty in error, please contact an Admin or, if the Admin gave the penalty, contact the Site Admin, by PM or email. You may challenge the removal of a post or any other penalty by PM or email not by open posting in an open thread in the forums. Any post made in a forums thread challenging the decision of a moderator or admin may be removed. This under no way curtails freedom of speech or voicing of opinions; however, in the past, posts challenging moderator decisions have led to nothing but flaming and disintegration of constructive posting.

    8. Fraud/Deception/Misrepresentation: A member may not engage in fraud, deception, or misrepresentation of their age, DOB, gender, role, status, ETC, by having multiple accounts with different qualifiers in these fields. Any member found to be in violation of this guideline will be subject to immediate & permanent ban from the ENTIRE BDSMLibrary site.

    Guidelines of Posting

    Posting into the Forums Threads:

    1. No Spamming. There will be no warnings—if you spam, you will be banned. This includes PMing unsolicited invitations to other sites to members of this site.

    2. Story Subjects: All subjects in a story must be over the age of 18.

    3. Flaming: There is NO flaming, period. Here is the definition of flaming:

    FLAMING is when a post/PM/email is directed at a specific person or group of people and is inflammatory and disrespectful.

    Stating your OPINION is fine, having an open and adult debate about opinions is great, but it can NOT cross the line into flaming.

    When you state your opinion on the board, please be aware that other members will state theirs as well and they might not agree with you. Posts will not be edited or deleted because of disagreements. They will be deleted and the member will face a possible loss of privileges if the post is a flame.

    There never will be a black & white or definitive line on “What is a flame.” Flaming comes down to the intent of the poster as well as the opinion of the moderators. The guidelines above provide framework for flaming, but are not completely inclusive or exclusive. Therefore, moderators will exercise their best judgment on what a flame is. If you disagree with a situation where your post is removed for flaming, you may PM/email the Site Admin.

    4. Pictures:
    Underage: NO underage photos, clothed or naked, may be posted. Regardless of whether it’s your 5th birthday party at Aunt Jane’s house, or whether it’s child porn, they will be removed from the site.
    Copyright: No copyrighted photos may be posted. The responsibility of copyright is in your hands not the sites.
    Embedded Links: No embedded links are allowed on pictures.

    5. Links: There is a difference between a text link (www.bdsmlibrary.com), which is called an “outlink,” and a link embedded in a picture (click on the picture, it takes you to another site), commonly called a “hotlink.”

    Text Links/ “Outlinks”: Typing in a web address to another site, no matter the site, IS allowed, as long as a.) the outlink is in size 2 font or smaller, and b.) the outlink is not spam. You are permitted to post outlinks inside a thread post. However, if they become excessive, or deemed inappropriate a moderator may remove them.

    “Hotlinking”: Applies ONLY to pictures & videos. When you click on a picture and it takes you to a different site, that’s a “hotlink.” You don’t know where you are going, what the picture contains, or whether it’s a legitimate picture. For instance, by clicking on the picture, you could be downloading a virus or Trojan horse to your computer. Additionally, if the picture is taken down by the other site, it leaves debris behind that clogs up our server.

    There is NO linking via pictures (“hotlinking”) to other sites allowed.

    To check if the picture is “hotlinked”: If you click on the picture, and it takes you to a different website, the picture is HOTLINKED and is NOT ALLOWED.
    Example: There is a picture of a naked female tied up on a table. When you click on the picture, you are taken to www. externalinkedsite. com website. That’s a hotlink and NOT ALLOWED.
    Example: You click on a picture and it opens the picture up in a separate window without taking you to an external site, that’s NOT a hotlink and IS allowed.

    Any link that contains information not allowed (child porn, spam, “hotlink”, etc.) may be removed by an Admin at anytime and may result in possible loss of privileges.

    6. Sponsors: Our sponsors pay for our site and that is why it can be FREE to EVERYONE. Constructive posts relating to the banner and other ads are permitted, however NO posts such as “These banner ads suck” are allowed.

    7. Visitor Messages:
    1. Deleting visitor messages on your profile view: you may delete any of your own visitor messages. Be aware, however, that although the message will be deleted, a note saying it was deleted will remain: this is for admin reasons. To edit your visitor messages, open you profile, and you will see that any visitor messages you have are listed on the left hand side. Down the right side of each message Is a note to tell you the age of the message, a tick box and underneath a link to report abusive messages.
    Check the tick box of the messages you wish to delete then scroll down to the foot of the messages where you will see a drop down menue box under the title 'Moderation'. Choose 'Delete Messages' from the list and click on the 'Go' button.

    8. Personals Threads:
    If you are not replying to the original poster for interest in their personal ad, you MAY NOT POST in the personal thread. There is NO posting in personals thread to provide commentary on the posting, or on other posters' posts, etc. You MAY NOT POST in personals threads UNLESS you are seeking to meet/talk with the original poster.

    9. Politics/Religion:
    The ONLY PLACE in Forums that politics & religion may be discussed are in the Editorial Section in the respective threads. NO politics & religion may be discussed on visitor walls, in signature blocks, in profiles, in other threads, etc. Any postings of politics or religion anywhere else by members are subject to removal & administrative action. News events may fall under the "politics or religion" heading. Blogs are not included as "forums" for this rule.

    FORUMS STAFF RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ANY POST AT ANY TIME. If your post is removed and you are unclear as to why, please PM a Forums Admin.
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