It's come to my attention that there are some "seasoned" members that are having difficulties accessing Forums and/or Chat.

First off Site is up and running GREAT! We recently changed server companies and of late the "normal" drop outs and downtime has been 99.9% eliminated!

However with this recent change came a server IP change as well, this seems to have caused folks difficulties to re-enter, Why? . Well without going into lengthly "TechSpeak" I'll try to make it short, sweet and simple.

Older (not age here) members including myself have/had desktop direct icons into Forums/Chat. This is where part of the "issue" is!!

Older server had one location/IP new server has different location/IP,, IF older members have direct access (via icon, link, bookmark, and sometimes passwords etc) this causes YOUR computer to look for the site at one location when the site is now at different location.

Not ALL systems operate in this manner but some do so,,,,,,,,,,,

To the folks out there that have contact with older members that are having "issues" logging on or accessing have them do the following,,,,

1. Remove any direct link, icon, bookmark, etc with site
2. Clear all cookies and history
3. Refresh/reboot their computer
4. Log back into site NOW IMPORTANT NOTE HERE FOR ALLL !!!! You MUST remember to click the ""Remember ME" box at the log in screen or system will run you in circles till you do! It will repeatedly say "Your not logged in" !!!

If the member is still having issues after that send me a PM in Forums as to members name, the ONLY other step is to reset their password. IF all else doesn't work members can always re-register, then send me a PM and I'll "merge" their accounts, giving them back their old name and stats, etc.

THANKS ALLL for your patience and understanding, any questions please send me a PM in Forums,

Be Well