Members, We're ALL aware that the Library has gone thru alot of "issues" . We are working everyday to rebuild this site back to its former glory.

Most issues with the Story site have been corrected and the fine Authors are once again submitting new stories.

As of today the access into the Tasking Society have been updated.

Chat is slowly getting more folks in to talk and exchange ideas.

Here's were we NEED your help!!!!!!!!!!!

1. We need members to post in the Forums. This is critical the more posts drive the site "hits" and keep us as number 1 in searches which attracts more members.

2. We need folks to view and possibly join with our sponsors, just clicking onto the ads of our sponsors does help!!!

3. We need more folks IN chat, not just pop in and out without sticking around for a bit.

4. And always need more stories submitted. So you wannabe Authors out there give it a try sometimes.

As I mentioned before PLEASE post in Forums!!!!! Its easy, costs nothing and drives traffic!!!!!

THANKS for being here, we WILL return this Site back to its former glory in no time with YOUR help!!


p.s. We need volunteers to moderate areas of the Forums and Chat