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the unknown Dominant

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I wanted to learn so going on line, I placed an ad
Submissive, age 29, slim, long hair, female seeking Dominant to teach me about BDSM.
Responses swamped my inbox…38, 59, 71! I was feeling overwhelmed so shut off my profile temporary while I went through the emails.
Badboy sounded the best, promising, evil, just like a badboy.
I will go with him and respond back.
What do I say?
Hello Badboy, I liked your response and would like to meet you. How do we go about this?
Immediately my inbox came back with an email and my heart raced…that was fast!
It was from Badboy so I clicked it and read…
“hello slut, give me your address, be naked, blindfolded and waiting for me, leave your door unlocked and no peeking.
My fingers were trembling as I typed my address in. He typed he would be there in half an hour. Be ready.
Quickly I went off in search of something to use as a blindfold…I was terrified but this is how it is supposed to be
Me obeying a Dominant, me submitting to him; trusting with my heart, my mind, my soul, my body and giving myself to him.
Finding a long scarf, I then stripped naked and proceeded to wrap the scarf around my eyes and tied it snug then sat upon the floor.
My mind was racing, what will happen? The books, the stories, what I have read on forums all say some give pain, some expect service, some sexual but all say it will be fine with a safe word and a caring Dominant.
Soon enough I hear the front door open and I almost ripped off the blindfold and bolted when I felt his grip upon my shoulders tracing down to my wrists where something cold and hard clipped and snapped in place. I felt him lean over me and attach the cold steel to my other wrist, bound behind my back.
“hello slut” he laughed. “What a predicament you are in right now.” Then he pushes me over and grabs my feet. I feel something wrap around my left ankle, then right and then quickly wrap around my neck before I could even respond, and pull tight, choking me. I start to struggle and speak, demanding to be let go and feel the sting in my nipples.
“listen slut, you do as I say, got that?” I will not kill you so take it easy but you give me a hard time, I will give you a harder time. With that something rough was shoved in my mouth and the rope was wrapped around my mouth and back down around my neck and back down to my knees and pulled into this weird tight arc, my back feeling as though it would snap, I was bent back so extremely and could not even wiggle without feeling it tighten against my neck. I could barely breathe as it was.
I feel such pain biting into my nipple and cry into the gag, tears start streaming down my cheeks as i try to shake the misery and pain off my nipple but this only makes it worse and his laughter taunted me but I couldn’t hide from him. My other nipple faired the same biting pain, burning, tearing. I was sure he was cutting them off, it hurt so terribly. My tears wouldn’t stop and I didn’t dare move but he didn’t care.
He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me on to my stomach and then I tried to fight, jerking my body but this only made him laugh me and it only increased the pain for me.
Already exhausted, my head pulled back towards my feet, my body in a circle, i rocked on my stomach trying to get comfortable but there was no comfort. Suddenly I heard a weird sound. Like sucking air and felt this sudden explosion of fire, searing, jarring, instant severing pain upon the bottom of my feet and my struggles started new.
Again, the explosion upon my other foot, reaching all the way into my mind, I was in shock now.
“this my dear is a cane…I love caning tender soles of feet, almost as much as i love torturing asses and yours looks delectable. Ever have your ass fucked…oh look at you shake your head. No?
Let me see if I can find a small butt plug to start you off then” and I heard more laughter.
I had no clue
Aw. Poor sweetheart. All i have is this inflatable butt plug, here let me try it for size okay. I will be gentle…hmm no lube. You better suck on it honey, wet it. There, that should good enough!
Hold still and relax, this wont take long.
When I regained consciousness again, he was gone…and I was on the floor with blood seeping out of my ass, my feet throbbing, on fire and bleeding, a note left on the floor beside my head…Hello dear, you were such a spoil sport but I left you a gift of thank you in your nipples.
I look forward to seeing you next week and pictures of you turned out beautifully.
Behave and be ready. We wouldn’t want these pictures getting into the wrong hands would we. I know you have two beautiful children.
Take care.
p.s. Your ass really needs training.
Looking down, just before I pass out again, I see large needles piercing both my nipples and dried blood coating half of my black and purple breasts.



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