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It was late, the Mall was closing and eerily my car was one of about 5 vehicles left in the parking lot and I happened to be parked in a dark spot farthest away from the mall. I walked my groceries and bags out by cart and started putting them in the trunk. With the trunk full, and three bags still left, I turned to put them in the back seat. Reaching with the last bag, bending over to place it on the floor, I felt rough hands grab my hair, holding my head down in a way I couldn’t turn to see who it was, all I knew was this person was strong. Something slipped over my eyes and was tied tight, blocking my vision completely. I tried kick back and up, fought hard to twist my body, to wiggle out of the hold, but firm, muscled thighs were pressed right up against my buttocks trapping me against the car and back seat, allowing me little movement.

He then grabbed my arms, dragging his hands down to my wrists and capturing them and tied then behind me, then unbuttoned my pants, growling. “Don’t you dare scream or say anything”. Yanking down my pants and buckling my knees to the floorboard of the car, my bum now bare, I felt his hands touching me, yanking open my labia then he drove his huge thick member right into me and held there with a moan for a second before he started battering me, in and out so hard and deep, so fast I could feel my teeth chatter. God it hurt, pain seared through my body and I felt he was ripping me apart from the inside out. In horror and shock, all I could think was “Oh my god, no…please don’t let this happen!”

“God you feel so good slut:” he said as he pounded into me, “so damned wet, I know you are getting off on this, but I was told not to let you cum…how that feels? Knowing you are being fucked by someone you don’t know, I know you are enjoying this, feel how I am stretching your hole slut? Oh you know that I know and you are NOT allowed to cum…”

He let out such an evil laugh and then he grabbed my hair, and gruffly said, “and it ain’t stopping here, this is the beginning for a very long few days for you sweetie. Someone wants your ass good and is going to teach you a few lessons. By the time he is done with you, you will know everything about serving, fucking, sucking, being used, being submissive, obedience and respect; and you will never cum again. Before you die, every inch of your body inside and out will be screaming in pain and bleeding from use.

Sinisterly he added “and I will be there slut, to help him train you”

With that he gave one huge lunge with his long cock, driving right into me while letting go of me at the same time and I fell face first into the back seat. He belted violently onto my ass, my bare cheeks felt split Pain ratcheted throughout my pelvic. He then tied my feet, and reached in my pocket for my car keys, humming away, and closed the door getting in the front.

I heard him start the car, trembling from fear and frustration, shock sinking in fast and his words, “before I die” echoed numbly.

It seemed to be such a long drive, he didn’t speak another word and I stopped trying to figure out which direction we were going. All i knew is we were out of the city for some time now.
Who would do this, would want this, why? Did I hurt someone? Piss anyone off? I couldn’t figure out or find any answers so I tried to talk to him, he again told me to shut up or it will be a gag next. This shut me up really fast.

After it seemed to be a couple hours of driving, the car slowed down, and I groaned softly, fear growing again of the unknown, of what was to come, being completely helpless.

After parking the car, I heard him get out and open the back door, he dragged me out by my feet, my head dragging on the ground, gravel biting and ripping my skin as I struggled to get loose.
“Fight baby but it doesnt matter, there is no where to go and no one will hear you.”

I heard a door open and a voice quietly say “good… you have her” Every thing is set up and ready, come on in.

I started to squirm, which was greeted by kick between my legs, right up into my hole and an involuntary scream let loose as I tried to curl into a ball but another pair of hands grabbed my hair and I was carried up the steps into the house by my feet and hair.
I soon learned it was useless to struggle; I knew this now, it was much too late.

Inside, I could feel the warmth, hear a sudden silence, then suddenly I was dropped on the floor on my back, my privates bared, hands still tied behind me, blindfold still tightly in place. Next thing I knew my shirt and bra were ripped off with violence. My legs were untied and pants gone, then tied back up and still left lying there in the silence.

Quickly becoming very unnerved my mind scrambled to think, figure out who, why, what next, will I even live through this evening, or how many days? That bastard said die?

Then there was a hand softly tracing my cheek, under my chin, grabbing me there and squeezing…"ah, slut how are you? You might not remember me, but I certainly remember you, you rebuked my offer once, scornfully saying I was not a true Master…do you remember now?”

“Now I will show you that I am a true Master, show you the control I have over myself, my friends and you, and what you will do for me, what I will do to you and you will remember this for the rest of your shortened life because you wont be leaving this place alive. Bitches like you really piss me off and you don’t deserve to live.

With that He let go, then pain shot through my sensitive nipples, eliciting a sharp scream and I heard a snicker of laughter shoot out from close by, the pain intensified until I thought I might not be able to take anymore yet determined I would not beg or show weakness and I fought this so hard, damn him!

I felt my legs being stretched unbearably wide, my artificial hip snapped from the pressure. Needles were shoved into tender skin, pain shooting and searing through every orifice of my body, my ass plugged and blown up, something shoved into my cunt and continually expanding as they twisted it, laughing, something about a banshee pear but my mind was already fogging over with pain.
Hey boss, we are out of needles, can we just switch to nails and spikes. We are going to hang her by the tits anyways...why not just nail them to the beam, nail her clit too. She won't be needing it where she is going. This was followed by laughter and the first blow of shredding pain through my nipples, Two blows and excruciating pain, looking down I see spikes mashing into my nipples, blood spurting everywhere. Another piece of my body being torn off and a spike through my left tit, the head buried beyond skin....I passed out as I heard a voice close by yelling for someone to get a mallet.
this was all I was going to feel, they were going to keep me conscious and alive until every part of me was torn apart...
this will be my last memory,
life is overrated any way.

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  1. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    Very hot and cold at the same time...I can admit to having the same kind of grim fantasies sometimes, though I'm not at all into snuff in itself.
  2. Echoes's Avatar
    thank you love. i had her death all written up and ready to post, needing just a few final touches and now I cannot find it. How frustrating. Ah well, back to the drawing boards. May hap it is on my older laptop.


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