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Killing echoes

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Here is where anyone inclined can have their fun killing echoes off. If no one desires I will be back to finish the job.
be well.

Updated 05-09-2016 at 06:23 PM by Echoes

Tags: bsdm, dead, snuff


  1. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    *walks in, slaps your sweet face, ties your hands behind your back and weighs a knife in my hands, catching the worried gleam in your eyes as I ponder where to stab that woman*
  2. Echoes's Avatar
    gagged Louise's slaps on my face stung yet only served to fuel my defiance, my burning anger at the world. I did momentarily hesitate, a tiny bit worried about the knife in her hand looking all too comfortable there, I figured I had nothing to lose now and I would go down fighting.
  3. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    Kicking right at your calf with a sly grin I could see your pain and anger surging, but before you had the time to say anything I made a shallow stab at your right arm, saw the blood pouring onto your skin and then reached close with my free hand to grasp at your jaws and clamp them shut. Being ball gagged myself, I wanted to make sure that neither of us could speak - grunts are so raw and erotic, don't you agree? With my thumb under your chin I forced your slave mouth shut, watched your scornful, fuming eyes and prepared to push the back of your head against the wall...
  4. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    "Are you enjoying yourself, bitch?" are some of the words simmering in my mind as muscles are tensed to whack Echoes' head into the wall. With her hands firmly bound behind her back and her mouth shut, she won't stand a chance, will she?
  5. Echoes's Avatar
    I hiss at the doubled sensation of pain in my calf, feeling my foot cramp up, leg muscles pulling and burning and the heat twisting in my arm where you knifed me. The warm trickle of blood, wetness dripped down my wrist. My eyes glare at you with my own mental daggers.
    "You are lucky my hands are bound right now," I whisper through clenched teeth as i try to flex and maneuver my leg and foot while working my bindings.
    "Your gag looks good on you, matches your nails, your slippery drool dripping down your chin...oh come on baby, let me lick it up for you, just a little closer will fix things right now. You know you want to, come here sugah"
    My eyes turn seductive, a small smile flits across my pouty lips as I slide my tongue wetly across them.
    I flex and curl my hips, beckoning invitingly.
    "let me lick your ball gag pretty Louise", I purr invitingly
  6. Echoes's Avatar
    kicking out suddenly, i knock the knife out of your hand and immediately swipe your feet out from under you. I then jump, landing on top of you, twisting my legs around and wrapping them tightly, pinning your arms and hands to your waist and you on the ground.
    "You forgot to bind the rest of me you little wench...now let me drool on top of you while you lay there helpless and unable to move.
    I do believe I am enjoying myself, i am a little wet!
  7. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    Your sudden move knocks me off balance and before I know it, the knife has tumbled out of my hand. With a lot of thrashing and a loud, muffled grunt from out of my throat I reel sideways and down. Knocked to the floor and panting I am suddenly caught under your body, your legs keeping my calves (and right arm) in check and the weight of your body pinning down my arms and breasts. I look up at your cold gleeful grin, realising that your wishes are dark and devious... "No!" I try to growl behind the ball gag securely fixed with a padlock in the back of my head.
  8. Echoes's Avatar
    I watch you squirm, shaking your head back and forth and I ask sweetly, "are you grunting dearest"
    Who holds the lock to your gag, will he or she rescue you?
    My fingers behind me work madly at the knots while my legs still hold you tight...soon I shall be free. Sloppy work, did you think me inexperienced? New at rope and bondage that I have not learned to free myself? tsk tsk.
    Finally free!

    with one hand holding your head to the floor so that you won't be able to head butt me, I lean over and whisper into your ear..."what is your safe word dear?
    Kill me? Break me? I think not!"
    Picking up your knife, I admire it. "It sure is a pretty knife though, t'would be a shame to put 'er to waste, serrated on one side. Sharp, very sharp."
    I sigh as I slide the knife down your breast, leaving a nice red welt with a tiny bit of blood beading out. I traced the knife to your nipple standing out so firm and pointed.
    I trace circles around your nipple as I muse out loud, delighted you could not answer. hmm, what will happen if I just poke here, will the knife slide in your tender flesh or just tickle.
    Are you shivering yet?
    It seems we are at an impasse. What shall I do?
    Updated 06-22-2016 at 09:57 PM by Echoes (freeing my hands!)
  9. Echoes's Avatar
    the main and terrible point is, you did not give me a safe word did you?
  10. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    I am breathing hard through my nostrils, eyes glaring as you force my head down with one hand and pick uop the knife with the other. My arms are trapped by your powerful limbs, my thiughts racing while you let the knife graze my skin. I never figured the situation would change around so fast...Shaking my head and shivering I am very aware of how the knife could cause all sorts of pain or damage to me...or how your hand could punch my head into the floor just for fun...
  11. Echoes's Avatar
    shhhh oh beautiful gagged one. i have a better use for such a feisty submissive.
    Maybe you are tamable...hahahaha
    please do not be...
    but for now I need to find a secure place for you as I need sleep.
    It wouldn't do for me to screw up out of exhaustion. I believe there is a nice cell over yonder, with a cement slap for a bed, a water bowl, a puppy pad for you to pee on and even a blanket.
    Am I not the most considerate and nicest Echoes?
    May your dreams be full of echoes.

    come on now, up, up!
    scoot on into that cell like a good girl!
  12. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    With my hands secured behind me I am marched a couple of meters down the hall and then pushed down on my knees. With a hard gaze your eyes tell me to scoot into the cold, medieval-looking cell, across the threshold to a new prison. Grunting softly I heave myself forward on the floor, on knees like a slave, moving closer to the grey cement slab. Silently I crawl up on it, landing on my stomach with my wrists bound tight behind my back.

    I am under your control, locked up by your hands and waiting. A good bad girl.
  13. Echoes's Avatar
    "Such a good little girl now."
    You can hear me purr huskily as my nails dig into your back and rake down towards your quivering ass.

    You know, as much as a woman can get a hard on, i have a hard on for all things medieval.
    you and I had a discussion once about a certain pear, do you remember this?

    I clap my hands suddenly, watching your body jump, startled and you actually moaned softly.

    In glee, I smile evilly and let you in on a huge surprise.
    I tell you i have acquired a sweet pear just for you my darling!

    The cell was suddenly filled with hot, humid silence as I let this bit of news sink in, waiting, waiting for your delightful reaction

    Noticing your hands looking a dark purple I decide to be...conscientious of the little nasty bitch who tried to kill me. My anger seeping out a bit, before I reign it back in.

    Placing my knee just above where your wrists were bound, i lean in with all my weight, delighted to hear you once again grunt, and I loosen the rope and roughly massage your hands.

    "Arm binders, Pear, Heretic Fork, Judas Cradle. Spanish Donkey, two Spiked collars for those lovely tits. I softly whisper my list to you, watching your reactions to each name."

    Of course, if I hang you upside down, you will stay conscious longer with each little play session we have.

    I watch your head thrash a bit as pain rushes into your hands.

    You give me such pleasure darling! You are so filled with expression. Soon I will watch every little nuance in your eyes too, I will see into the soul of you, know you completely and you will talk to me loud and clear, wearing that beautiful gag.

    you feel me binding your hands back up, snug, properly, so you cannot escape. My long nails picking at your delicate skin as I twist and knot the ropes, scratching and cutting you. pin picks of pain. You weren't sure if I was actually using needles.

    No blind fold yet.
    I push a bowl full of grey mush with a long straw in it towards your water bowl and gracefully stood off you, stretching magnificently, my lush breasts swelling languidly, and I walked towards the door.
    "you can get up to eat, there is a hole in the floor to relieve yourself, you might want to stretch as best as you can, get some exercise. I will come hose you down, sometime.
    Figure out the food and water yourself...pee in it if you have to, I did.
    you hear the door clang shut and key click in place...
  14. Echoes's Avatar
    my apologies, there has been a family situation and I must break away from this for a short bit :heart:


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