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without permission

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People do not abandon others at will
Or so I thought,
Who would make a play upon others heart
To maim and destroy?
Life was a baby grand waiting for subtle caresses
or passionate clashes;
symphonies to be played,
Champagne in fluted crystal
Or the heeled shoe of a lady
to dribble sultry
merriment of the innocent.
Belief in Gentlemen with honor
Integrity of all classes
But who wears a moral compass, not I!
It was just a belief
Pipe dream orchestrated from meandering trust
And colossal creativity of love.

This was way before ghosting was ever formulated into meaning.
was I ever young and stupid
back then.

Now, I stand
A veritable tempest
Donít even think of touching me
Donít even look my way
For I will destroy you
Kowtow is no how
And this ho will blow no one
But I can sure huff and puff
Just make sure you carry bricks
I am not some delicate flower
Needing nurturing from another
I need no love
I can count on myself
knights in shining armor do not exist
I can save myself or self destruct if I care
Without permission



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