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It appears to me that I cannot control my disrespectful nature (not really a huge surprise)
I have yet again disrespected a prominent and prestigious Dominant here in the Library, and this gives me great pain to know I do this.
The last time I left the forums t'was because I was in a relationship that ended badly, yet the other submissive was dealing with greater pain and had more need of support from friends here than I and my being here only served to be salt in her wound, so I chose to bow away.
I am deleting my account...not that I am egotistical enough to think it would honestly matter to anyone. *soft smile* in complete honesty. I just i refuse to partake in making others miserable or bring negativity to them and i seem to be adept at this and continue to do so, without regard for anyone else's feelings.
I haven't been submissive for years and my temperament proves this, being demanding and needy.
so without further adieu, I say adieu and am deleting old echoes. It is time she is retired anyway,

so if anyone is still here, adieu and the very best in life.
take care.


  1. Echoes's Avatar
    well, as soon as I find someone to delete my account...
  2. Odysseus's Avatar
    Lol...that may be a while
  3. Echoes's Avatar
    heh so I have noticed...
  4. gagged_Louise's Avatar
    Looks like there are still echoes to be heard...
  5. Echoes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gagged_Louise
    Looks like there are still echoes to be heard...
    Hi beautiful


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