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Celebrating his life one final time, but always in my heart

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(gentle giant)
He did not pick me up when he found me crumpled and fallen upon the rocks. He knelt beside and held me, listened and talked and though I cannot remember our words that fateful day 40 years ago, his voice soothed me, healed me enough that I had the will to get up and walk again on my own. He taught me hope.

Many times, in my life I have found my self cast off and so completely alone with no one to turn to, he was there, just a simple phone call away, to talk, to listen, to share.

Important moments of my life when no one else would show up, again he was there; an indication that I mattered or even a tiny recognition that I existed in someone’s heart, life and that I was from somewhere.

I have never felt I belonged anywhere, not in this world, not in society and just when I was about to disappear, we would talk, meet up to exchange a hug and a book, always a book, either his own writings or one of his favorite authors.

At times when my mental illness would swamp me, overwhelm me, I would call him, and we would do our "insanity check."

This man was a videographer for sports, author, healer, great lover of word, wonderful husband and father. He loved to share life and he greatly changed all people who were touched by him.

He passed away the 30th of December 2018 and I find at times I am overwhelmed by grief, by loss, with pain enough my mind shatters and I forget what I am doing while doing it.
I lose complete focus and thought, so filled with raw emotion.
Yes, it is life, will get better, will ease.

He was a beautiful man and this world has lost another wonderful soul.



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