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    After a few weeks like this I took sub into my office and did the after care with her I asked if she learned her lesson I told next time she would be in the garden with Alajandro and that he would fuck anyrthing as he was a horny bastard. He got a slave prefnent at his last job and the owners sent him away I picked him up like I did sissy just walking the srtreet so I had doc give him a vacestamy. so he would shoot blancks. After this she took her place on her knees And began sucking my cock after she was done and swolled all my come. I got up grabbed her leash and made her walk on all fours we went outside I saw Alajsndro ah fresh meat he said and slid his fingers over her pussy no not yet maybe next time I said and we continued to walk we saw the horses pulling the carts for the slaves to harvest and alajandro whipping the slaves to pick faster and work harder no water they were in the sun they only got a lunch break and that was it 12 hrs in the feild from sun up till sun down. Look this is your next stop sub if you screw up again I kept walking and showed her the huts they lived in small 3x3 no bed t hey slept on the ground no blankets and during the winter they went into the dungeon and were used to package the harvest and as slave girls for clients in the hotel or alajandros freinds came and he used them for there sick twisted pleasure. I called a meeting on Friday morning I told Amber that today would be her last day I handed her an envelope with $1000 told her it was her severence pay she asked if she could stay and learn I told her she would have to start at the bottom and would be treated like the rest of the slaves and she would start out in the garden and I would evaluate her and evventualy move her in as a maid and so on I also told her that she would have to go throught the process that all subs go through when they come here. she agreed so I told her to let me finish up here and I would draw up her contract. I then turned my attetion to sissy 1 tols him to fuck bruits and every one would watch including amber he did so as he got on all fours and brutis did his thing. Next I went to Misty and told her that she was reinstated in the hotel only to control sissy 2 sub had control of every one else I looked her in the eyes I told her if she fucked up it wsa to the garden for her and I also told sissy 1 that he was not to antaginize her or he would be out on the street just like I founbd him. I am sick of all the pettyness in this castle from now we are a family and i know familys have fights but we all got a job to do so lets do it. Sissy 1 your job is to write an order for me as far as supplies we need for the hotel and what food we need in the house from the garden and from the store so you and alajandro will be talking alot. Sub your job remains the same as far as what we agreed on and as far as the hotel goes you are to be sitting behind the desk and Jan is to be cleaning and is in charge of the maid staff to clean the house along with the hotel and once a week I will have a meeting with the head of each department to adress any problems that occur no one is to punish any one I will do that sissy 1 your in charge of the docks and salve intake to get them ready for me to put them through the systom and at intake and ordering food from the garden and market * you will send it to me every Monday or the following week sissy 2 my computers and camera systom and wifi for the guests all that computer programimg stuff along with any new vervions of windows and what not sub my wife the hotel checking in and out costomers along with staff that is there Jan ordering hotel supplies and making sure the hotel and the hosue are spotless Misty nothing except punishing your husband after I do so he gets the double wammy lol I then turned towrds amber sissy 1 take her away and have her strip in the cell Ill be down later with her contract and to do her insepction lets go we all got work to do
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