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    2 Days Ago
    I was in my offive watching this wondering if I should let it fo on or get her to my office. I let it go as I looked into a cruise for us I found one that toured Italy we would fly to california then to Allaska and then we would be off to napoli where we would get a boat and tour italy up the coast we would stop in consana Mutri rome venie mulan all the hot spots. It was a two week cruise I would bave to find someone to leve in charge. Turks name came to mind as cruella would be coming in two weeks as she sold her house and she them would fully submit to me god I love the thought of that. I keep watching and as they got done I paged subsesrviant to my office. when she got there I told her that I had booked us a cruise and we were going it was a honeymoon as we really didn't have one we went right to Toronto and set up hte new hotel and really didn;t spend any time together si I arranged for Turk to take over for the two weeksd that we were gone I t old her we were going to visit the village where my family was from Casona Mututri Rome Venicd Mulan the hole nine so its going to be fun . Afgter I was done I told her I saw what she had done in hte docs office and then told her crawl and give me a blow job shed did so not knowing if I was going to punishe her oafter or berfore it was neitehr I wasnt going to I can keep a secert but next time ask me to paly with the help especialy thre new help After she was done I ahd ehr do her job in my office to file all the paper work and I wen to relax by the pool and tanning lamps I told her to come find me when she was done and we would go to dnner yes sir she aid and with that I left.
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    3 Days Ago
    Now that everything is back to normal or as normal as it can be I consentrated on sub and finding us a vacation spot just the two of us. I was thinking Disney na to crowded nudest beaches were possiblity or maybe a trip to a private island my freind owned just two the two of us I know we were there before when jen and sub had those copetions and the loser got sold at auction. I think it would be fun it will be a suprise for sub we will do normal things like an actual married couple go to dinner have sex and what not. Marge was picked up in canada by the police on a tip from Candy. Speaking of which I hadn't checed in with then in a while so I did I asked Candy if everything was alll right things were going smooth except for a problem slave they had but she took care of them she sent t hem to the donkey * who has no name * she was slapping my borthers cock when I told her not too now my brothers in a chastiy belf and I have the key. M y mother is finally retired and so I took over last week yes I am a ware of it but don't let it go to your head casue just l ike that I can take it away. yes sir she said how are we on orders and the business side of the hotel great people are cming in and staying with us after you opened it digniatires and guests a like are having fun using corninlious and Jen and all the salves they also want to know if we are going to build a pool as they want on I will see if anyhting I have one here thats hard neough to keep up but we will see and with that I loged out went to my room and put on my trunks and went and sat by the pool for the after noon the pool was enclosed in glass so you could see outside but not in the pool was an in ground it had a a shallow end that was 4 ft deep the other end was 12 t deep it had a diving board 3 of them at one ontop of th other a slide twistedthis going to interseting they also had tanning laps at each lounge chair
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    6 Days Ago
    Today was subs last day with marge so I called Toronto to see how things are going. Candy told me Marge was wanted by the police I asked what for she aid rape and I lol she siad yes and she went into graphic details about what he did well I told her her he was here. Did I just fin me an other sissy sub to work the docks at my Toronto hotel. I would have to sleep on it. I wewnt to my office and saw sub ther she was bruised and batter I told her looked like hell and asked her if she had fun Marge and Misty.she said good sir. Just then my phone rang it was paul looking for Misty I told him she was here and she didn't want to talk to him I told him file for a stright devorce which means whats yours is yours and hers is hers I get sissy as payment he said he would do me one better he always waanted his wife to be treated like a sub and broken so he said he would only if MIsty agreed to do that I told him give me till Friday today is Monday. I called Misty into my office and told her I spoke to Paul and told her what was said how I got him to agree to a straight divorce on the condtions of her being mine anad sissy also being mine her as a slave he always wanted you as a sub and to be broken I also told her that as soon as the divoce was over so was her time being a sub but she had to do it for the mean time and she had untill Friday to think about it. Next I got a hold of Marge and told her I talked to Candy in Toronto and found something interestng out and todl him hew as a wanted person an d I knew the police capt. in Toronto he was at my last auction I also told him that I would help keep him outa jail all he had to was go work the docks and stay in Toronto no travel just do his ob he would have a place over his head and what not he asked if he still wants to finish using sub I told him no and sent him to pack to go back to Toronto. I told him to chceck in with chris. I gave im a train ticket and had my limo driver bring him there. I looked at sub glad to have you back pulled her back onto my lap and ran my hand up her skirt and teased her clit and pussy thats a preview of whats to come tonight after my shower
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