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In Respect For Online Relationships:

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Everyone has their their own views and opinions on this subject. it is one that I am sure has been discussed many times and in many ways . We are all entitled to our own opinion. As well we should. But as this is my blog well then here is my opinion.

First and foremost let me say. Despite all the feedback I get. It can and does work. Does it take work? Yes it does. Does it take trust? Absolutely, in fact probably much more than real time.

But I get tired of those who say to me, it is only living out a fantasy. Living it through online is not a D/s relationship.

Sorry but I beg to differ as is my right. A lot of D/s is mental. The mind does not know if you are in real time or not. Yet the mind is what instigates arousal. It all starts there. Looks don't matter. Age does not matter. The mind does not care. As all of that is only cosmetic anyway.

But don't tell me online is fake and no more than a fantasy. It is not. It can be and is as real as the two people involved want it to be. Is physical better? Yes in some ways and I have had both. But that is not possible for me now so I take what i can get.

But respect my views rather than put them down. If you can live the real life D/s then great I am happy for you, but don't try and tell me mine is only fantasy because it is just online. I have the confidence and self assurance to know better. This is not referred to anyone specifically on this site. Just stating my views and how I feel. I am not a blogger but just felt the need to speak my opinion if for no other reason just because I can and wish to, thanks to this wonderful site which allows me to express my opinion . .

Now if you have read this... I thank you for your time and any comments and views are welcome. Would love to hear your feedback if you so desire to take the time to respond. But please do so in a respectable manner.

Thank You for your time


  1. Gregmlv2012 {alleana}'s Avatar
    well said Sassy
  2. Just2Bme's Avatar
    Thank you Gregg
  3. just_ine's Avatar
    Preach sista preach!

    I've had both. I respect each person to do what they feel works for them.
    When I hear people criticise online, I smile and feel some pity for them, because they obviously haven't experienced it as it is possible to experience it.

  4. Just2Bme's Avatar
    Thank You just_ine xxx
  5. dave's Avatar
    Dear Miss Sassytata,
    You and I have had many good days online. Sometimes all you can do is all we can do. I am happy for what we have and I cherish my online time with You.
    Others may not like it but certainly should respect us for it.
    Hope to see You in chat soon.
  6. darkskr's Avatar
    Those who cannot accept the reality of an on line relationship are, in my not so humble opinion, not able to benefit from the mental aspects, the use of ones imagination and the mental connection that is inherent if an on line relationship. I regret that I have not been able to state it as well as sassytata. Well spoken
  7. Just2Bme's Avatar
    Thank you Sir. I appreciate your comments.
  8. lambie's Avatar
    Hello Sassy
    i followed dave's tracks here and after reading your comments, felt a need to comment myself.
    i agree with you totally and also have had both types of D/s and i found that in some ways that online can go even deeper then r/t in that you have to really get into someones head to be a close your Dominant or submissive.
    i found myself telling Her things that i wouldn't have if i had been at Her feet. So dont listen to credits, just do what feels right for You.
    also i am a lot shyer in person so online first has also helped me
    peace lambie
    Updated 10-15-2016 at 02:34 AM by lambie
  9. Chem1971's Avatar
    I have a mostly online relationship with my master and it is incredibly intense. I find we open up more to each other than when we talk on the phone. However I also find misunderstandings can take longer to resolve than if we were together "IRL". If it works for you then it's no one else's business. Let them have the relationship THEY want. You enjoy what you have xx
  10. Just2Bme's Avatar
    What a nice response and you are so right. It can work if willing to put in the effort to make it so. Many online do not, But the intensity that can be created when you are in someone's head and the trust that follows is simply awesome when the two involved are truly in tune to each other . Thank You !!! and lambie to
  11. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    We have not met yet but I have seen your profile in passing. Like many others before have stated, I too, have had online and real time experiences. Oddly enough, just yesterday I was driving home comparing my experiences. I believe my online experiences have been much richer and intense in some ways. The mental connection far surpasses what I have experienced in real life. Granted, my real life experiences are very limited but still, what I have experienced with I'll say...three men online far surpasses the men I have spent time with in real life.

    So I say to you, ENJOY!! Relish every minute of your online relationship. Lose yourself in every email exchange, love the feeling of the pounding in your chest and the way your stomach drops when your Dom/Mistress says just the words that send you soring. Most of all, just have fun and of course be RESPECTFUL! *smiles and winks*

  12. Just2Bme's Avatar
    Nice to meet you sweetlynaughty and i could not have said that better myself.. The relationship I am in now though online far surpasses any I have had in intensity because of the time spent together and the trust we have developed ..Thank You so much for your comment .
  13. 1HotMILF's Avatar
    I'm a novice starting my journey into this lifestyle a few months ago. I'm trying to understand the online thing. This is my first, and likely my only, post. I've chatted with more "Doms" than I care to admit (old guard Doms, wannabe Doms , novice Doms...) Some of these "Doms" are attached and their spouses are not privy to their online activities. With all due respect, if it's not fantasy does that mean all the married folks having online relationships are, in fact, committing adultery (under previously stated parameters?) What about the sub involved, if she knows of the marital status, is she a home wrecker? Obviously there are going to be those who embrace their deception and I totally respect their honesty and lifestyle decisions. I'm addressing those who claim its real and at the same time claim it's fantasy, therefore it doesn't effect their primary rl relationship. If the online relationship is real, how often do "successful" online relationships turn physical (irl). These are just questions, I hope you take them in the spirit I'm asking. Haters need not respond! Thx.
  14. bassett5's Avatar
    Not a hater and I understand your questioning. Personally, everyone knows upfront. That's just me.
  15. 1HotMILF's Avatar
    Haha, bassett5, I'm glad you're not a hater...Thx for your response.


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