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    1 Day Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    On my knees, I smiled at Mistress Cruella and thanked her for allowing me to talk. "First off, I adore Laura and wouldn't do anything to purposely harm her. When Jeff wanted me to fuck her, he was humiliating you as well...And I could see the horrified look on your face when my cock was ready to enter her. Let me be straight, I only want to fuck her if she wants it. I think Jeff saw my hesitation, and told me to back off. I was relieved actually. Now as far as me being a faggot, that man forced his cock down my throat. I much prefer women, and I recall Mistress when you came into my stall and ordered me to suck your pussy. I much prefer pussies over cocks, but since I've been here, I've been abused endlessly by men. I know you would like to take your frustrations out on me, and I couldn't stop you. So go ahead; take me to that dungeon again, have your way with me, I don't care.
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    3 Days Ago
    This is the kind of stuff that drives people away from this site. The administrator should take notice.
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    3 Days Ago
    If you have a political opinion, say it here. Debate is a good thing. I might not agree with you, but you have a right to say it. sb6
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    3 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    I felt Jeff's cock pressed against my lips, Laura spread her legs wide. The bastard knew I wanted to fuck her terribly, but I was not going to force myself on her, and I think he saw the affection she had for Pat. But also, in an evil effort to humiliate Pat, he made her go down on Laura. Opening my mouth, I licked around the head. While he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth violently, he shouted, "Eat her pussy bitch!" I could feel his cock hit the back of my throat and I choked. "Come on boy, take it all!" I felt him pulse as he released a torrent of cum. "Swallow it boy!" A second later Laura gave out a boisterous shriek. When he was done, he merely rose, and bid us goodbye. "This was fun, see you all next week."
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    3 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    I did as Mike asked: defragmented the computers as well as improved the contrast and sharpness. When I was done, I rose from my seat and saw Subservient looking at me. I immediately dropped to my knees and kissed her feet. Mistress C was also there. She smiled at Subserviant. "I've got an idea. Why don't we take our slaveboy to the dungeon. We can have all kinds of fun with him." Subserviant got a gleam in her eye. "Let's get the other sissy as well." "Subs, I like the way you think."
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    3 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    Naked and on my knees in front of Mistress C, I was glad to be in the presence of my new owner. She was holding me by the leash attached to my thick leather collar. "Now slave, listen to me. Even though Master Mike sold you back to me, you will be required to help him out whenever he needs it. If he needs computer work or help on the docks, as well as an extra hand on special occasions, like parties, auctions and such." "Yes Mistress." "But for now, I need a rest, so follow me down to your cell." "Yes Mistress." "We are going to the club tonight, so be prepared to meet and greet anyone I tell you. " "Yes Mistress." After I had been in my basement cell for a few hours, she came down, got me out and ordered me to shower. Once done, she put a robe on me that covered the chastity tube I had on, and that was all. She led me by the leash out to her limo, where her driver was holding the passenger rear door open. She ordered me to lie on the floor, so she could rest her feet during the ride to the club. Once there, she got out first as the driver held the door. I crawled out and she led me on my hands and knees in the front door of the BDSM club. A burly gentleman stamped our wrists and admitted us. Once inside I could here the thwaps of whips, the smacks of paddles and the shrieks of pain and pleasure. Once she removed my robe, she led around the vast room, ordering me to kiss the feet of any Masters or Mistress's she knew, which were many. We might see Mike and Subservient at this party. I was to kiss their feet as well. One time she put me over a spanking horse and reddened my butt-cheeks, and offered the hard wooden paddle to anyone who wanted to play. Another time she led me to one of the corners of the room, blindfolded me and left me there so she could hobnob with her friends. While there, a number of people, both men and women whispered in my ear; "Chump, dickhead, butthead, boy, slave!" There were also some hard pinches to my nipples and squeezes to my balls. They also made fun of my chastity tube. When was the last time this slave came, they mocked. Then to top it all off, she led me downstairs where the mens room was. She put a sign around my neck which read: May I suck your cock sir? Of course there were plenty of takers, one after another. My gut was filled with cum. A couple times I was bent over and a cock was rammed dry up my ass, which had me screaming. I even had cocks in my oral cavity as well as anal simultaneously. This went on for a couple of hours, before my Mistress rescued me. Finally the night ended, but I heard several of her friends tell her to bring her slave back next month.
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    4 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    I knew about people like Jeff, they just wanted to watch other folks perform sexually. They were mostly men, who liked to jerk-off. Yoyeurs is what they're called. Laura had to know I had the hots for her at he auction. Then, when we were in adjoining cells at Maggie's place, I wanted to fuck her something terrible, but she seemed more interested in Maggie. That's when I first got the idea that she was a lezzie. That was confirmed when she and Pat got it on here, and when Mistress J showed interest in her, she didn't resist. Now she was on her knees with my cock deep in her mouth, at the direction of Jeff. Was he going to allow me to cum? In another turn of events, he had his hand into Pat's bits. What was happening there? Pat didn't seem happy. Jeff then ordered me to get on top of Laura. Was he really going to allow me to fuck her in front of Pat?
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  1. ~ Hope you are well and figuring things out isn't taking you too far from contentedness ~ xx
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    I hope you change your mind, but I suspect you won't.
    you know I adore You miss Just_ine
    you have been a massive support and a true friend to me
    it breaks my heart to see hurting
    remember that silver lining is out there even if the clouds seem thick.
    *hugs and licks*
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    hiya gorgious girl, just popped onto your wall to give you a massive *hug* and a sneaky *lick*
    xxxxxxxx isie
  6. Happy new subby year, sweety....
  7. I'm a lesbian submissive girl. I have a Mistress. Not you. You have a Master. Have you been thinking of a Mistress? A fantasy?
  8. are you still with your dom ?
  9. are you still with your dom ?
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