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    22 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    In this jack-knifed position I could hear the ladies talking. Laura had just fondled my cock and balls which had my cock at it's maximum. She taunted me about liking that spanking too much, when she squeezed my nuts, making me mutter something not nice under my breath. For that, she squeezed harder and twisted. I screamed. I heard Cruella say something getting real turned on and mentioning about a metal rod pushed into my cock. I cringed. Then they laughed about putting on a show for me, and I was real disappointed when the ladies took it private.
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Chat in Tech Corner
    Thanks for he update.
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread chat in Suggestion Box
    I can't either
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    As I was watching that brutal flogging, I wondered what Sylvia had done to deserve such a sadistic punishment. Maybe she was like the broad in one of the cells at the auction in Switzerland who was cursing and swearing at them unil they heard quite enough and tazed her. When the well-whipped lass was helped to the barn, the doctor and nurse accompanied her. A day later Cruella and Laura entered the barn. Even in clothes my old barn mate looked sexy as hell. I'm sure the ladies saw my hard-on. Maybe one day, I thought. Cruella smiled. "We have something different planned for you today slave" A quizzical look appeared on my face as she tossed Laura a set of iron handcuffs. "Cuff him!" I could tell Laura was somewhat reluctant. The Head Mistress saw hesitation. "You wanna go back to being a barn slave bitch!?"...."No Mistress, I'm sorry!" Laura put the cuffs on me while Cruella put a collar around my neck and attached a four foot leash. "Follow us boy!" Past the whipping post, past the corrall where ponygirls were pulling horse carts, past the bunkhouse over to a rustic looking building that I hadn't seen before, the two ladies led me. Inside the house I was flabberghasted. There was BDSM equipment all over one floor. A spanking bench, a St Andrews cross, chains hanging the ceiling, a table with stirrups overhead, a rack, and various paddles, whips, rope and clamps were scattered around the one room. Even Laura gasped. Apparently she hadn't seen this before either. "Ah, such a choice, where to we start boy?" Cruella said with wicked laugh. "And Laura, pay attention, you will be required to emulate me if you want to still be my Domme-trainee!"...."Yes ma'am." "Let's put Peter over the spanking horse." Mistress Cruella led me over a sturdy wooden device that resembled a sawhorse. "Remove his cuffs!" The Domme removed the leash and forced me to lean over in a jack-knifed position with my buttocks presented conveniently with my hands and feet anchored to the cuffs on the floor. Taking down three different paddles, she smiled wickedly. "What this slave does't know is that I know Mistress Merrill his old owner, and she told me how well Peter can take a spanking." I gasped when I heard that. "See Laura these three paddles?"...."Yes ma'am."... "As you can see, this first one is made of soft leather, wimpy slaves get this." I felt the thwap across my upturned butt and barely flinched. She tossed it across the room. "Then there's this one, harder leather that is long enough to cover both cheeks in one swat, like this." She gave me ten hard swats without let-up. My ass felt heated up for sure, but I took it without a flinch. I could see Cruella looking at Laura. "Getting wet?"...."Yes ma'am." "Then we have this one made of solid oak, yes a wooden paddle." I gulped. "We're going to give him ten, I will give him five and you will give him the next five! ..."Yes ma'am." I howled when the first blow landed. Mistress Merrill had used a wooden paddle on me once. The second one had me repeating the same reaction. Three,four and five were well spaced apart so I could endure them easier, but my ass felt like it was on fire nevertheless. I heard Cruella talking to Laura. "Make him beg for mercy, and no slacking. If I think you are letting up, I will put you over the horse next!" I sensed the ladies changing positions. I felt the flat end of the paddle touching my already warm butt cheeks. ...Why was I getting a hard-on?... Then THWAPP!...I tried to be stoic, but it was no use. I howled. "Atta girl! You're learning." Then again Laura slammed the solid piece of shiny wood savagely against both cheeks. I threw my head back and yanked on the chains that had me anchored to the horse. I could feel sweat beading on my eyebrows. The third one had me screaming, the fourth one had me begging for mercy and the fifth one had me blubbering. Then I heard Cruella again. "Good job baby, come here so I can give you a kiss....I have a fucking lake between my legs, there's a bed downstairs. Let's leave our slave boy where he is for now."
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    When I arrived back at the horse farm, and walked into the barn, I noticed someone else in the stall where Laura used to be. She's the one who told me to keep it down when I was moaning from that brutal whipping. And even though it was my friend, who I first met at the auction who gave it to me I still missed her. I have a strong feeling Laura and Cruella are getting along real well. This was my first real look at my new barn mate (Lydia I found out has been sent away until has the baby). Mr C told me privately that the former Head Mistress had pissed off too many people in the conglomerate and would eventually be sent to The Island. The new slave girl looked to be in her early twenties, with a large butt and breasts that were as big as grapefruits. She caught my eye as I was walking by. She said hello in a southern drawl and when she mentioned she was from North Carolina, I nodded and told her I'm from the Chicago area. She said she was kidnapped and sold at auction. When I told her I was sold at auction as well, we commiserated and I told her my name was Peter, and she introduced herself as Sylvia. It was a hot day out and I just wanted to get out of the blazing sun, so I laid down in my stall. It occurred to me that Sylvia is now the lowest of all the slaves. Ten minutes later I heard the barn door open. Then I heard Cruella's voice. "This is the new girl Leroy, drag her to the whipping post, Laura will have the honor of giving the bitch her initiation whipping" Sylvia screamed "NO!"
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    3 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    I flew on Mr C's private jet over to Maui. I was actually permitted to wear clothes, but it only consisted of a light t-shirt and shorts plus flipflops. From the plane I could see how beautiful the island is. At the airport I was greeted by a limo driver, who was clad in a typical Hawaiian shirt with white shorts. It was a short drive through the gorgeous country side, to the residence of Mr and Mrs Jeffords. Driving through the wrought iron gate that swung open in response to the driver punching some numbers on his smart phone, I noticed on the front gate there was a big letter J etched into the frame work. The driver slowly drove around a long winding road and stopped near the front door. From that vantage point I could see swans in a huge pond that was not visible from the front road. Once I exited the vehicle, the driver said sorry but I must ask you to remove your shirt and put your hands behind your back. When I complied, he cuffed my wrists with a set of leather cuffs behind my back and placed a thick leather collar around my neck and attached a long leash. In flipflops and shorts, I was led through the front door. "Got him Ty?" I heard a female voice ask in a clear voice that sounded like Mistress J. "Yes Ma'am," he replied politely. "Very well, you know what to do." Ty, the chauffer then faced me as I stood in the living room a bit nervous. Without hesitation he unbuttoned my shorts, drew the zipper down and pushed the garment to my ankles, leaving me stark naked when i kicked off the flipflops. When he uttered "knees", I immediately knew what to do. On my knees Ty led me up a winding carpeted staircase. Outside a large oaken door, he knocked softly. I felt even more nervous when I heard her voice. "Enter." Opening the door, Ty led me by the leash into the large bedroom. I kept my eyes downward, not daring to look up. He led me over to a kingsize bed where he stopped. "Take off the leash and the cuffs" I heard Mistress J tell Ty. "And leave us, I'll have my pathetic husband suck your cock later." "Yes Ma'am." "How are you Peter?"..."Fine Mistress J"....Was your flight satisfactory?"...."Yes Mistress J." "Look over to your right Peter and see that worthless piece of shit, who is on his knees." When I saw the man kneeling I recalled him from the party. I also noticed he was wearing red bikini panties. "He was the one Cruella was whipping. And he's the one who everyone thinks is running 'J Enterprises'. She looked coldly at the kneeling man. But we know better, don't we, you little worm!" The slightly built, dark-haired man with a touch of grey around his temples looked sheepishly at Mistress J. "Yes Mistress." "Very well then, Peter is the slave from the party who did such a fine job licking my pussy, that I invited him over here to see if he can repeat that performance with his dick. HAHAHA, and you, you piece of shit will watch!" "Yes Mistress." "Now, Peter might need some of your help; I want you to crawl over here and lick is cock!" When Mr J licked the head of my raging cock, I was at full length. Mistress J laid on the bed and spread her legs wide. "Fuck me Peter!" That wasn't a request, it was an order. When I entered her, she was so wet, it didn't take long before I was balls deep. I began fucking her slowly, watching her eyes flutter, drawing it out, then faster. "YES yes!" She shrieked. That was one I thought. I kept fucking her as she taunted her kneeling husband. "Don't you wish it was you fucking me? You're going to suck Peter's dick afterwards." She shrieked again and I recalled Mr C's admonishment. "Three times." We switched positions and the sexy lady rode my cock to a third orgasm. Breathing hard, she laid her head on my chest. Then she smiled wide and kissed me full on the lips. "Thank you Peter, you're wonderful." She then ordered her husband to crawl over here and suck my cock, which he did. He also swallowed. On the plane back to the Horse Farm I knew I wanted to see Mistress J again. She also told me that if I hadn't satisfied her, she would've had my nuts cut off. I'd definitely remember that.
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    4 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    Feeling much better, I was walking back to the barn right after lunch, when I saw Mr C motion for me to join him on the porch. Normally he addresses me as "slave" or "boy", but this time he changed his tune. "Have a seat Pete." When I sat naked in the wooden rocking chair next to him, he smiled toothlessly and pointed with his head toward the whipping post. That's when I was surprised to see Laura standing next to Cruella, who was whipping one of the female slaves. It was the blonde who I'd fucked during the fuckfest. The Head Mistress was instructing the attentive student on the proper way of whipping a slave, alhough from the way she whipped me, Laura didn't need much training. Mr C told me that Ingrid had a high threshold, so she's a great person to practice on. "She's come a long way, Laura I mean. When she initially arrived here she was a meek little mousy thing, and a virgin!" Mr C rolled his eyes. "Imagine that! ...a twenty year old virgin!" I told him that I was surprised when I found that out as well, and that back Donny and Maggie's place I thought she was a cock teaser. Mr C lowered his voice. "She also likes pussy, she and Cruella have gotten it on a few times." "I'm not surprised Sir." "Well Pete, the other reason I called you here today is to inform you that we will fly you over to Maui tomorrow. I've already informed you why," he said with a wry smile. "I'm looking forward to it Sir!" "I hope you are slave! I want to inform you of two things. One, you will address the lady as 'Mistress J', no other name!" "Yes Sir!" He raised the volume of his voice. "And you will satisfy her completely. Failure to do so... Mr C narrowed his eyes...will result in some dire consequences! ... Mistress J will explain!" I gulped. "Yes Sir!" Then he smiled wide. "Make her cum three times."
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