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    5 Days Ago
    valiantp replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    "Take his cock into your mouth, slut!" A mix of emotions washed over me. I had longed to see my sisters nakedness and have her take my cock into her mouth, but not like this. I was humiliated at the spectacle and at having our secret revealed to the world. I could see tears in Misscella's eyes as she lowered her head into my lap and took my cock into her mouth. A few moments passed when Queen Othello gave Misscella an encouraging kick in the ass, a small squeal coming from my sister. "Well come on, don't just kneel there, get on with." I looked down at her and stopped my struggling, it would only make it more difficult for her. She looked up at me and I nodded my head slightly. She slowly, hesitantly started to take me into her mouth then another kick from the Queen and another small squeal. "Faster." As the feeling of pleasure starts to build in me I look to the ceiling and close my eyes, a moan coming from my throat. Despite the steel gauntleted hands holding me in a kneel I found my hips start to move to match Misscella's rhythm. The Queen and all of the guards and maidens laughed at the sight of us. I looked to my father, pantsless, being forced to kneel by two guards, his face with a look of shock and sadness on it. I looked down at my sister, her face red and in tears as the pleasure continued to build in me. My hips started to move faster and my breathing grew deeper. Just as I was getting ready to climax my sister is pulled away. "Nooo," I yelled before screaming out in pain, a cane having been used to flog my cock. After a dozen strokes the blows stopped and the guards holding me down loosened their grip on my shoulders. I doubled over in pain, crying. "I hope you enjoyed that Prince Meno," said the Queen. "It'll be the last time you feel your sisters touch in a while." Enraged I pushed myself up and lunged for the Queen. Before I could reach her one of the guards behind me jumped me and pushed me to the ground. I could hear my sisters screams as the guard got up from on top of me and other guards surrounded me, kicking and beating me. Wearing their armour and gauntlets it didn't take many blows for me to become bloodied and bruised. I'm pulled to my feet and am held up by strong hands holding me at my shoulders, arms, and waist. The bit gag I had worn earlier is shoved back into my mouth and tied behind my head. I look up, my vision blurry from the beating, and see the Queen standing with Misscella in her arms, her right hand slowly stroking Misscella's clit, her left hand playing with Misscella's left breast, and her head resting on Misscella's right shoulder. Misscella had a mixed look of terror and pleasure on her face. "I can see why you're so passionate about her," Queen Othello said. A small, high pitched squeal and a shudder came from Misscella. "She really is fun to play with." I yell from behind my gag and continue to struggle but the arms holding me are too strong. "Take them to the dungeon. Perhaps some time apart will make the heart grow fonder," she continued with a laugh. The King and I are pushed roughly out of the room and down to the dungeon. Well, dungeon is a bit of an exaggeration. Our kingdom had always been a land of peace and justice and there was little in the way of crime. It's more of a jail with a few barred cells that look onto a common area where the guards would pass the time. When we arrived the guards commented that this wasn't a dungeon, that there were no tools to make prisoners talk, not even shackles chained to the walls of the cells. They made do though, locking a thick, heavy chain around our arms and upper bodies before pushing us roughly into separate cells and closing the door. I struggled to sit up and lean against the wall. I looked out onto the common area through the steel bars as the guards sat around a table and started to play cards. A short while later Princess Gweneth entered the dungeon. She first went to my fathers cell before coming to mine. "This really won't do at all. How am I to have fun with you without all of my tools?" she said with a sadistic grin on her face.
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    6 Days Ago
    Actually, new stories are being added but the front page isn't being updated. If you click on Newest Stories just beneath the search box on the left from the main stories page you can see the newest additions (September 12 as of this posting)
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    6 Days Ago
    valiantp replied to a thread Abduction in Role Play
    In the darkness I hear the door open and heavy footsteps walk towards me. I prepare myself for another assault on my mouth and throat but this time they don't grab for the handle on my head right away. I can hear someone handling the chain connected to my collar then it being dropped to the floor. The handle on my head is grabbed, but rather than being pulled up I'm pulled across the floor. I struggle and from behind the gag I try to protest but my efforts are only met with hard pulls on the handle attached to my hood. I can hear the sounds of a man screaming and crying get closer. We seem to round a corner and it is obvious that I've been pulled into the room that has the source of the screaming. I'm pushed onto my knees, my legs wide, when the little windows in front of my eyes are flicked open. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust but as I look around the room I can see Peter chained to a table, his chest bloody from his nipples being torn off, having his cock beaten by Daisy. I can't see Laura, but Winston, Winnie, Winnet, and a nurse are also in the room. I keep scanning the room when I see a sight that causes my heart to leap into my mouth, a small electronic device on the table. I had been briefed that the CIA had sent another man before us but for operational security reasons wasn't briefed about their identity. Peter must have been that agent. I had to talk to him, to confirm his identity, and if he is CIA maybe he could help to figure out a way out of here so we can complete our missions. Winston picked up the small piece of electronics and walked over to me, "we found this up your CIA agent friends ass. Every time you lie to us all of you will be punished." Winston then closes the small windows over my eyes and I hear the unmistakable sound of a switch flicking through the air just before a blinding pain erupts from my cock. I tried to scream but the gag rendered it into whimper. I tried to struggle and crawl away but someone grabs the handle of my head and pulls me back to my knees as the beating continued for another 20 minutes. When the beating has ended I'm dragged back to the room I was in before and chained up. Before the person who has pulled me back here leaves they whisper into my ear, "just tell us the truth and the rest of your life will be filled with less pain. I'll come and see you again very soon." It was Daisy and her words brought a shiver to my spine. With that I heard the sound of high heels departing and the door closing.
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    1 Week Ago
    valiantp replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    The soldier held the large stone above his head ready to crush my skull. I raised my hands to protect myself when a voice yelled "Stop!" The soldier looked up then immediately let go of the stone then dropped to one knee and bowed his head. I looked at the source of the voice and saw a beautiful woman wearing heavy, gilded battle armour riding atop a huge, armour clad warhorse, on her head, a simple gold coronet. This must be Princess Gweneth, Queen Othello's daughter. They had never met but her reputation for beauty and ferocity were renowned. "I will have that one for myself," she continued. The soldiers acknowledge the princess then started to prepare me. First my weapons are taken from me then I am helped to my knees. My armour is removed and my hands are tied behind my back wrists to elbows using heavy hemp rope. A bit gag is fashioned out of rope and a thick branch and stuffed into my mouth. Finally a noose is tied around my neck with the other end of the rope handed to the commander. She then leads me towards the gates of the castle. As I am lead to the castle I look out on the battlefield and see the enemy soldiers killing those too wounded to be enslaved, the rest being tied together neck to neck. Inside the castle the enemy soldier are pillaging and raping all that they can get their hands on. As I am lead through the streets to the keep, pulled along by the princess, the enemy soldier cheer and raise their swords in the air in victory. When we reach the keep the princess dismounts her horse then pulls me into the keep. I find my father inside disarmed and tied as I am, though wearing the crown of our land, and we are forced into the great room. Although it has only been a few hours since our defeat already our banners have been pulled down and replaced with those of the house of Othello. Sitting atop my fathers throne is the queen herself and the walls of the room are lined with heavily armed guards. Also in the great room is my sister, Misscella. We had always been close but recently we had become much closer, kissing and exploring each others bodies, we had even planned to make love soon. Now instead Misscella stood sobbing in the great room, held up by the arms by two large guards. I struggled to reach her but princess Gweneth just pulled on the noose around my neck and I fell to the ground choking. Two guards helped me up and loosened the noose around my neck only to push me and my father up to the dais on which the throne sat. The Queen berated my father for not accepting her hand in marriage. She also berated me for not accepting the hand in marriage of her dim witted niece. Then she called for Misscella to be brought forward and began to caress arm, breast, then thigh. My father seethed with rage which quickly changed to concern as I tried to climb the dais and yelled from behind my gag to stop the Queens assault on my sister. I was met with a punch to the stomach which doubled me over to my knees and was pulled back down to the foot of the dais. She then put forward an offer to my father, either bend the knee and give up the crown or my beloved sister would be turned into a sex slave, I would be made into a eunuch, and he would be executed. With only a moment of hesitation my father bent the knee, a guard undoing his gag so he could say the words. The Queen then looked at me but I stared back defiantly. "Come now, dear Prince Meno," said the Queen. "I know you had planned to deflower your sister but given the circumstances do you have a choice?" I was enraged. That Misscella and I has been exploring our love of one another had been a secret. I stood and started yelling from behind my gag. Then my father, still on his knees, nudged my leg and looked up at me. I looked down at him and in that moment I understood the responsibility of being a King and the need to put the kingdom and its people before yourself and even your loved ones. Defeated, I too knelled, although my gag wasn't removed so I could only bow my head. I looked up again as the Queen continued, "very good, I always like to give the defeated a chance to save face. As my armies were riding up the north road I took to the beauty of your lands. Well, your former lands. My lands now," she corrected herself. "I think I will make this my summer castle and return home when the weather starts to cool." The Queen then turned her attention to the gently sobbing Misscella. She stepped down from the dais and gently pulled at Misscella's hand, urging her up the three steps of the dais. King Leo used this opportunity to make a request and tried to demonstrate his newly sworn deference to the Queen, "Your Majesty, if it should please my Queen, I beseech you to stop the raping of the women of the castle." The Queen stepped down and slapped King Leo across the face. "What disrespect, talking out of turn," she replied. "You will be punished for that. And as for your request, absolutely not. I have bestowed upon my men the right to any woman of a conquered kingdom. Besides, I do so enjoy the sounds of women begging and screaming." Having returned to the top of the dais the Queen sat on the throne then started to remove Misscella's silk embroidered dress, letting it fall to the floor in a pile at her feet. My father looked away while I stared, mesmerized by Misscella's beautiful body. "Look away again and I will have both your and your sons eyelids removed," said the Queen addressing King Leo. He turned his head and watched in silence. The Queen pulled Misscella's undergarments down then she shoved a finger into her sex. I tried to stand, to run to Misscella and pull her away, but instead Princess Gweneth pulled on the noose around my neck and I fell to the floor gasping for breath. A big smile appeared on the face of the Queen. "I am going to deflower Misscella and you are both going to watch. Bring them," she ordered. Queen Othello strode from the great room pushing Misscella forward tightly from her upper arm. My father followed willingly surrounded by four armed guards but I continued to put up a fight and the guards had to drag me along.
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    1 Week Ago
    Hey allie, welcome. Plenty to see and do, and everyone I've spoken with has been really nice. Hope you'll have lots of fun.
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